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Clinical case! 🧠💭🧵
1/7 A 26-year-old woman from a rural region of Mexico presented in a state of catatonia. At age 21, she begun to exhibit aggressiveness. At age 23, she started having difficulties handling money, she constantly misplaced things. Sometimes she was disoriented
2/7 At age 26, 2 days after delivering her first child, she had a (first) psychotic episode, with incoherent speech, disorganized behavior, aggressiveness, visual & auditory hallucinations. She neglected her newborn, saying repeatedly that the child was not hers.
3/7 Psychotic symptoms were mixed with periods of catatonia. She recieved risperidone 2 mg/day, which worsened the catatonic states. She was referred to our hospital. On admission, risperidone was suspended. We observed immobility, mutism, staring, posturing, waxy flexibility...
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(1/n) Today is #WorldBipolarDay 2023.
This is celebrated each year on 30th March to observe the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh, the famous painter who was posthumously diagnosed with #Bipolar Disorder.

Lets know what is #bipolardisorder & its #treatment
A 🧵
(2/n) Bipolar Disorder is a disorder of #mood that also affects our #thinking , perception, #behavior , decision making & thus hampers socio-occupational functioning.

A typical disorder consists of #depression , #mania or a mixture of both in varying types in its course.👇🏽
(3/n) A manic disorder is when there is:
persistent & pervasive elevated/ irritable #mood
⬆️ energy & activity for > 7 days ➕
other sx like Grandiose claims, ⬆️self-esteem, engaging in risky endeavours + ⬇️sleep need etc

Socio-occupational dysfunction.
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Indian Psychiatric Society, West Zone. Annual CME.
29 and 30th April 2023. Nanded.
Interesting line up of topics and speakers. Don't miss #India #Psychiatry
It will be intolerably hot in Nanded at the end of April so you will remain in the air-conditioned hall. Good academic activity guaranteed.
For me the most interesting session will be on Cytochrome P450 by Dr Govind Kulkarni. He makes this seemingly nerdy topic into baby food. Practical and clinically usable insights for safe and effective pharmacotherapy.
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Next up: TH109B- Together is better: a combined #hapc and #psychiatry substance use disorder clinic for patients with advanced #cancer
@AmericanCancer take note of this model
#hapc23 Image
@lauramakaroff thinking of special populations and your work!
Rates of concomitant SUD and #Cancer -
EtOH rates higher than opioids (similar to society)

Challenges in SUD+Cancer
- adherence & transportation issues
- stigma from med teams
- poor coping and PTSD
- mistrust of med system
- poor health literacy
#hapc23 #hapc #cancer
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We are discovering exciting things about how therapeutic nutritional ketosis could benefit those living with serious mental illnesses. It's time for a short thread about two main ways this could be happening. 🧵 (1/13)
First is the direct effect of ketones. Scientific studies have shown that people with serious mental illnesses often have trouble using glucose efficiently for fuel. Ketones supply fuel that doesn't depend on insulin or the cell's ability to metabolize glucose. (2/13)
By providing the brain with this alternative fuel source, ketones can help enhance energy production and improve cognitive function in people with serious mental illnesses. (3/13) #lifechanging
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Depakote, Tegretol, Lamictal, Neurontin,
Gabapentin, Valium, Klonopin, Xanax, Topamax, and Topiramate are often used to treat seizures. Did you know that a ketogenic diet can be used to treat seizures? Without the dependency or side effects of these medications? (1/4)
Seizure #medications are used as "treatments" for mental illness and neurological disorders. (2/4) #neurology #epilepsy #psychiatry
Did you know that you can use a #ketogenic diet to help treat seizures, mental illness, and neurological issues and possibly not need to use these medications? Did you know that was an option you could pursue? (3/4)
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Mitochondria are essential to our overall health and well-being. In addition to producing energy, they regulate many critical processes in the body. (1/11) #mitochondria #energy #health
Mitochondria play a key role in the production and regulation of neurotransmitters. They also help produce key hormones like cortisol, estrogen, and testosterone. (2/11) #mitochondria #hormones #neurotransmitters #neurotwitter
Mitochondria are involved in epigenetics, which is the expression of #genes from the nucleus. They send signals to the nucleus that turn genes on or off. (3/11) #epigenetics #genes #mitochondria
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Mitochondrial impairments can lead to mental illness and neurological disease. It's true! 🧵(1/9) #metabolicpsychiatry #mitochondria
Some believe the root cause of certain types of mental disorders is things like mercury or allergies. (2/9)
it's important to understand that they affect metabolism in specific ways by poisoning mitochondria or affecting regulatory cells. So it still comes back down to mitochondria (3/9) #mentalhealth
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Attention healthcare professionals, if you haven't yet explored training in ketogenic dietary therapy for mental illness and neurological disorders, you may be missing out on a groundbreaking approach that is transforming lives. (1/10)
The online training program designed by @KetoPotterRDN @KaniaZupec has seen tremendous success, with several hundred professionals completing the training within the first year. (2/10)
@KetoPotterRDN @KaniaZupec In addition to benefiting those with epilepsy, advanced ketogenic dietary therapy has shown promise in improving the symptoms of a variety of neurological disorders, including migraine headaches, autism, and dementia. (3/10)
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A thread on the hegemony of science and its impact on humanistic philosophy:
Psychology and psychiatry have appropriated concepts that used to belong to the purview of philosophy. 1/13
Love, alienation, anxiety, despair - all these and more have been transformed into psychological constructs, susceptible to pathologization and depoliticization. Here is an example from bell hooks' 'All About Love':...2/13
"When I talked of love with my generation, I found it made everyone nervous or scared, especially when I spoke about not feeling loved enough. On several occasions as I talked about love with friends, I was told I should consider seeing a therapist... 3/13
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Psychotherapy and medications are considered effective treatments for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). Except for about 30%. (1/5) #depression #psychiatry #psychotherapy
For 30% of patients with #depression symptoms persist even after multiple treatment attempts. (2/5) #medication #psychotherapy #psychiatry……
And for those in which medications work sufficiently, there can still be the problem of significant side effects. (3/5) #depression #medications #psychiatry…
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I came across lithium in 1991 during pharmacology semester 2nd MBBS.

I saw its use during my psychiatry postings. Its most common use was in mania & in bipolar disorder.

Lithium regulates certain neurotransmitters in the brain stabilizing the mood of the patient completely.
It prevents further episodes of mania/depression when patient is compliant & actually improves the patient's performance in all walks of life.

It is very well tolerated by most patients. However, regular monitoring of blood levels & follow up with the doctor is most important.
#Lithium is a very valuable tool in #psychiatry

It has saved more patients than all the help lines across the world have done.

We should thank Dr John Cade an Australian doctor who found the use of lithium & published it in 1949.

He used it on himself to check if it was safe.
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Hello there 👋🏽 I hope you’re having a lovely Thursday.

Today I thought I should pop in and just to share with you how having a stress ball helped me through academic stress and how that experience became the motivation behind us selling stress balls.
Also still keeping in mind that mental health is still a pressing issue in our community and we here at NeuroBloom Psychology practice are working on raising awareness through our mental health campaign shop. However we can’t do it without you, so we are urging you to check out
the shop. Not only will you be getting yourself an item from our store but 10% of the profit share is donate to Moreson Special School situated in Khomasdal and caters for about 150 learners with cognitive and intellectual impairments from across the country.
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Starting a ketogenic diet? Ease into it. It's more comfortable and practical for most people to go slow, especially if you're on certain meds that affect blood pressure or blood sugar. 🧵(1/5)
Some of you are going to want to go fast and restrict carbs low right away. That's just more of your style. Just know that sustaining this big behavioral change can be easier to maintain when you give yourself a few weeks to get used to what you are doing. (2/5)
Regardless, it's important to set yourself up for success by working with someone who knows you and can help you figure out the best approach for your lifestyle, personality, and likes and dislikes when implementing a #ketogenic diet for #mentalillness. (3/5)
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Can eating a ketogenic diet improve symptoms of serious mental illness? Yes. Yes it can. And once again, I am not just making this up. 🧵(1/5)
A study was done at Clinique du Castelviel (Psychiatric Hospital) in Castelmarou, France, with 28 participants (12 #bipolar, 6 major #depression, and 10 #schizophrenia). (2/5)
They were put on classic keto macros. Do you want to know what happened in this severely mentally ill, hospitalized population? (3/5)
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It’s a new month and not just any new month but it’s the month of Love❤️! Sending you so much Love❤️ and Light🌞

Least you forgot it is also:
It’s Let’s Talk Wednesday!
Listening to music can be entertaining, and some research suggests that it might even make you healthier.
Music can be a source of pleasure and contentment, but there are many other psychological benefits as well. Music can relax the mind, energize the body, and even help people better manage pain.
The psychological effects of music can be powerful and wide-ranging.
Music therapy is an intervention sometimes used to promote emotional health, help patients cope with stress, and boost psychological well-being.

Below are some benefits of listening to music:
🎧Music can improve cognitive performance
🎧Music can reduce stress
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How do we know that our Inner Child is present?
When you are truly feeling your feelings, you are allowing your inner child to be. Your inner child is active when you are being playful, spontaneous, creative, intuitive and surrendering to the spiritual self. When you experience
joy, sadness, anger, fear or affection your child within is coming out.

When the inner child is wounded.
Almost all of us have some inner child healing to do. It is hard for us to be whole and happy adults without bringing the inner child into our lives and thereby healing it.
When we meet our inner child, we often discover that some of our ove, guidance, respect, trust and safety. The lack of these basic needs may have brought about a state of chronic anxiety, fear, shame, anger and despair in our inner child.
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I think often about the TRANSLATION GAP - the ways that state-of-the-art brain science does not enter clinical discourse, practice, & education. MAJOR MISCONCEPTUALIZATIONS of Functional Neurological Disorder by PHYSICIANS point this out. #FND Brain Science: "The Basics". 1/20
Theme 1: MOTOR INHIBITION BY PREFRONTAL BRAIN AREAS - In an early study, Marshall et al. showed that attempted movements of the leg w functional weakness did not activate primary motor areas but led to anterior cingulate & orbitofrontal activity
DOI: 10.1016/s0010-0277(97)00020-6
Theme 1a: Vuilleumier et al. showed that preparing to move the limb with functional weakness led to increased prefrontal activity (i.e. ventromedial prefrontal cortex), suggesting THE INSTRUSION of prefrontal areas into movement.

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there's a legalistic definition of "sanity" that runs something like, "sanity is when a human being can tell right from wrong".

in other words, "sanity" in this legalistic view is equated with *morality*. to be "insane", by this rule, is to be incapable of moral behavior.

there's many reasons why I myself detest this equation of sanity with morality—in general, the demands of Western "criminal justice" have exerted an insidious corrupting influence upon #psychology and #psychiatry, warping them into tools for oppression and incarceration.

but the chief problem with "sanity = morality" is that it's absurd and contradictory. one may be insane and still moral; one may be sane and immoral.

and it's *this phenomenon* I wish to discuss here: the sane, immoral person. the @dalepartridge, the @MattWalshBlog.

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There have been a series of comments on #Twitter (including by MDs) highlighting that Functional Neurological Disorder remains markedly misunderstood & dismissed by portions of the MEDICAL community. Part of the issue is a FALSELY dualistic framing of complex brain disorders. 1/6
In a @FNDHope talk from a few years ago, I shared my viewpoint on how we can bridge Neurologic & Psychiatric/Psychological perspectives in #FND. Link to the talk below. @FNDHopeUK @FNDHopeUSA

Having trained in #Neurology & #Psychiatry, many NeuroPsychiatric conditions (capital N capital P) benefit from an integrated clinical neuroscience perspective. Psychiatry can learn from Neurology, & Neurology can learn from Psychiatry @boeslab @keshavanms…
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@D_M_Clark_ In the 1960’s there were many dark and gruesome experiments as it were as you would know. But #psychology #psychiatry had significant standing. The standards across #publichealth have dropped. It’s important to note to the advisory body for Victoria (OCP) (Coventry)has no power.
@D_M_Clark_ 2/to act in favour or dissent over practices or possible new practices - even basic Jungian thought — or Freud frankly. @Headspace one of the few that are not coveting money and meds over patient health.
But back to OCP. Why have an Office Of Chief Psychiatrist without teeth?3/
@D_M_Clark_ @Headspace 3/ As you would also know, there is accountability of practice and practices by #law.
So advice via an OCP sounds fine?
Unfortunately like all areas of #Health someone has to supervise accountability and usefulness of treatments within those laws. @DanielAndrewsMP /4
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#Depression is associated with alterations in corticostriatal reward circuitry. One pathophysiological pathway that may drive these changes is #inflammation... Image
...This study examined whether increased inflammation in depression affects corticostriatal reward circuitry to lead to deficits goal-directed motor behavior. Resting-state fMRI maging was conducted on 48 medically stable, unmedicated outpatients with major depression...
...Increased CRP was associated with decreased connectivity between ventral striatum and ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC) (corrected P<0.05), which in turn correlated with increased anhedonia (R=−0.47, P=0.001)...
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A year ago I got a call from a Prof of Developmental Pediatrics. He asked me if he could transfer a patient whom he has been seeing for the past 16 years. The patient was 19 years old. He had cerebral palsy and he could not speak, though could hear and understand instructions.
Met the boy with his mom. The boy was suicidal. It was heart breaking to see him cry on the first visit. He felt rejected by his dad, who was a mechanic. His dad would say words like "less intelligent" and "dumb". I phoned his dad. Requested him to come and see me.
The dad was old generation type man, hardworking and reticent. Wouldn't connect at an emotional level. Suggested how valuable his role was to build the boy's self esteem and future. Gave some tips to build their relationship.
Never saw the dad again. He never made changes.
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Just FYI to the Bogus #BehaviouralHealthOpsters out there who like to project that everything is a "health crisis" from which people are "recovering" and need "healing" and "therapy" from: #PsychiatryCrime #SpyStateCrime #Spychiatry cannot be hidden ANYMORE & is #BeingExposed!👹
7:31 pm: Direct response to this tweet from the Opsters right next door calling out (they do this Only when Spychiatry is exposed at my pen, on social media, online on my Bentley logs, or in an article & in real time) to their conveniently named dog. Luna! Luna! Luna! Luna! Luna!
And since it appears #Spychiatry is such an elemental subject provoking immediate attention, may they all be warned: I am now at the #Spychiatry Desk, and the endless stream of subject flowing in is sure going to keep me busy!
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