Bengaluru faces ICU bed shortage #Covid

Who is going to pay Pvt hospitals for these ICU beds??
Karnataka Govt has not paid any money to Pvt hospitals till date or paid pittance. We are unable to sustain

This IAS officer Girinath thinks we are his slaves…
Who is looking into problems faced by hospitals?

Oxygen cost has gone up 40%
Doctors cost up 2 times
Nurses cost up 2.5 times
House keeping cost up 3 times

Govt which wants to regulate hospital bills but does not know what is happening on the ground.

Worse than #Emergency
They have created a recipe for disaster.

Low prices to hospital
Unsustainable credit period

Pvt hospitals are supposed to run on zero cash flows.


All Pvt hospital management think we will not get any money from SAST without bribes. That is the fact
Do you people really think Govt of Karnataka will pay Pvt Healthcare providers for Covid care in their hospitals?

Do you believe in your govt doing it without anyone taking bribes?

Name one honest govt employee in Health department Bureaucracy. I will follow you if you do it.

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6 Sep
People need relief from their suffering.

During Krishnadeva Raya's time there was a drought, he did not know what to do, how to reduce suffering of people & stop them from rioting, looting etc..

Tenali Rama puts his jester friends to action & sends them across the state.
Tenali Rama had theory, he said "keep people occupied". Tell them stories divert them & hope mother nature will help next year.

People started to look forward to the visiting drama/jester team. Many times news would be planted like money fell from sky or gold pot was found etc
Yes there were some planted miracles too. King had allowed his treasury to be used to help villages in great difficulty.

It helped people forget their suffering, those in bad shape were helped. Tenali Rama had again helped his king tide over a crisis.

It was a good thing to do
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1 Sep
Will be exposing the way SAST works in KA to defraud legitimate claims of Pvt hospitals especially #Covid

It looks like secretary level officers or their higher ups that is their political bosses have instructed them to reduce payments to hospitals by whatever means possible.
It is not about ACE Healthcare group at all, we can proudly say we took care of many Covid patients in our ICU.

It is the Political bosses who said they will pay Pvt Hospitals and we should give them 50% of beds. Some of my friends were threatened with arrest when they delayed
These Political bosses who said they will be with us and ensure charges will be paid are nowhere to be found now. It has become one way street for those in govt to suck dry the resources of Pvt entities especially in Healthcare.

Cost of everything has gone up but govt won't pay
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29 Aug
A week ago patient X came to our hospital. He had travelled 350+ Kms to our hospital. He had very high degree of fever and completely toxic looking, had saturation of 91%, low BP & various DDs were on his old case sheets ranging from Dengue, Malaria, Typhoid to suspected Covid
Our first clinical diagnosis was Dengue, he had come all the way from interior of North Karnataka. We had very less reason to believe he was exposed to Covid(although the situation now is different)
He had completely deranged sero-chemistry with elevated liver & kidney parameters
This prompted us to run a battery of tests to find the cause of infection but he turned negative for Dengue, Malaria, Typhoid the usual first line of suspects.

His ultrasound abdomen showed enlarged liver, kidney, swollen guts and pancreas suggesting multi system inflammation
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28 Aug

You may have fever

You will feel uneasiness going about your daily routine

You might feel unusually tired from work which was easy before

You might hear/feel your heart is racing/pounding

Unexplained tiredness

If you feel like above get checked for Covid

Fever is quite common

Cough especially if he/she is a smoker with barrel shaped chest

Tiredness & sweating means should opt for hospital care over home quarantine

Those with heart problems must be very careful & get help

Those above 60 are better in hospital

Children mostly get away without much trouble especially those between 3 to 15 yrs

However if there is sudden appearance of rashes we at ACE Healthcare suggest that the child be brought to hospital immediately

Headache is another rather common problem in kids
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19 Aug
Bureaucracy which had understood that they are not important anymore suddenly find themselves in key discretionary role in Modi-land

Babus are back, behaving exactly the way their predecessors did in British Raj. They think they own us the people of India.

Babus have lost it
It has been 8 weeks now, AB ARK & SAST which are running the Covid patients care through their portals using Pvt hospital infrastructure as if it is their own have not paid a paisa for the services taken from us.

On top of it the SAST director & Babus say, they will not pay
Why should Pvt hospitals give any services to the patients sent through BBMP or various Govt offices if they do not want to pay.

They are shifting goal posts everytime we ask for payment for our services.

Do you want us to shut down ???

@BSYBJP @mla_sudhakar @sriramulubjp
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2 Aug
A personal therapist is not allowed :

1) to make a diagnosis without psychiatrist

2) to give details of a patient's illness out in the open like this without proof. Ex: we give full details to court under oath not just diagnosis

3) to defame a person who cannot protect himself
It looks like an attack on a dead person who cannot come out in the open to defend himself.

Not expected from a respected & seasoned journalist like Barkha. Unable to get over this publishing of patient information

Patient details cannot be put out in public like this... period
No one from medical fraternity is allowed to talk about a patient, we are to keep the information of all patients a secret.

It can only be brought out under oath in a court. It is not for public consumption.

Sushant Singh Rajput's parents should file defamation immediately
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