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14 Sep, 20 tweets, 6 min read
These murders took place in 2016. A trans-identified male, and prominent gender identity activist who’d protested Michigan Women’s Music Festival as part of Camp Trans, murdered a lesbian couple who used to attend Michfest, and their son. National press ignored it.
People who wonder why we work with unusual political allies have the failure of the Dana Rivers case to attract any attention to thank for it. We saw that one of these men could flat out murder three people and it wouldn’t make anyone blink.
Why did we decide to think so far outside the box when we went looking for others to talk to about protecting women’s rights? Some thanks also goes to the collective shrug given to Twitter engineer Dana McCallum’s spousal abuse.

National media and progressive activists also ignored the self-published rape confession essay by Cherno Biko, who spoke at the inaugural Women’s March in 2016, and made multiple appearances at the Obama White House.

The NYC Council seems to have disbanded the Young Women’s Advisory Council that Cherno Biko co-chaired, rather than say anything about the lurid rape confession. No one else with institutional power in the gender identity movement took public action.

We also saw progressive activists and the gender identity movement stand solidly behind Michelle Kosilek, a male wife-murderer, who sued for state-funded genital surgery and a transfer to a women’s prison. The disregard for women is frightening.

When a serial child molester, Chad Sevearance-Turner, was revealed to have been leading the campaign in North Carolina to end single-sex public accommodations, progressives went on smearing opponents as bigots like it never happened.

We keep reminding people of these events—& the total failure of the gender identity movement, or their progressive and Democratic Party allies, to rethink whether their goals are fair to women—because we keep getting told that *nothing* could justify working with conservatives.
Women can be murdered, women can be raped; not enough? Men can be sent to live in women’s emergency shelters to perv on them, and staff trained to think that the complaints are a bigger offense than the harassment; not enough?

We can store up years worth of threats, depictions of us hanging from gallows, the destruction of our ability to engage in the ordinary job market, stalkings, assaults, no-platforming ... not enough?

Years worth of hatred directed towards women’s events, later picked up and echoed by institutional “LGBT” organizations boycotting women’s events and ruining their livelihoods without any remorse, it still hasn’t been enough to rethink the strategy?

And throughout all of this cruelty and coercion, the US press has become cowed, and will barely speak of this attack on us, or our rights, or children’s health, at all, except to twist the truth in favor of gender identitarians who deny biology.

We’ve heard more than once from women who said that they were in touch with a journalist who almost had a story about the harms of gender identity ready to go, but then it got spiked by an editor.

The usual reason? ‘I like you, I don’t want to have to fire you.’
These men have proven that they could make good on their violent threats, that they can openly advocate for the sterilization of LGB and autistic children, and that still the only people who will be made to suffer for it in these United States are women like us who complain.
The only people who will talk about any of it in plain terms are women like us, and other people that the US political left has dismissed as “haters,” without making any good faith attempt to enter into a serious dialogue.
These events are as frightening as they are infuriating. Some wish we would take a more “complicated” view of the situation, but we don’t know how much more complicated it needs to be than that dishonest, abusive men are threatening women and children and coming for our rights.
We would really like our government, and civic society, to listen to our concerns and help us redress these grievances. We would like responsible parties to side with us against our abusers, out of a sense of fairness, and restore expectations of civilized behavior.
We would like our government and civil society groups, who claim to represent our interests, to really do represent our interests. Our concerns and claims remain what we began with, and centered on sex-based women’s rights, as well as safeguarding the well-being of minors.
Any authority figures are asked, and encouraged, to take up these concerns. We would be glad to see anyone in government, or in civil society, to side with women and children in this political dispute. We have asked just about everyone we could reach to ask.
Those who will stand up for us, and brave the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, as it were, seem like they deserve more respectful consideration than those who say they represent us but are trying to put male wife-murderers into women’s prisons.

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14 Sep
Do you want to do more to fight gender identity ideology and policies, but you’re afraid of what might happen?

You can start talking to your friends and coworkers, cautiously at first, to find others of the 3/4 of people who agree with you. Every little bit helps.
You can also start calling or writing your representatives in elected office, to let them know that not all of their constituents believe in human “sex change.”

Politicians listen when voters get in touch with them, even if they don’t change their minds.
What’s important is to start building relationships, whether in your immediate networks or with elected officials and their staff, where you can safely speak to the harms of gender identity policies to women and children. And, really, to everyone who values free speech.
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14 Sep
There are some people in the movement to fight the erasure of women’s rights, and attacks on the health of children, by gender identity politics, who’d get a lot more done if they didn’t spend their time witch hunting other women as the “real Nazis,” to deflect criticism by TRAs.
Gender activists’ allegations about all of us—make no mistake that pointing to another woman isn’t going to make them hate any of us any less—predate the formation of any current group of feminist campaigners. This cartoon is from 2014. Sound familiar?

Gender identity groups get millions in funding and strategic support from international organizations, and then also obsess about where small-dollar funds come from to support relatively tiny feminist projects.
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9 Sep
This is what gender identity activists have in store for everyone: thousands of dollars in fines for publicly disagreeing with them, or saying that you don’t like them. There are similar stories from Canada and the UK, where they also lack free speech.

Left-leaning people seemed to be asleep when a Canadian Christian was fined $55,000 for the made-up crime of “misgendering,” lulled into ignoring the erosion of free speech because of animus towards the victim of this persecution.
In the UK, Kate Scottow was arrested in front of her children, and fined £1,000 for “misgendering.”

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4 Sep
The US left has had their LGB and women’s policy groups hijacked by gender identity extremists whose ideas are so unpopular, their leading strategy is to silence critics & prevent any public debate on the effects their proposals have on the well-being of women and children.
It’s been the plan of gender activists in the US all along to act quietly, capture institutional support, silence critics, and spring the results on everyone by surprise, as a done deal.
This governance by surprise is a deliberate tactic of the gender identity movement, internationally, as coordinated by the Dentons law firm, and the Thomson Reuters Foundation.
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3 Sep
If you think things are bad now, but not bad enough to actually do anything, wait until this is common all across the US political spectrum, and try to get a more sympathetic hearing then...
Some feminists seem to think that we can let conservatives fight this battle without us, because surely, they’re all against it, and will win eventually, right? Not only does this seem a bit feckless, nothing rules out ending up with all major parties supporting gender identity.
Until quite recently, UK women were in a lockout situation, with all their major parties fully supporting self-ID of sex. That changed, it seems, because women’s rights campaigners and some journalists broke through the propaganda and got a factual discussion started.
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31 Aug
Because some US lawmakers have started paying attention to this human rights disaster that’s at last being discussed in the UK, a federal law has finally been proposed to restrain unethical gender identity medical experiments on children.

We have a crisis here with around 50 pediatric gender clinics, and a growing number of other sexual health clinics, who are sterilizing minors using drugs prescribed to chemically castrate sex offenders. There never has to be a surgery to destroy a child’s reproductive potential.
No one on the US left will help us with this at all. No one. We’ve talked all up and down, we’ve talked to left-leaning women all over the country shut down over this, we’ve cumulatively talked to a lot of people in government and civil society about our grave concerns. No help.
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