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I've always been a firm believer in school uniform.
A fair, accessible and affordable uniform does have benefits, reducing bullying of those who can't afford branded clothing, introduces discipline in a fair way as everyone appears equal.
But current uniform policy has gone far beyond being uniform.
It is no longer affordable and accessible.

It is now teachers and schools who bully and abuse the pupils, who make lasting judgements based on appearance.
There is no such thing as a uniform size where children are concerned but the child is punished for their size, shape not conforming to the manufacturers average.

Girls are taught by their educators to expect judgement and abuse because of what they wear and how they wear it.
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Queer theory transactivism is its own particularly ugly version of sexism which I'm going to call the #queeriarchy from now on, to indicate that it's patriarchal all the way, no matter how woke it might look on the surface
Males claiming that their idea of woman supersedes what women say about ourselves - that they have the right to define us - and that their definition should supersede ours in law is the defining feature of patriarchy

Males claiming the right to include themselves in the category of 'woman' by redefining women as a gender identity is the patriarchal violation of women's boundaries and demand for unconditional access #queeriarchy
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1/6 We continue to fight against Self ID, even though we appear to have no functioning government. Govt asked for people's views and promised to report: NOTHING. Govt promised an 'urgent' enquiry into massive numbers of girls requesting referral to GIDS: NOTHING.
2/6 Simply by raising the prospect of Self ID, the government have been complicit in allowing institutions and organisations to act as if it was already law. Almost everywhere we have seen regulatory capture. Police, courts, schools, the NHS, sport.
3/6 Women are #AdultHumanFemales We are a #SexNotGender If we cannot name our sex, then we have NO sex based rights.
If you want to see what happens, look at Canada, where people like Oger and Yaniv think they rule the roost.
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More on the law. #SexNotGender. This one is about breast (chest) augmentation on the NHS. Interesting how this is not a mental health condition, except when #GenderDysphoria is needed for leverage. From 2010.
Judgement opens with a statement the claimant was “diagnosed as a Transexual” in 1996. As usual we begin with the rohypnol of female pronouns. (Thanks Barracker,on mumsnet, for this descriptive term for the state sanctioned gaslighting). No GRC but still gets female pronouns
This is the third case. The claimant really wants those “breasts”. These must be the final step in validating womanhood and the Gender Dysphoria must be unbearable. What’s the cost of three court cases when someone is in such bodily discomfort?
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Policy Capture" in relation to trans Self-ID, and Women's Rights in Scotland. It's happening in E&W as well. 1/…

@JeremyCorbyn @DawnButlerBrent @johnmcdonnellMP @AnnDHenderson
#Labourlosingwomen #sexnotgender
A very important piece of research by @KathMurray1 and @LucyHunterB

Labour Party policy on EA2010, and the way it was adopted with no debate, is part of what is described. 2/

@JeremyCorbyn @DawnButlerBrent @johnmcdonnellMP @AnnDHenderson
#Labourlosingwomen #sexnotgender
"Over recent years policies that represent a profound conceptual change in our understanding about what it means to be a woman... 3/

@JeremyCorbyn @DawnButlerBrent @johnmcdonnellMP @AnnDHenderson
#Labourlosingwomen #sexnotgender
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I am incensed by your tweet about LGBT rights.
I'm not alone, thousands of women are absolutely sick of your refusal to listen to them.

@UKLabour @jeremycorbyn @dawnbutlerbrent @AnnDHenderson

#labourlosingwomen #sexnotgender
We all support the right of trans people to live as they wish, without discrimination, fear or abuse.

But we do not believe that a man can become a woman. Transwomen are transwomen.

@UKLabour @jeremycorbyn @dawnbutlerbrent @AnnDHenderson

#labourlosingwomen #sexnotgender
You have said you will change the Equality Act 2010 to make 'gender identity' a protected characteristic instead of 'gender reassignment'.

That means sex Self-ID. No questions asked...

@UKLabour @jeremycorbyn @dawnbutlerbrent @AnnDHenderson

#labourlosingwomen #sexnotgender
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Women and girls are a marginalized group oppressed by males and require single-sex protections and accomodations. This is a sex based right we intend to fight for and uphold. Absolutely nothing fundamentalist TRAs say or do will stop women from protecting ourselves from men.
Anyone wishing to take single-sex spaces and inclusive opportunities away from female people is a misogynist with an agenda. You can hate feminists all you want, but this has always been our fight- and we will never give up. #SexNotGender #StopFemaleErasure #AbolishGender
We fight to liberate all women and girls from the patriarchy. And when we are liberated, we will continue to fight to uphold our liberation. We. Will. Never. Stop. #feminism #RadFem #GenderCritical #DamnRight
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The shenanigans of @scotgov regarding the announcement of proposals to reform the GRA are, to say the least, concerning. There are serious questions which now must be answered by @S_A_Somerville and @NicolaSturgeon

First, why are @scotgov hurriedly coming out with an announcement with 2 days notice? Did they give all their MSPs the opportunity to submit a question, including those critical of proposals to date? Or have they tried to stack the deck with sympathetic allies in parl?
We ask because it is quite clear that certain, unelected, individuals, renowned for their abusive behaviour on Twitter and privileged links to those in power are claiming to have superior inside information.

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1.Let's talk about regulatory capture.…
Regulatory capture is a form of government failure which occurs when a regulatory agency, created to act in the public interest, instead advances the commercial or political concerns of special interest groups that dominate the industry or sector it is charged with regulating.
3. When regulatory capture occurs, the interests of firms or political groups are prioritized over the interests of the public, leading to a net loss for society. Government agencies suffering regulatory capture are called "captured agencies".
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If you're a Labour Party member - have you taken a motion to your CLP about Self-ID or anything related to GRA?

That's how party policy will get changed. There was no such motion at last years LP conference, nor at the Women's Conference in Telford.
Below is a model motion asking that a 'gender' audit is conducted on the impact on women of the 'gender identity' change which was put in the 2017 LP Manifesto.
This is how they say they will change the law "A Labour government will reform the Gender Recognition Act and the Equality Act 2010 to ensure they protect Trans people by changing the protected characteristic of ‘gender assignment’ to ‘gender identity’
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"A manager said: 'You stated that a man’s internal feeling that he is a woman has no basis in material reality. A lot of people would find that offensive and exclusionary.'"

Thread 👇

#SexNotGender #PeakTrans #WomenWontBeErased #WomenStandUp…
"You stated that a man’s internal feeling that he is a woman has no basis in material reality."

This is a reversal. Women are stating that WE have a basis in material reality.
However, a man's claim to our identity is seen as more valid than our own material reality.
Let's be clear: women saying 'No' to men, in any capacity, is viewed as offensive under a system of male domination. We live in a world where men feel entitled to our time, our free labor, our emotions, our sexuality, and our reproductive function.
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"Some men fear the falling number of male OB-GYNs could lead to them being excluded ..."

Men *should* be excluded from gynecology. They took over the medical field from women by force, by killing midwives & denying us knowledge of our own bodies.…
"A Utah gynecologist has been sentenced to 15 years in state prison, in addition to time to be served in federal custody, for live streaming the sexual abuse of a 13-year-old girl."

#MaleViolence #SexNotGender…
"Charges against an Oklahoma City doctor have been dropped after he agreed to give up his practice.

In 2014, Fuller was charged with rape by instrumentation and sexual battery after a female patient told police that Fuller inappropriately touched her."…
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When I see an application for a women's program and it says "open to all female-identifying people," I don't submit because: 1. It means I'm competing against men for spots that should be for women, & 2. I have a problem with this choice of words used to describe my sex. [more]
I am female and I do not "identify" as my sex, in the same way that I don't let sexist stereotypes limit the choices that I make. I will not identify with my oppression because it's not possible for anyone to "identify" out of oppression. #SexNotGender #WomanMeansSomething
You can fight oppression, but you cannot deny that it exists. As a woman, I can call myself a man and force everyone to call me a man- but it won't stop the misogyny against me just because I attempted to "identify" out of my sex class. #WomenWontBeErased
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Hi again @stonewalluk
I wholeheartedly agree that there is no place for homophobia in sport. I welcome your attempts to make (esp male) sports more inclusive of gay and bi people. 🖒
But... I played women's rugby for over 10 years. Is it fair to include male bodies?
Is it fair to allow self ID male bodies into sporting competitions?
Such as Andraya Yearwood?
Or Fallon Fox, whose opponent was left with broken bones and requiring 7 staples in her head.
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It seems lots of organisations have got all muddled about equality law. They need reminding that 'sex' is a protected characteristic. We have already helped lots of councils and others to get their guidance right. Let's make sure everyone is compliant.…
Here's a statement on the successes you have had so far and why it matters… #sexnotgender #sexmatters
And here is our statement on the government's recent commitment to upholding single sex exemptions under Equality law…
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