I know we're all now immune to reports of the White House mishandling Americans' health - but this story👇 about them meddling with @CDCgov to alter their weekly reports is an OUTRAGE & will make the job of doctors like me much harder. Here's why... (1/12) washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/…
Everyday in my practice as an emergency physician I rely upon updated studies of various tests & therapies, so that I can best serve my patients. It's called evidence-based medicine & it means relying on rigorous data. Stated simply, patients depend upon it to stay alive. (2/12)
A political aide reportedly applied pressure to tamper with something called the MMWR (Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report), a digest in epidemiology. This journal has been a critical piece of communication about emerging & established diseases in the U.S. for 90 yrs. (3/12)
The MMWR has a particularly important place in the history of medicine, often giving us info very early in the outset of emerging diseases. In 1981, a primary care doctor & epidemiologist in LA reported 5 young gay men with diseases from a compromised immune system. (4/12)
They surmised that these men, who had no contact with one another, suffered from a common source that rendered their immune systems weak. Unbeknownst to them, this was the first report of AIDS in the U.S. (5/12)
While the U.S. response to the AIDS epidemic was anything but apolitical, reports like this, with their unvarnished scientific presentation, have been the keystone to helping advance our knowledge on any number of diseases. (6/12)
Why is the MMWR suddenly being altered? A Trump political aide didn't like the CDC's conclusion that hydroxychloroquine was ineffective for treating #COVID19. In a resource-limited nation, it's critical that scientists & physicians not follow a path dictated by politics. (7/12)
In March, the MMWR published a report of a multi-pronged testing, tracing & surveillance system in Singapore that helped slow the spread of #COVID19. Public health officials begged US policymakers to provide the leadership & tools needed to implement such a program here. (8/12)
Had our national leaders heeded their call, many more tens-of-thousands of Americans would be alive today, and college football & schools would be safely operating... instead of the unsafe patchwork of policies that dominate in the U.S. (9/12)
Meanwhile, the President has privately made it clear that he understands the science behind the #COVID19 pandemic - but he simply does not care, and will pursue a policy agenda to enhance his political goal of getting reelected in November. (10/12)
His enablers in Congress & @HHSGov will apparently act at his behest, irrespective of outcome, even risking the lives of fellow Americans. His ardent followers believe his every word & seem to act against their own interest by eschewing masks & gathering by the thousands. (11/12)
Meanwhile, doctors like me just want what’s best for our patients. We couldn't care less about a politician's fortunes if it opposes our ability to treat patients in the best way possible to maximize their quality of life & chance for survival.

Just give us that chance. (/END.)

• • •

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1 Sep
As a doctor, I fear this isn't getting enough attention: New presidential advisor Scott Atlas backs a very dangerous plan to have us all get #COVID19 so we achieve "herd immunity."👇 This could *kill* hundreds of thousands of Americans. Here's how: (1/11)
First off, who is this Scott Atlas that now advises the president on #COVID19, instead of people like Dr. Fauci? He's a right-wing think tank guy who hasn't treated patients in years. Or as doctor @kenjeong artifully puts it: (2/11)
Now to Atlas's dangerous idea for #COVID19: "Herd immunity" occurs when enough people have immunity to a disease so the infectious agent can't find a new host & it eventually dies out. A minimum of 43% (some say 70%) of Americans would need to be infected to achieve this. (3/11)
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25 Aug
As a doctor, I yearn for us to have effective therapies for #COVID19. However, @realdonaldtrump's rushed "Emergency Use Authorization" for convalescent plasma (an unproven treatment) may actually *harm* our ability to fight the virus. That's right - harm it. Here's why: (1/12)
When someone recovers from #COVID19, their blood will have antibodies that may help others currently infected. By transferring these antibodies via plasma, immunity could (in theory) be passed to the patient to speed recovery & save lives. But we must *study* this theory. (2/12)
Before the president's "Emergency Use Authorization," patients could get this plasma in studies & through an FDA program that made the treatment available to patients if a study was not available. Over 70,000 patients received it & data was collected from each of them. (3/12)
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15 Aug
As a doctor, I'm deeply concerned that the White House's sabotage of USPS may literally cost many Americans their lives. Let me repeat that: The administration's plan to slow down the mail could cause folks to die, if they don't get their medications on time. Here's how: (1/9)
Over a million Americans have insulin-dependent diabetes in this country. What if the mail causes their insulin to be delayed? A few days without insulin can result in Diabetic Ketoacidosis - or *potentially deadly* high blood sugar. All thanks to politics. (2/9)
Nearly half of people over 50 have high blood pressure. If your medication for chronic hypertension comes a week late, it could cause a critical increase in blood pressure, and lead to a stroke. All thanks to politics. (3/9)
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4 Aug
THE MOST IMPORTANT STORY IN AMERICA TODAY: @realdonaldtrump is pushing government scientists to back a #COVID19 vaccine before the election, even if it's not ready. As a doctor, I'm happy we're making progress, but this is VERY dangerous. Here's why: 1/9
We can't let politics push aside science. A safe, effective & deliverable vaccine against #SARSCoV2 would be a game changer. But we must know it really *is* safe -- both in the short term & long term. A vaccine that isn’t ready for prime time will create even more crises! (2/9)
Assuming a #COVID19 vaccine really does work without major side effects, there are other considerations: We must know how it will be administered to individuals & communities, who gets it, why people need it, etc. Otherwise: chaos & misinformation will ensue. (3/9)
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31 Jul
Why, as a doctor, do I feel the need to be so political? That question was posed to me in a relatively civil conversation on Twitter by someone who disagrees with me about #Hydroxychloroquine. He thinks we should just see patients and lobby for them. Here's why I disagree: 1/
I kept my head down in medicine for about 18 years. I saw medicine change, specifically the ability of my patients to afford access to healthcare. Many can not even afford insurance, and many with insurance have deductibles that are more than their monthly take-home pay. 2/
Those folks wait a few days to come in with chest pain, they wait a few hours too long to come in with stroke symptoms. They come in with ruptured appendices. They come in Diabetic comas because they can't afford insulin. 3/
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28 Jul
As an ER doc in a #pandemic, I've been called an “essential” worker. Same for baggers at grocery stores, bus drivers & cleaning crews. But as the virus rages & many of us "essential workers" have died, the real question is:

Are we seen as essential, or merely “expendable?” 1/9
As so many were (understandably) locking down, these folks were all coming to work, because they had no choice. They were told they had to, and they needed the paycheck to live. Now many are catching the virus, getting sick, and dying. What is the plan for keeping them safe? 2/9
I'll bet many of these workers felt expendable, way before #COVID19. Think about it: After inflation, real wages have barely budged in 4 decades for most workers. So we make these folks work in a pandemic... but pay many of them peanuts to do it. 3/9 pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2018…
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