Hindu View Of Homosexuality.

(This thread Will Only Include what's Presented in Hindu Texts)
Sushruta Samhita Describes:

Asekya: Drinks Semen of Another Man

Saugandhika: Smells the Genitals of Others. commits Sodomy.
Narada Smriti Identifies 14 types of Men, who have lost their Ability to Reproduce.

One of them, is a Mukhabhega, i.e. The one Who commits Oral Sex and Sodomy with Another man.
Both Of The Conditions mentioned above are Considered as DISEASES.

Such men are PROHIBITED to marry, and Are Considered as Castaways.
Manusmriti Has Provisions for Fine Against Any Male Who Commits Bestiality (sex with Animals) & engages in Sex with Another Male.

>if a Girl pollutes another Girl, Then They Must Pay fine, and Ten Lashes With Rods is Advised.

>If a WOMEN pollutes a Girl, She will have her Head Shaved off and 2 fingers Cut off
Chanakya-Neeti States that A Napunsaka is Barred from Getting Any Share In Ancestral Property.
As Per Vishnu Smriti,

Performing Copulation With An Animal or Another Man, Results in Loss Of One's Caste.
Before Anyone Comes here Saying The Word "Tritiya Prakriti", they Should know that The Term is Generally Attached with NATURAL born Transgenders, NOT with Lesbian,Gay or Bi's.

Narada Smriti.
Vishnu Smriti.
Sushruta Samhita.

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6 Sep
Continuing This thread From where I Left it.

Date of Dahir's Death is Given as 16th of June, 712 AD in Certain Sources.

Here's What happened Next:
Dahir's death Resulted in Complete Rout of His Army.

His Son Jaisimha Retreated to Brahamanabad, While The Widowed queen Decided to Defend Raor Fort.

When Conditions became Hopeless, Queen Commitee Jauhar, with Other ladies.

This might be FIRST ever Jauhar in Hindu History.
Then, Kasim Went to Bahamanabad, and Beseiged the Fort.

Hindus held out for 6 Months. But Yet Again, Jaisimha was Betrayed BY HIS OWN CITIZENS.

Jaisimha retreated. Hindus offered more Resistance in Multan, But Then Again, They were Betrayed By Traitors.
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4 Sep


Before Going Forward, Let's Look at India's western Border before Arab Invasion

Western Border of India had:
1. kapisi in North
2.sindh in South
3. Tsao Kuta in Between.

These 3 Roughly Equals to Modern day Afghanistan and Pakistan Combined Together.
For the First Time, Arabs Raided Thane, Broach and Debal in The Year 636-637.

Raid Ended in Disaster as The Muslim army Was Put to Slaughter.
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8 Aug
Eminent Historian, Sir J. N. Sarkar, Alleged that Chhatrapati Shivaji was "illiterate".

As Always, Truth is Something Else.
In His Book, "Shivaji and His Times", J N Sarkar Writes,

"The Weight of Evidence is in Favour of The view that Shivaji was Unlettered"

Although Sarkar is Considered as A Prominent Historian, But Here He's W R O N G.
Little bit of Background first:

Henry Oxinden was an Official of British East India Company. He was present in Raigarh, during Shivaji's Coronation.

The letters He wrote to his Superiors were Published later as "Letters of Oxinden".
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23 Jul
Many "Eminent" Historians have Written That Rana Sanga Sent an Envoy to Babur, Inviting Him to Attack India.

As Usual, Truth is Something Else. Image
Babur, in Baburnama, Said That when He was In Kabul, Rana Sanga Sent an Envoy to Invite Him to Attack Delhi.

Let's see what's Wrong with This. Image
Hindu record in This matter is Daily Bulletin of Rana's Life written EVERY DAY by the Family Priest of Rana.

This Can Be safely Assumed as a Reliable Source. Image
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19 Jul
Rajput Resistance to Muslim Invaders is Well known.

Today, Story of a Small Southern Kingdom who Showed Extreme Bravery in The Face of Death.

Muhammad bin Tughlaq Defeated a Mongol Army Led by Baha-ud-Din Garshap.

Mongol leader Took Refuge in the Court of Kampili Raya.

His Kingdom included Raichur, Dharwar and Bellary.

Once, he destroyed the Imperial palanquin sent to Collect Tribute by Delhi Sultan.
This Prompted Tughlaq to Attack Kampili.

He himself Came to Devgiri.
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15 Jul
Lot of People know the Story of 𝘉𝘩𝘦𝘦𝘴𝘩𝘮𝘢, and How he Refused the Throne for Pleasure of His Father.

What if I Tell you, That There was Another Modern Day 𝘉𝘩𝘦𝘦𝘴𝘩𝘮𝘢, Merely 600 Years Ago?
**Early 1400s (1400-1416)**

Rana Lakha was Ruling As 3rd Maharana of Mewar.

He was in His Advanced years, with His Sons Comfortably Settled, when a Marriage Proposal Came From King Of Mandir to Marry his Daughter to Son to Lakha, Rao Chunda.
At that Time, Chunda was Not Present in Mewar.

His Father, Lakha informed the Girl's Brother and Joked
"Nobody would send a Marriage Proposal to an Old Man Like me"

When chunda Heard this, he Thought that his Father still Had a Secret Desire to Marry, and Declined the Proposal.
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