Do you want to do more to fight gender identity ideology and policies, but you’re afraid of what might happen?

You can start talking to your friends and coworkers, cautiously at first, to find others of the 3/4 of people who agree with you. Every little bit helps.
You can also start calling or writing your representatives in elected office, to let them know that not all of their constituents believe in human “sex change.”

Politicians listen when voters get in touch with them, even if they don’t change their minds.
What’s important is to start building relationships, whether in your immediate networks or with elected officials and their staff, where you can safely speak to the harms of gender identity policies to women and children. And, really, to everyone who values free speech.
Start laying the groundwork now. It may take years to pay off. But remember, roughly 3/4 of those polled in a very red state, a very blue state, and 10 centrist battleground states, are likely to agree with you. What’s missing is awareness.…
Most people still don’t know that the legal definition of sex is under attack, that men and boys are trying to destroy female-only sports, or that children are being cosmetically sterilized over this.

Education and awareness can advance by word of mouth, and it’s valuable.
Maybe you can’t say anything now, but can your friend speak out if they know what’s happening?

Maybe you can’t convince your representatives today, but will they think about it? Can you keep going back until you get through to them next year, or the year after?
You might be the very first person that your friend, or your representative, will hear saying something in opposition to gender identity since it became mainstream several years ago. You can never know what changing even one other mind can lead to.
Can’t take out a billboard? Can’t put your name on your account? Can’t start a nonprofit? Can’t be quoted in the newspaper?

You can still help. There are many, many ways to speak up and help get the work done of letting people know what’s happening.
When we first started this work, we all felt so alone. We don’t feel that way anymore. So many women and male allies have stepped up, and everyone who does gives cover to others.

Love and solidarity to all of you who are out there doing whatever you can to help win this fight!

• • •

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24 Sep
If you care about preserving female-only sports for women and girls, religious conservatives are the only people outside of radical feminism who are organizing to support this cause. And there aren’t enough radical feminists to do it on our own. So it’s this, or lose them.
There are concern trolling points that we could address about this, but other radical feminists have told us, in what we have every reason to believe is all sincerity, that they’re genuinely afraid of the intentions of groups like the Family Research Council towards LGB people.
So let’s look at what FRC was saying about the transgender issue before, to our knowledge, anyone there had exchanged even an email with a radical feminist. From 2015, this is their report, “Understanding and Responding to the Transgender Movement.”
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21 Sep
*Someone’s* getting direct support from American billionaires, and it isn’t grassroots feminist organizers.

Does the gender identity movement spend all their time talking about their opponents’ funding because they don’t want anyone else to take a look at theirs? Seems likely...
Not, mind you, that we’d object if a large donor were allied with our principles, unlikely as that is.

It’s a worrying hindrance how many people think political work should be like joining a monastic order where you have to take a vow of poverty to have any credibility.
We’re fighting, collectively, millions of dollars worth of advertising, legal work, public relations, and professional lobbying. But every time any radical feminist, individually or as a group, raises money to fight in these arenas, it’s called into question as if it were sinful.
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21 Sep
While we remain neutral regarding the election of any candidate for office, it’s gravely concerning that Facebook is weighing into the debate over the Equality Act, incorrectly denying that the Equality Act will destroy girls’ and women’s sports.…
The Equality Act will mandate that claims of gender identity supersede sex in federally funded educational programs, the very portion of civil rights law that created an equal right to sporting opportunity in the first place.
If the Equality Act passes, all sports teams and competitions will have to allow participation on the basis of self-identification of sex. If a boy wants on the girls’ team, or a man wants to run in women’s track, they have to be allowed if they claim a feminine gender identity.
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21 Sep
This, x1000, about the “defund the police” slogan. If they don’t mean that—even though all the founders have made recent public statements supporting full prison abolition, which means an end of the criminal justice system—then they should say something else. Image
Prison abolitionists start from believing that even violent crime needs to be decriminalized. The movement’s 2001, Statement on Gender Violence and the Prison Industrial Complex, mainly complains that women haven’t bought what they’re selling.… Image
Instead of addressing the serious objections they identified, or coming up with viable strategies for, say, dealing with serial killers, the Incite! statement closes with a list of diversionary talking points to redirect objections with, mostly, whataboutery. Image
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21 Sep
The Venn diagram of the people pushing critical race theory & critical queer theory is very nearly a circle. They’re all working from the playbook that gave us Rachel McKinnon’s “Norms of Assertion” thesis, about how lying is fine. It inevitably ruins ethical reasoning & empathy. Image
Adding, the Woke union of postmodernism and critical theory sounds like the gray goo apocalypse of rational thought: it’s a set of memetic nanites that will keep following their algorithm until everything is deconstructed.

There are grains of truth and insight in all these frameworks,and a lot of them speak particularly well to women’s experiences. But it totalizes that into a political religion that rejects objective fact, and this is bad for feminists.
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20 Sep
Hambrook assaulted women in Toronto shelters before bill C-16 even passed. Why was he allowed in? Cast back to the Transitioning our Shelters report ...
The examples that fell under the heading of, “HELP!?! TIPS FOR PROBLEM SITUATIONS,” came from the Trans Communities Shelter Access Project, listing a Toronto address.
They seem to have provided the examples on pgs 37 & 38 of this 2003 report, directing staff to respond to women’s fears of men by re-educating them to never “misgender” trans-identified men, & noting in passing that trans-identified women have been gang-raped in men’s shelters.
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