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🇫🇷 #coronavirus France

✅France #Covid_19 : Tout est toujours en baisse assez nette, sauf les tests qui augmentent !

💠En 24h ->19 791 Cas et 251 Décès

BilanCovid au 11/05 :

☣️5 800 170 Cas
💀106 935 Décès
🩹353 370 Retour à🏡

#COVID__19 #COVIDー19 #COVID19 #France

🟪Détails des décès liés au #coronavirus annoncés aujourd'hui :

-> 236 décès hospitaliers en 24 heures
-> 15 décès en EHPADs et autres EMS entre et aujourd'hui

Rappels importants :

🔴SPF fournit un nombre de cas en 24 heures, peut importe la date des tests revenus positifs.

🔵SI DEP donne un nombre de cas par date de prélèvements (date du test), mais pour raison de vérification, ils sont donnés à J-3.

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Had an excellent, lengthy& detailed discussion from my sickbed with @collectortvpm @navjotk28 on the situation in Thiruvananthapuram, based on the reports i receive daily from my constituency. #Covid is still at peak levels of 4000 cases a day & over 40,000 active, 3x last year.
@collectortvpm @navjotk28 With a strict lockdown proving more effective this week, she is hopeful that cases will come down in 10-12 days. We discussed the vaccination situation & the shortage of oxygen concentrators in our local hospitals. The need to build up capacity for the long term is also evident.
@collectortvpm @navjotk28 Took the opportunity to raise concerns about severe sea inundation& coastal erosion affecting the fishing villages of Valiyathura, Pozhiyoor&Paruthiyoor. Granite boulders are urgently needed to prevent strong waves washing away the homes of poor fisherfolk. Was assured of action.
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Dall’aprile del 2017, in occasione dell’approvazione della legge Lorenzin, partirono diverse radiazioni di medici dubbiosi sull’obbligo vaccinale. Il primo ad essere travolto fu il Dott. Gava, primo firmatario di una lettera all’allora presidente dell’ISS Walter Ricciardi...
Sottoscritta da 120 medici, in cui si sosteneva che i bimbi non vaccinati godevano di migliore salute rispetto a quelli vaccinati. A ruota poi, vennero coinvolti altri firmatari: Dario Miedico, Paolo Rossaro, Gabriella Lesmo, Roberto Petrella...
Nell’ottobre 2020 sono stati convocati davanti alla CCEPS, che ne ha confermato la radiazione; a breve uscirà la sentenza anche della Dott.ssa Lesmo e del Dott. Petrella. I restanti medici firmatari sono stati convocati dai propri ordini...
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#UttarakhandHighCourt begins hearing PIL filed in connection with the bed availability in #COVID hospitals, among other prayers.

A division bench of Chief Justice RS Chauhan & Justice Alok Kumar Verma is hearing the matter. Image
#COVID Management: #UttarakhandHighCourt on April 28 issued several directions including affixing QR Codes on #Remdesivir packets so that black marketing of the same could be prevented.

Read our report:…
Chief Justice RS Chauhan says we can take up this matter on May 20 along with other #COVID matters.
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🇫🇷 #coronavirus France

🛑France #Covid_19 : Nette baisse des admissions, surtout en Soins Critiques. Tout baisse✅ !

💠En 24h -> 3 292 Cas et 293 Décès

BilanCovid au 10/05 :

☣️5 780 379 Cas
💀106 684 Décès
🩹351 795 Retour à🏡

#COVID__19 #COVIDー19 #COVID19 #France

Rappels importants :

🔴SPF fournit un nombre de cas en 24 heures, peut importe la date des tests revenus positifs.

🔵SI DEP donne un nombre de cas par date de prélèvements (date du test), mais pour raison de vérification, ils sont donnés à J-3.

🟩Point Vaccination à J-1 en France💉

Au 09/05 :

17 814 854 personnes ont reçues au moins une doses de vaccin contre la #Covid
➡️C'est donc +164 042 en 24 heures.

7 765 912 personnes ont reçues deux doses contre la #COVID19
➡️C'est donc +54 027 en 24 heures.

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1/ Many questions of late from parents and college students worried about mandatory or quasi-mandatory vaccinations - including why they can be mandated if they are not fully approved, and why having antibodies doesn't provide an exemption.

These are great questions...
2/ I don't fully understand how an unapproved medical product can be required, but so many colleges have done so they must have at least some legal guidance suggesting they can. Maybe a parent or student will sue and force the issue; as far as I know that has not happened yet.
3/ As for the antibodies, the colleges are behaving no differently - i.e. just as ridiculously - as anyone else. Most studies now suggest both that vaccine and natural immunity are roughly equivalent (in the short term, we'll see about longer term, natural may have the edge)...
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1/ Meanwhile, get ready for this stunner: the US may already be beginning to see a post-Covid wave of LOW overall deaths (because so many people who died of #Covid were so sick they would have died within months).

I don’t think we can be sure yet, but the evidence is suggestive:
2/ The green bars represent NON-Covid deaths reported to @cdcgov by week. The data takes several weeks to mature, so let’s look at March 13 - eight weeks ago. 54,032 non-Covid deaths, down 4,800 (8%) compared to the same week in 2019 and about 6% from 2018 and 2017...
3/ The true gap is slightly larger since deaths "should" rise 1% each year as the population grows and ages. On the other hand, overall deaths including Covid are still above normal - we won't really know this is happening unless it remains true with Covid deaths close to zero...
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1/Make the lockdowns count. There is no acceptable number of deaths.
Just published: COVID-19, Get to Zero, Save Lives
Huge thanks to contributors @GosiaGasperoPhD, @caruzycki & @TehseenLadha
Full article & footnotes here:
Loooong thread below:
2/Any country or region can eliminate #COVID-19 with an action plan to reduce community spread until there are zero cases. Over two dozen countries & some of Canada’s Northern Territories and Atlantic Provinces already have successfully eliminated, or almost eliminated, COVID-19.
3/●Zero Covid is an action plan to eliminate community transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) region by region
●Zero Covid is eliminating SARS-CoV-2 in a region or country until there is zero community transmission in that region.
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#COVID19 Management: #MadrasHighCourt is hearing suo motu case concerning the states of Tamil Nadu & Puducherry.

Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justice Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy hearing the matter

Live updates straight from the Court here: 👇 Image
The Bench informed by the R. Shunmugasundaram, the newly appointed Advocate General that the State Government has written to the Central Government to increase the #Oxygen quota to 500MT

He expresses hope that cases will reduce in the coming days, as #Lockdown has been imposed
Present allocation (415 MT) not enough, with rising cases our demand for #Oxygen will also increase.

The CJ enquires about the National Level Task Force created by the #SupremeCourt

complete details regarding the task force would be read here:…
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1/ 🧵 What is “Brain Fog” in #COVID19: discussion, papers & pts
 Brain Fog is a non-medical term but it works since it’s what pts describe. Whether in a ward, ICU on a vent, or months later as a #LongHauler w #LongCOVID, they are “in a fog.”

2/ Medically this is #Delirium acutely and #Dementia chronically + various forms of neuropsychological impairment coupled with #depression and #PTSD.
Our paper:
3/ Scientifically, it’s millions of neurons sick, dying or dead. This is depersonalizing & devastating. Fig A shows MRI 3 mos after ICU in pt w/out delirium vs B shows ICU pt w #Delirium. Duration of delirium predicted loss of 🧠 tissue.

Our MRI study -
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#KeralaHighCourt takes up PIL plea seeking uniform Covid tariff rates across private hospitals in #Kerala.
#Covid #Covid19 #COVIDsecondwave #KeralaHighCourt #Kerala Image
Court Assembles.

Has the Govt done anything? Court

We have issued a GO today...have sent on WhatsApp: State Attorney

Can you run us through the order? Court to State Attorney
Adv K Anand intervenes for pvt hospitals

Says none of their concerns were incorporated in order.

We'll read the order first, run us through it: Court
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Kerala HC to shortly take up a plea on overpricing of medical treatment in private hospitals amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The matter has been listed for judgment at 1:45 pm today.

A Division Bench of Justices Devan Ramachandran and Kauser Edappagth will hear the matter.

Find out what happened in the previous hearing here:…

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The Mumbai civic body denied allegations of suppressing the #COVID19 death and infection figures and said it was recording the number of fatalities as per protocols laid down by the WHO and ICMR.
Follow LIVE Updates: Image
India reported 3,66,161 new #COVID19 cases in a period of 24 hours, as per data updated at 8 am on Monday, taking the total active cases to 37,45,237. A total of 3,754 deaths were witnessed in the same period.
Follow LIVE Updates: Image
The Jammu and Kashmir government ordered that a #COVID19 positive test will not be mandatory for admission to a coronavirus health facility in the Union Territory.
Follow LIVE Updates: Image
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🇫🇷 #coronavirus France

🛑France #Covid_19 : Forte baisse des indicateurs hospitaliers, les cas sont faible à cause férié

💠En 24h -> 9 128 Cas et 116 Décès

BilanCovid au 09/05 :

☣️5 777 087 Cas
💀106 392 Décès
🩹350 873 Retour à🏡

#COVID__19 #COVIDー19 #COVID19 #France

Rappels importants :

🔴SPF fournit un nombre de cas en 24 heures, peut importe la date des tests revenus positifs.

🔵SI DEP donne un nombre de cas par date de prélèvements (date du test), mais pour raison de vérification, ils sont donnés à J-3.

🟩Point Vaccination à J-1 en France💉

Au 08/05 :

17 650 812 personnes ont reçues au moins une doses de vaccin contre la #Covid
➡️C'est donc +157 824 en 24 heures.

7 711 885 personnes ont reçues deux doses contre la #COVID19
➡️C'est donc +70 713 en 24 heures.

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Now as everyone is talking about #2DG that is made by @DRDO_India, some people are also claiming that the hypothesis was first put forward by #Patanjali. Here is my take on the paper by #Patanjali (1/6)

@Neurophysik @GorwayGlobal @drabbyphilips @ForBetterSci
In this work, #2DG is docked with key viral proteins such as viral spike glycoprotein S2, viral NSP15 endoribonuclease, and protease 3CLpro. Other in-silico parameters like drug likeliness, bioactivity indices, and ADMETox have also been studied to generate supportive data. (2/6)
First of all, this is an in-silico paper and not an in-vitro paper or a RCT. That itself means that everything written in it is plain speculation. Secondly, the paper is still on a #Preprint server @authorea which means that it has not been peer-reviewed. (3/6)
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.@WHCOS and @JakeSullivan46: we appreciate your support for the #TRIPSwaiver. NOW: we need a Global #COVID19Vaccines Czar in the @WhiteHouse. Someone with access to both of you and @POTUS. 1/
This CANNOT be a lower post somewhere in @USAID or elsewhere. This person has to corral companies, the US’ allies, scientists worldwide to manage tech transfer, scale up of manufacturing, coordination of global supply chains for raw materials. 2/
This also CANNOT be handed off to #COVAX or #CEPI. They do NOT have enough political power to make anything happen beyond the status quo. 3/
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I have been critical of Modi govt's weakness and appeasement that is leading to Hindu Genocide. We will pay a heavy prize as a nation in the coming decades, perhaps even with our nationhood.

But his handling of #Covid has been ok. Let me explain

1. Covid Death rates :

Even accounting for under reporting, India's death rates are 1/10 of UK. There are studies done by people who have no love for India that prove this. Covid death rates have been under reported across the world.

2. Second wave : was inevitable after ''farmer's protests''

The fact that Punjab testing has shown overwhelming cases of the UK strain right from Feb shows us that. Modi govt erred in not loudly saying that Farmer's protests will bring 2nd Wave. They lost the information and narrative battle as they often do

3. Oxygen shortage :

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#Covid info for all

Everyday brings more complexity and more confusing information in public and professional domain.

Here I make an attempt to bring some clarity in my own understanding of this issue.
Basics -
In a complex, complicated, evolving, changing, poor-data situation, best policy is to stick to absolute basics to minimise harm caused by foolish intervention.

What does it mean in practical terms for Covid?
1. Focus on prevention - mask up all the time, avoid socialization and closed spaces, avoid places where you meet mask-less people.

2. Long term - lose extra weight, get blood sugar in normal range, keep other illnesses in good control. This reduces risk if you get Covid.
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Tucker Carlson interview with Dr Peter A McCullough - Clips

1/ Where Is The Focus on COVID Treatment?…

2/ Why Is Early Treatment Being Surpressed?…

3/ What Medications Are Being Used in Early Treatment?…
4/ Patient Autonomy, the Nuremberg code, and COVID Vaccines.…

5/ Who was excluded from COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Trials…

6/ College COVID Vaccine Mandates & Who Should Get the Vaccine…

7/ The CDC issues recommendations, not rulings….
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When we say "Lessons from India" -it's not enough just by sharing countless devastating stories & pictures of dying/dead people because of #COVID



- Too soon of reopenings
- Relaxation of SOP when other countries are still not clear
- A classic example of too little, too late
- Don't rely on PCR for mass testing
- Lockdown is only a temporary measure: MUST strengthen other measures.
- Channel majority 💸 to hospitals, staffing & equipment. Skim on other areas that can be salvaged later when this pandemic is controlled.
- If health resources crash,
NO MONEY can save us.
- Divert other sectors' staffing to HEALTH sector
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#VitaminaD ☀️
#Funciones esqueléticas e inmunitarias.

-Relación con #Covid 🦠y otras infecciones virales.
-Efectos del #confinamiento prolongado
-¿Cómo se alcanzan niveles óptimos en sangre?¿Cuánto sol debo tomar y cómo?.
-Fuentes de #VITD

🔺La Vitamina D pertenece al grupo de las vitaminas liposolubles, al igual que la vitamina K, E, A. (KEDA)
-Tiene comportamiento hormonal (ya lo veremos).
-Entre sus funciones se encuentran las #esqueléticas y #extraesqueléticas.

#Sigue ⬇️
🔺Funciones #esqueléticas: relacionada con la absorción de calcio y fósforo, favorece la mineralización ósea.

🔺Funciones #extraesqueléticas: regula, modula el funcionamiento tanto de la inmunidad innata, como de la adquirida. Importante en tema #COVID

#Sigue ⬇️
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🇫🇷 #coronavirus France

🛑France #Covid_19 : très forte baisses hospitalières (admissions/soldes), tout continu de baisser

💠En 24h-> 20 745 Cas et 176 Décès

BilanCovid au 08/05 :

☣️5 767 959 Cas
💀106 277 Décès
🩹350 471 Retour à🏡

#COVID__19 #COVIDー19 #COVID19 #France

➡️Si vous aimez mes Bilans Covid (Français et/ou internationaux ) un petit Retweet🔁ou un Like❤️ font plaisir !

Et surtout permettre à plus de monde de les découvrir !

Merci de les lire, chaque jours !☺️
Rappels importants :

🔴SPF fournit un nombre de cas en 24 heures, peut importe la date des tests revenus positifs.

🔵SI DEP donne un nombre de cas par date de prélèvements (date du test), mais pour raison de vérification, ils sont donnés à J-3.

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Good afternoon #PrimeMinister,
Reading the @Telegraph article below has caused me significant angst. As a healthcare professional who has seen just what #COVID19 can do, I am struggling to understand the rationale behind this decision.
Just as we are unlocking cautiously you want to risk the lives of more individuals by removing one of the few mitigations in secondary schools?
We know that #COVIDisAirborne & that we have several #VariantsOfConcern here already.
Have you seen this chart #PrimeMinister?
V few <40s will be vaccinated by May 17th & while their individual risk of serious disease or dying is low, their risk of #LongCovid is MODERATE!
Many parents & teaching staff are <40.
The numbers of #NHS & teaching staff w/ it already are horrendous. Why put more ppl at risk?
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Whole premise of #2deoxy2glucose is based on this SINGLE computational proteomics study…
No human trials until nw
1 of 'targets' hypothesized in reviews…
Last human trials on this molecule is from 1982-2007
@drcheruvarun @pash22
'Hypothesis' #Covid19 promot defective glucose metabolism (shown in controversial study never clinically proven tho. Low-glucose mimetic (2DG) reduces tis, wit additional anti inflammatory/interaction wit viral proteins - again, cell study
The anti-inflammatory/antiviral effect is thot 2 B due to glucose switching of 2GD - reversal of aerobic glycolysis to oxidative phosphorylation - is also in-silico study - not comprehensively shown in cell models.…
@drreddys jumped the gun quickly.
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