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1) Montreal reported an uptick in new #COVID cases on Sunday, nine days after the Quebec government started loosening confinement measures in the #pandemic. In this thread, I will try to explain whether the city might be facing a possible resurgence in the number of infections.
2) First, it’s too early to tell whether allowing public gatherings of 10 people on May 22 and reopening stores on Monday has resulted in a surge in the number of #COVID infections. We’ll probably get a better idea about what’s going on a week from now.
3) Still, even at this early stage in the reopening, I’m noticing some problematic trends at the neighborhood level in Montreal, still Canada’s epicentre in the #pandemic. Three boroughs are reporting sharp increases in #COVID cases in the past few days.
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1- Antifa is officially a domestic terrorist group. Trump handled this exactly right..👇🏼

A domestic military response would have been a disaster for multiple reasons.

He instead let inept Dem governors & mayors cook in their own stew (cont).
2- The Democrats showed the country where their policies lead, & proved they can't keep people safe (cont).

They also exposed the obscene hypocrisy of arresting people for opening a business, then doing nothing as businesses were burned to the ground.
3- The weekend also unmasked the #COVID panic porn hoax.

Media screamed about swim parties at Lake of the Ozarks. They called these people "selfish" & "dangerous".

Yet thousands of protesters torched cities, & suddenly #COVID19 is no longer a worry..🤔
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India is one of the very few countries that has eased the lockdown well before cases have peaked.There are 2 ways how this can play out from here.1.Govt massively increases testing,launches a test-trace-isolate program & brings infection under control in 8-12 weeks or so. #covid
There will still be huge number of deaths but Govt will be doing the right thing at least now.
2. Govt does not increase testing or even reduces it, gets media to divert attention and stop reporting, fudges death numbers and pushes the country into a bigger tragedy.
Following the first path may get us out in 3-4 months despite the mess made so far. The 2nd path is ruinous and can cause not just massive loss of life but also wreck the economy even further for over a year or more. Which path do you think Govt will follow? #covid19 #Covid_19
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TGB: Tumbuh dan Tebarkan Optimisme di Tengah Pandemi

Halal bi halal. Kegiatan rutin yang kita laksanakan tiap tahunnya. Setelah berpuasa di Bulan Ramadhan. Berkunjung ke rumah keluarga, kerabat, sahabat, guru, rekan kerja, dan lain sebagainya.
@tgb_id @TGBMZainulMajdi Image
[2]Ada pula halal bi halal yg kita selenggarakan secara berjamaah. Berkumpul di suatu majlis, kemudian diisi dgn tausiyah agama sembari bermaaf-maafan. Sprt yg rutin digelar di Nahdlatul Wathan sejak masa hayat pendirinya: Almaghfurlah Maulanasyikh TGKH. M. Zainuddin Abdul Madjid Image
[3]Hari ini, (31/05), kebiasaan baik di ormas Islam yang saat ini dipimpin oleh TGB. Dr. Muhammad Zainul Majdi masih tetap di laksanakan. Namun dengan cara yang berbeda. Melalui Zoom. Tekhnologi yang memungkinkan orang dapat bertatap muka dan berkomunikasi satu sama lain.
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1/ From @ggreenwald - I disagree with him on lots of things, but he is an acute observer of the media games. Seems increasingly clear the answer is NO, we aren't going back - the riots and protests will displace #COVID on front pages - they are equally useful for all sides...
2/ On the left, @msnbc (especially) but also @nytimes etc will focus on police brutality no matter how bad the riots and looting get; keeping that focus will be tough, but far easier than admitting most of what they've said for the last two months has been laughably wrong...
3/ On the right, of course, the riots are red meat and need no fluffing; with every store that burns a Karen forgets the virus and resolves to vote Republican no matter what.
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1/7 ready for a rabbit hole? #RedPill

follow along...

remember mass shootings a year ago - same time #Democrats were preparing to run & debate?

WE were able to see the FALSE FLAGS as a covert action, it shut down the news narratives about gun control

a church goer stopped one Image
2/7 super tuesday Quid Pro Quo #JoeBiden sweeps is presumptive nom...

#COVID Plan activated... shut down the ECONOMY.. lock YOU down..

then the last few weeks lots of peaceful protest... many armed


then 5/20/2020 a warning Image

next day news reals started popping on 5/21/2020...

black on white
white on black
fear hate violence....

even #JoeBiden said #YouAint _______ if YOU dont vote [COMPLY OBEY] for him...

same man who said BETO will take OUR guns.....

same man blames ORANGE MAN BAD... Image
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“The Odds of the “1/3” USA Winning Against the NWO” Watch the full video here:
What we’re seeing with these riots here in #USA will be replicated around the world: On Unemployment, Hunger, Ethnicity, Race ... Watch #Spain #Greece #Turkey ... All by design. #Covid curfew replaced by #riot curfew. Flu interchanged with poverty ... All preplannec by NWO strike
The coup is in effect: Not the time to hide in lockdown under your blankets. Pls watch this video and dial the numbers per my discussion. We need to quickly establish the network with the 1/3. Tune in and join our action alert.
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1) Premier @francoislegault has often said he took a bet in reopening Montreal even though the city is still posting hundreds of #COVID cases. On Saturday, it looks like the odds may be favoring him. In this thread, I try to explain why, but warn against jumping to conclusions.
2) The epicentre of Canada’s #pandemic recorded its lowest number of #COVID infections in 59 days (!) on Saturday. (See the chart below). This has happened even though authorities boosted testing and allowed public gatherings of up to 10 people eight days ago. More on that later. Image
3) The number of #COVID hospitalizations has plummeted by 348 since May 19. Intensive-care unit stays are also declining. But nearly 1,200 people were still being treated on Saturday across Quebec, pressuring hospitals as they start ramping up long-delayed elective surgeries.
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It has been a hard week for me watching what I consider to be one of the biggest health scandals of our time occur in relation to two affordable, widely available drugs that may offer potential benefit to patients with #COVID-19 (#hydroxychloroquine + ivermectin)
2/ Let me explain. First, I have been nauseous to see certain scientists in positions of great authority categorically dismiss the use of #hydroxychloroquine in any stage of #COVID-19 based, not off the literature, but off personal grudges either against Trump or MDs like Raoult
3/ These are scientists that have 100,000+ followers + speak to the media that shapes the globe’s #COVID-19 decisions…that, as far as I can tell, have not tried to understand the mechanisms of action by which hydroxychloroquine might benefit COVID-19. See
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Beneran mau New Normal? 😔
Mohon di kaji lebih lagi Pak, apalagi beberapa hari ini masih bertambah kasus yang positif #Covid. Jangan sampai ada gelombang kedua setelah penerapan new normal ini.
Data positif #Covid 4 hari terakhir 🙏😔
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📜Dear Company Leaders - You might be shocked by #Floyd & the subsequent protests you saw in the US this week. I guarantee you not one of your Black employees is. So if you’re moved, angry, or concerned...good. USE THAT. Channel those emotions to propel you to action. A word.../1
Over the past few days, I’ve seen a flurry of corporate activity like tweets and donations to public causes. These external-facing displays of solidarity are great. Please keep them up. Please also know that they’re not sufficient for uplifting your Black employees./2
Racism isn’t just “out there” in police departments or rural Georgia. It’s hard wired into your organizational structures, team dynamics and individual employee experiences. How do I know? Because this is America./3
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Modern politicians match Talleyrand’s jibe that “The Bourbons have forgotten nothing and learned nothing”
Having needlessly crashed the economy, they now presume to rescue it with New Deals, Bridges-to-Nowhere, #Green boondoggles & ‘shovel-ready’ jobs.
So, let’s repeat the errors of the 30s; let’s kowtow to the #Climate lobby; let’s ignore #Japan’s three decades of ‘infrastructure’ failure (#China’s more recent efforts, too); and, risibly, let’s echo #Obama’s corrupted & ineffective ‘shovel-ready’ nonsense of 2008.
If the word’s “collective effort” do not strike fear into your heart and the bland appeal to a “post-#COVID” world do not dismay you, you are sleep-walking through the camp gates - behind whose thin overlay of mock-Pugin wallpaper lies the usual tangle of barbed wire.
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1/ THREAD: Becoming a Published Author in a Pandemic
I published my first academic paper in the American Chemical Society Chemical Neuroscience (what?!) called “Heralding Healthcare Professionals: Recognition of Neurological Deficits in COVID-19” with the incredible @AMannanBaig!
2/ The full text will be available as open access in a few days, but here's the link to the ACS abstract:…

#covid19 #SARSCoV2 #coronavirus #neuroinvasive #brain #neurotropic #pandemic #virus #medtwitter #nursetwitter

3/ I always imagined that my first publication would be in maternal or women's health as they are my main clinical passions. My new position @MountAuburnHosp was supposed to start in March but then the #pandemic happened and everything changed @plrosen
#mamasmatter #gynfluencer
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Why @POTUS threat to w/draw from @WHO is unlawful, reckless, and dangerous. See this thread 1X
Trump has no power to w/draw from @WHO unilaterally w/o Congress consent. US spearheaded WHO as 1st @UN agency. US ratified WHO Constitution. US also a party to IHR. IHR governs pandemic response. @POTUS cannot at a whim end treaty obligations w/o violating Const & Rule of Law 2X
Trump swore an oath to faithfully execute law of the land. Congress already funded @WHO. @POTUS has a duty to execute duly made laws incl spending bills. He can do great damage: obstruct, disrupt, delay. But his const'l duty is clear. He must fund @WHO as Congress provided 3X
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/// THREAD on Chancellor @RishiSunak's announcement tonight on the future of the income support schemes. 1/
After considerable media speculation, the Chancellor has finally pronounced on the economic future of millions, by detailing the changes to be made to the #JobRetentionScheme (JRS) and the #SelfEmployedIncomeSupportScheme (SEISS).… 2/
These have been the two most important income support measures in what is likely to be the biggest economic recession in modern history. Both had serious shortcomings from the get-go. 3/
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More proof @Project_Veritas is always ahead of the curve...

Remember last month you heard from funeral directors who insisted many #COVID death certificates are not accurate.…
“To be honest with you, all of the death certificates, they’re writing #COVID on all the death certificates. Whether they had a positive test, whether they didn’t.” - Michael Lanza, Funeral Director
“To me, all you're doing is padding the statistics. You know, you're putting people on that have #COVID-19. If they don't have it you're making the death rate for New York City a lot higher than it should be..." - Joseph Antioco, Funeral Director
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Just one example: we have ~6,000 overdose deaths a month in the US. If those have doubled since mid-March (as data points from multiple jurisdictions suggest) - that’s 15,000 extra deaths - a huge share of overall excess mortality. Even a 1/3 increase would be 5,000 more deaths.
We DESPERATELY need some real-time/near-real-time overdose data at the large city/state level.
But they didn’t die of #COVID, so who cares, am I right?
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So #DominicCummings attended at least 6 of 34 SAGe meetings btw late Jan & early May.

Ben Warner (AI expert who worked on Tory election & Leave Campaigns)
attended 13.

His brother, Marc Warner, also attended meetings. He won the £250m NHSX app contract.
SAGE minutes from 11/2 show NHS beds was seem as “important” as early as 11/2.

SPI-M given action to work with NHS on modelling impacts (ie comparing epidemic curves to NHS bed & ICU capacity) yet @neil_ferguson only first met NHS on 1/3...19 days later!…
There is no follow up in subsequent SAGE minutes on whether the action to model NHS/ICU bed capacity was acted upon.

It would be v interesting to look at all the actions listed in these minutes & see if & when they were progressed.

There is no ‘action log’ so did some get lost?
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I am reaching out to my followers to inform everyone about the 5G weaponry 60GHz that's being installed in our schools to target our children and a reminder what type of system we have. The overall reaction I got from the people on my followers list around 98%... crickets.
Those people being silent and not sharing the knowledge from my timeline to help educate others on the truth you just don't give a shit. Most of the people follow me know what this system is, but you're dumb enough to support these criminals and eager to vote & maintain a...
...system designed to enslave us. I don't care if you are a Trump worshiper or Biden worshiper or worship any dictator you lick the ground they stand on.

Those of you know this very system usurped our republican form of governments via the Reconstruction Act of 1867 and....
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After discovering that #GeorgeFloyd and #OfficerChauvin knew one another and had a history working together, and after listening to yesterday’s MN Department of Health #Covid press briefing, here is the readers digest version of my thoughts on what is going on:
The MN DoH said yesterday that they wouldn’t be surprised to see higher numbers of Covid due to the #riots, demographic, and lack of #SocialDistancing. Listen to video below at the 26 minute mark. (The last several minutes cut away to coverage of rioting.)
Governor Walz has stated that he doesn’t intend to fully reopen the state until there is a vaccine available.
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DeRailway Minister #PiGo lets out a secret: He has been running a train service - Shramik Specials - that can only be properly described as #Covid on Wheels Thread 1/8
After reports of several deaths of passengers travelling on Shramik Specials Railway Minister #PiGo now asks those with “serious ailments” not to travel aboard these trains. PiGo’s first admission that these trains are death traps for those desperate to reach home. 2/8
Remember #PiGo ’s earlier infamous comment that no Indian died of starvation during lockdown? Doesn’t #PiGo know that someone travelling on these trains in peak summer, w/o food or water for days doesn’t have to die of a serious ailment? Starvation and dehydration would do. 3/8
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NWO’s #Covid War- This Time the Collateral Damage= “We the People”- Full segment available to my #Newsbud & #Patreon communities. Watch the preview here:
Welcoming, and thanking, Richard H. my newest #CommonSense network at #Patreon. Thank you, Richard! Join me on Patreon for exclusive videos- podcast & reports.
Many thanks to T.M. who just joined my new #CommonSense network at #Patreon. Together we can! Join me on Patreon!
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Hopefully people will now realize economies based on people buying things they don’t need with money they haven’t got is not the most sensible way to organize human affairs. #Covid_19 #coronavirus #StayHome
I for one hope there isn’t a return to normal because what was happening in the economy prior to this wasn’t normal.#Covid_19 #coronavirus #StayHome
I meant normal by historical standards. Debt levels were unprecedented both governments, businesses and personal. Many businesses and people are now having to relearn that liquidity isn’t the same as access to credit
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