I've been a big supporter of the narrative that JFK jr. is alive. Not following blindly mind you, I've done extensive research. I wonder why all of the sudden I find myself being attacked for it. The most recent attack accused me of "Idolizing" Him.
I "idolize" no earthly Man. I do however, have my own personal reason for the unwavering belief, the hope that He is still with us on this earth. I've decided to tell you why. 1963, the day our President, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated. I was 3 years old...
My mother would always make a very big deal out of any day the President was going to be on television. She would dress me in my best dress, cook a special breakfast and invite friends over that didn't have a TV. In those days, the Leader of the free world was respected.
As the time grew near I would listen for Mother to say "it is time" because I had the HONOR of turning on the TV, something I was never allowed to do otherwise. I remember how excited everyone was watching the motorcade (I thought it was a parade) go by. The people..
On the streets were happily waving flags and jumping up and down, quite a sight for a 3 year old back then. I heard Mother "there He is, there He is" but I couldn't see what they were talking about. Mother took me close to the tv and put my finger right on the face of..
Our President proudly telling me how I was so lucky to be able to touch our Presidents face. Well, at that exact moment, with my finger on his face, something happened, what happened, I had no idea. In that one moment all the happiness left the streets and my home..
Everyone started screaming and crying, saying no, no. Mother picked me up and took me to my room telling me to stay there and closed the door. Did I hurt the man in the car when I touched his face? I didn't mean to hurt him and make everyone cry. How do I ..
Remember so clearly when I was only 3 years old? Partly because of a old video tape taken in our home of everyone watching, clearly showing the entire thing. I still to this day have it. The other part was due to the trauma of the event. It is a very well...
Known fact that a person will remember times of great trauma as well as times of great happiness even if they are very young. In the days that followed the sadness continued. Mother explained to me a bad man hurt the President and it wasn't me. During the funeral procession..
I was sitting on mother's lap when a woman with little children were seen in the crowd. Mother took my hand and put it to my head just like the little boy on tv. I believe that day, that moment in time, changed my life forever. Evil had been born in my little world..
In the years that followed one Kennedy after another was taken from this world by the Evil that had been born into my little world. The day JFK jr. was said to have died along with his wife and her sister was another sad but expected day for me. The Evil was still there.
Why did I put this very personal story out and open myself up to the remarks of the non believers, trolls and haters? If I choose, by the grace of God, to believe JFK jr. was smart enough to out maneuver the Evil that took the life of his Father and many of his family..
Members, leaving him to put together a complex plan, while hiding in the shadows, until the time was just right. It's MY CHOICE. If something good can come from the pain of that day in 1963 and put that Evil down for good, guess what, it's MY CHOICE.
If I choose to stand behind this Honorable Man that doesn't know me, nor I him and do whatever insignificant thing I can to help Him avenge his father, whose face I touched that day, well, it's MY CHOICE. I'm sure I'm not the only person that feels this way.
We all have a choice to believe or not. I have the right to my choice and respectfully ask you to respect my choice as I will always respect yours. I will no longer delete my texts that get negative responses on the subject of JFK jr. so others don't have to see your disrespect.
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