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It's been quite a week, hasn't it?

We had a spike in donations as a result of all the attention we've received so we would just like the thank all of you who have contributed, it's very much appreciated. 🙏

The direct link to donate is here:

Our second Gay Spot (link below) saw a rise in people viewing, and was an informative and good-natured discussion about how the idea of gender identity negatively impacts same-sex attracted men (and women).

The next one is planned for January.


There is still ongoing confusion, and misinformation, about who we are and what we stand for, please do go straight to the source and take a look at our website to see for yourself.


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It is always concerning, and disappointing, when an elected representative feels that is is acceptable to make unsubstantiated claims about people he neither knows nor has spoken to. @AlynSmith describes #LGBAlliance as "shadowy" 1/4…
& adds that we "have wilfully sought to misrepresent & undermine policy & have been vicious in (our)conduct on social media, claiming victimhood & bemoaning cancel culture." Not a word of this is true. @AlynSmith will you join us on Zoom so we can tell you what we are about? 2/4
Would it be useful for you to watch our last webinar where we lay out the reasons why we formed & our plans for the future. It's easy to watch on…. Now there are 13 LGB Alliances worldwide - it's a truly global issue. #SexNotGender 3/4
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Welcome to #lgballiance, the home of people who know that lesbians are women who love other women, and gay men are men who love other men. On the basis of #SexNotGender. We are here to defend the rights of LGB people. This is a personal struggle for us.
It is personal because of the constant messages we receive asking for our help. Lesbians who write in confusion, having been excluded from LGBTQ+ spaces for being “transphobic”. Gay men who write in sadness that their men-only events are being attacked as “transphobic”.
Messages from teachers, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, politicians, NHS staff, civil servants, and from all walks of life saying they don’t dare to express their opinion about gender identity for fear of losing their job for supposedly being “transphobic”.
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Si sabemos que el discurso de "mi cuerpo es mío y hago con él lo que me da la gana" es una trampa del Patriarcado y el Capitalismo para mantenerse tras una fachada neoliberal, no podemos luego defender el transexualismo en la edad adulta como un ejercicio de libertad.
No se puede sostener desde un análisis feminista, y mucho menos radical, que haya personas que modifican/mutilan sus cuerpos para encajar en los roles sexuales impuestos por una sociedad sexista, y pensar que esto es una forma de expresión identitaria.
Que haya quien se hormone y opere para pretender encarnar la idea pornificada de lo transexual (intentar "cambiar de sexo", cuando esto no es factible, a través de la cirugía estética) es un síntoma más del patriarcado feroz, no un ejemplo de diversidad.
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About #pledges, elected legislators and listening to diverse opinions: we are concerned that our representatives at #Westminster & in the #Senedd don’t adopt positions which eradicate the reality of same-sex attraction & the protected characteristic of #sexualorientation 1/14
Some MPs, for instance, have endorsed the Labour ‘LGBT+’ Pledge. We give the benefit of the doubt; maybe they haven’t thought it through. We hope the #Senedd, looking at a forthcoming Action Plan allegedly about us, makes sure it considers our views in putting it together. 2/14
We want training for #RSE teachers, including the importance of watchful waiting, rigorous #safeguarding & refusal of #transingawaythegay. NSPCC guidance is clear about #secrets 3/14
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We look on with grave concern at the attempts to shut down liberal values such a free expression. It's a concern to us that the reputation of an important news outlet such as The Guardian has been diminished.

That it has become controversial to defend our rights in law that are predicated on the reality of biological sex only strengthens our resolve.

We believe that current ideas of gender identity are pseudoscientific and present a risk to people who are same-sex attracted.

We believe that there is a need to have a legitimate, respectful, and open discussion about our concerns.

This means that we all have to listen to each other and to expose ourselves to ideas and views that we don't agree with, and that may even make us feel uncomfortable.

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Here's the person writing for Jezebel who is trying to cancel Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Harr*n Walker: "the transwoman watching at home who just wants to see some dummy d*kes f*ck the hashtag girls like us."

Walker is friends with, or at least associates with, Andrea Long Chu, author of "Females," who presented at Columbia University about how forced feminization pornography made them trans.
Looks like they're friends with the Netflix writer @rosedommu, or at least collaborated for Out magazine.

Netflix also tweeted about Long Chu, the sissy porn writer. They seem to all live in the same city and know each other. What's going on?

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.@joannaccherry is on form here questioning @KishwerFalkner in her pre-appointment hearing for Chair of the @EHRC on the necessary enforcement of the rights of women:


But @KishwerFalkner will have a lot of work to do to get the @EHRC back on track to firstly, get its own house in order in terms of knowing what Equality Act states are the protected characteristics:


...particularly when the @EHRC, in the candidate pack for the job of Chair, couldn't even state the protected characteristics correctly:

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Foot binding in China was not for aesthetics, as Western sources report. The systematic breaking of young girl's feet was valued because men believed it made their pussy tighter.

Gender is never about fashion alone. Fashion is the visible surface of sex-based oppression.
Early Western accounts of the alluring gait of China's bound-feet women ignored the belief underlying the practice - that it tightened the women's thigh and pelvic muscles and heightened the sexual pleasure of the men who possessed them.

The cultural practices of "beauty" enforced on women reveal pain and subordination, but often hidden are the selfish sexual perversions of men that force the crippling of women and girls for their own gratification. Image
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Sexo y reproducción humana.

La reproducción humana emplea la fecundación interna.

GÓNADAS: Órganos sexuales que producen los gametos. Las gónadas de los hombres son los testículos y las gónadas de las mujeres son los ovarios.


TESTÍCULOS: Se encuentran suspendidos por el escroto fuera de la cavidad abdominal.

ESCROTO: Bolsa de piel que mantiene los testículos a una temperatura óptima para el desarrollo de los espermatozoides.

ESPERMATOZOIDE: Célula reproductora sexual o gameto (hombres) encargada de fecundar el óvulo (mujeres) Llevan cromosoma sexual X o Y.

ESPERMATOGÉNESIS: Es el proceso de producción de espermatozoides, comienza en la pubertad y continúa a lo largo de la vida.

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Here's #Anatomy (Inside Parts) of #Male/Man & #Female/#Woman Body for comparison.

I Googled Penis then Vagina - clicked on images.

I tried to find 'Lady'Dick, 'Lady'Penis & #Transwomen Anatomy (to compare) - Big mistake! (I warn you against it- R-Rated/18 crap!)

Ps - There happened to be alot of pictures of 'Women' holding/showing of Real Male Penises under Transwomen - Anybody want to guess why?

#TransWomenareWomen - False
#TranswomenAreMen - True

No such thing as 'Lady'dick/'Lady'Penis they are all Penis-havers, Prostrate-havers.
#TranswomenAreWomen - ?
#TranswomenAreMen - True
#WomensRights #Trans

Urban Dictionary - Not Oxford/Cambridge.

LadyPenis - Enlarged Clitorus of a #Female Bodybuilder (2005)
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Gender ideologues accuse opposition of essentialism, reducing women to body parts, as they call women "uterus-havers, people with vaginas, cervix owners, menstruators."

Genderism is essentialism: belief in an innate gender identity.
Feminism advocates for the removal of fixed notions of women and men alike.
We are our bodies, and we are not stereotypes. These two ideas can co-exist.
That this isn't presented as an option shows it's regressive.
Feminism: Gender is a social construct; bodies are material reality.

Genderism: Bodies are a social construct; gender is material reality.
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Is Stonewall's Diversity Champions scheme fit for purpose? This article highlights what has gone so badly, and sadly, wrong. The issues raised are at the heart of the case being brought by @BluskyeAllison against @stonewalluk. We support Allison in her fight for justice. /1
Diversity Champions scheme was designed to help organisations become better workplaces for all. Its original purpose has completely changed. Tragically, it is now used to promote @stonewalluk's incorrect interpretation of the Equality Act. /2
In replacing sex with "gender" Stonewall seeks to remove sex protected spaces. And in promoting their narrow world view revolving around "gender identity", they undermine LGB rights & call any disagreement with their strict orthodoxy "transphobic". /3
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Hoxe erguinme inspirada, así que vai un fío moi loooooongo. Hai apenas un par de meses que empecei a decatarme do que está sucedendo arredor do pensamento queer e de como se está metendo na lexislación sen ningunha visibilización social, sen debate público, sen análise racional.
Unha violenta “conversa” en twitter primeiro entre unha muller feminista e un home trans, na que despois entrou máis xente apoiando a unha e “outre”, chamou a miña atención. Que está sucedendo aquí? Por que estes insultos? Púxenme entón a buscar máis información.
Un dos primeiros artigos que atopei na rede facía referencia ao “Protocolo educativo para garantir a igualdade,a non discriminación e a liberdade de identidade de xénero” (Abril 2016). Recoñezo que non tiña nin idea de que existise, e estamos no 2020.…
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Who is being consulted in the fundamental review of the role and function of the Equality Standard for Sport commissioned by Sport England on behalf of the Sports Councils Equality Group (SCEG), the UK Sports Council and the 4 national Sports Councils?…
What is the plan for reviewing sports & the 11 UK protected characteristics and low incomes ? Poverty is a women's issue too.

Here is the current Standard, which covers the 9 Equality Act characteristics & 2 NI ones, political opinions and dependants.
Sex, maternity & pregnancy are missing from the Guidance which lists "gender, disability, ethnic
origin, sexual orientation, age, social background, gender reassignment,religion or belief, political opinion,
marital/civil partnership status & dependents">…
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A thread of examples of what are called "sissy captions" or "transgender captions" from Instagram.

These are increasingly appearing all over social media.

They almost always use images of objectified real women to encourage men to transition.

#SexNotGender Image
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Hansard record HOL response to the statement on the GRA Consultation.
Note that the existing system is already flawed. It allowed an attempted rapist, with a GRC, into a female prison. A single judge can overturn a refusal to grant a GRC. I will add cases at the end.
Clear statement that The Equality Act allows exclusions on the basis of biological sex. Not “Gender Identity”. The Cass review is a welcome development whilst we await outcomes the #KeiraBell case.
Baroness Barker straight in with the hyperbole. The process currently costs £140. No requirements for an “interview”. No surgery required. The Baroness is giving away our words! The word “woman” is taken. Current Guidance lies about the Law. B. Berridge should know this,
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@IndexCensorship We need to end boys taking all the medals in girls sports. To end girls dropping out of sport because they are de-moralised & fed up.…
@IndexCensorship We need to end policy capture which says "transwomen are women" & where the voices of transmen are ignored because, hey, they were born female & are therefore of less importance. We need to end the practice of all male bodied people in womens sport, identity is not physicality
@IndexCensorship We need to end the practice of male bodied people sharing space with traumatised women in domestic violence/rape crisis shelters. We need to end funding for for sexual violence survivor services only being available to services which are "trans inclusive"…
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Employment Judge Derek Reed said:

“The belief that sex and gender are ‘set at birth’ may be upsetting to certain people, but if freedom of speech and the rights within articles 9 and 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights >>>…
"... only extended to expressions of belief that could upset no-one they would be worthless."

“Essentially, to find as the tribunals did in the cases to which we were referred would amount to a declaration that it is ‘open season’ on people that hold and express the beliefs >>>
" question – that they do not deserve protection.

“That seemed to us to be a strange and somewhat disturbing conclusion.”

So #SexNotGender is a belief that is worthy of protection according to this judge. >>>
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@UKLabour @MarshadeCordova As well as omitting one of the 9 protected characteristics, Marsha de Cordova MP the shadow minister for WOMEN and Equalities, seems to have totally forgotten that the Labour Party manifesto of 2019 said

“Labour will put women at the heart of our government and programme” /1
@UKLabour @MarshadeCordova and that they would
"Ensure that the single-sex-based exemptions contained in the Equality Act 2010 are understood and fully enforced in service provision."

It's almost beyond belief that she should OMIT the protected characteristic of sex from an article about the EA 2010. /2
@UKLabour @MarshadeCordova Sadly the party didn't gain power, so they don't have the ability to implement the second part of that as regards enforcing the provisions in service provision.

But they do have to power to 'put women at the heart of their programme', and to 'promote understanding... /3
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Misogyny is so ingrained in society that men's gender fantasies, the very constructs created to justify our oppression, are believed to be reality whereas women ourselves are not

#SexNotGender #PeakTrans
The gender movement is a men's sexual rights movement that is normalizing extreme objectification of women, aided by porn and misogyny.
Women are so hyper-sexualized, and porn has so thoroughly saturated society, that these sentiments are not outliers in terms of gender ideology, they are increasingly common, at least among men. Papers are published in academic journals about this.
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California Gov @GavinNewsom is placing women in harm's way: violent ♂️ criminals may now be incarcerated with a captive population of women.

On average ⅔ of US women in prison experienced abuse; many are there for self-defense. Now they may be held with rapists.

A 2009 study of California transgender inmates (MtF) found they were more likely to be sex offenders.
California is where Dana Rivers, a "transwoman," murdered a lesbian couple and their adopted son, then burned down their home.…
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Social media is having a dramatic toll on the mental health of young girls. There has been a huge increase in rates of suicide and self-harm.

Jonathan Haidt explains the statistics in the new documentary #SocialDilemma.

#socialmedia #sexnotgender
Frequent social-media use was associated with decreased mental health and well-being, as measured by responses to questions about psychological distress, life satisfaction, happiness and anxiety. Social media seemed to have a stronger impact on girls.…
"For ten years I specialised in treating eating disorders and literally every single one of hundreds of teenage patients mentioned social media as a contributing factor. Every. Single. One."…
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ART is a nightmare, and when we finally wake up, it may be too big to stop.
This article refers to mitochondrial genome editing as "egg rejuvenation."
Mitochondrial genome edits are inheritable, but only when passed through girls.

The U.S. National Academies of Science advised that use of mitochondrial editing be limited to male embryos, in which event the change would not be inheritable. So far, this suggestion has been ignored by policymakers.…
Instead of seeing the big picture about ART, discussions often focus on individual feelings or desires.
What we need to understand about ART is while the short-term goal is to produce a baby, the end result is control over means of reproduction, and over the human genome itself.
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