When they said we would have a "British Model" where we decided "what bits we keep, which parts we lose", and it would be "tailored to our own needs", they forgot to mention it would be tailored entirely to the ideological needs of politicians and sod our businesses.
Apparently the important thing about trade deals is that you negotiate them in terms of political purity and what the general public want.
Apparently if Northern Ireland's businesses are going to be negatively affected, what's most important is superficially what the English people want.
God help anyone ask the people these deals are supposed to be benefitting what they actually want, and how best to achieve that.
No, because trade deals aren't there for the benefit of business, or the UK wouldn't be selling concessions they made in the Japan deal as wins.
No, trade deals in the UK are all about the optics, not about what they actually are supposed to be about.
Now we've backed Brexit the racial purity of the law has to come first in the UK, at any cost.
If that means not doing what is best for our businesses, so be it.
This is how Brexit should have been sold. Not taking back control, but giving control to a bunch of ideological extremists.
They should have all worn robes and gone on and on about the "Purity of the law".
Then rather than thinking they had the nation's interests at heart, they might have seen the unrelenting puritans who believe in casting off the pleasures of business to live by a strict religious code.
Tailored to our own needs?

I see lots of needs, but I only hear religious chants when it comes to solving them.
We've now got a rubbish solution, which isn't great for our country, but apparently compromising to get what they want is not enough for these extremists.
As for International law? Well that's not racially pure. It's no wonder ministers in this country have now been let off their commitment to this mongrel legislation.
We are where we are, and the point is, the place we are is very very scary.


• • •

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3 Sep
Someone actually tweeted an article about the Lord Kilmuir letter the other day. It has apparently got some exposure recently by that bastion of truth The Daily Express. (Thread)

The letter starts with the Lord Chancellor replying to Edward Heath to say that he agreed with him that there were important constitutional issues involved.
He talks about how we would take laws in, even under QMV where we may have voted against them, and how it might be implemented.
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24 Aug
Brexit is like a religion. For example, take a look at Tim Montgomerie's claim that: “We were told we were joining just a common market.”


When further pressure is put on this doctrine with the knowledge that the UK had debated it since the early 1960s, and they will argue that it was a long time before we entered.
Challenge it further with this televised debate from 1970 and then it becomes “It was only ever sold on the economic benefits”, “The political side was rarely ever mentioned”, or it was “denied by Edward Heath”.
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11 Jul
"As easy as we want it to be"
Who would have thought that insisting we weren't going to align to certain rules was going to lose us jobs?

Certainly not Dominic Cummings, who demonstrates *again* a total lack of understanding about global trade relations.

Let's let him near our military next! Image
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Shall we do this? I think we shall... (Thread)
There is no question that is a lot of GDP.
And if we go by market size, that is nearly 60 million people more in terms of population than the EU.

This is not to be sniffed at.
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6 Jul
Remainers: You will have to make a decision to put the border in the Irish sea or have a hard border.
Leavers: No, no, no, no.

Three years later...

Leavers: We're putting a border in the Irish sea, and if only Remainers had put some effort into exploring a solution.
We said, this is the only solution to one of the biggest sticking points in the process so far and we were ignored.
Now we are told, we should have been putting forward more things to the people that just flat out ignored the fact we would have to make difficult decisions.
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3 Jul
One of the first submissions to the Australian UK FTA process.

It's not common in FTA consultations to read outright accusations of the illegal activities of a negotiating country,

Accusations of "extortion" and "demanding money with menaces" even less so.
But to see "extortion" in *two* trade deal submissions is really going some!
When you see "There is doubt that UK authorities can be trusted to keep treaties in good faith", you know you're in trouble.
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