I am so horribly disgusted at the reports I'm hearing of mass numbers of sexual assaults and then mass numbers of forced hysterectomies in the border camps that Latino refugees have been locked in, and frightened for the future of our country if these stories are true. 1/7
Unfortunately the news has become so partisan, and so rarely in agreement, that it's hard to know what's true and what's not.

I'm glad that there is going to be an investigation into these crimes, and if these stories are NOT true then whoever is making them up should be... 2/7
cast out of media or politics (including corporate lobbying) and have to clean toilets at a middle school.

"So vote for Biden" I hear you call. The problem is that he and Obama are the ones who built those camps and he's never said, even once, that he would free those... 3/7
people or close those camps. I've heard it said that corporations behave like sociopaths, because they only care about the bottom line and have no regrets. I think that politicians who are run by corporate money, similarly, do things that are so completely horrifying, and... 4/7
seemingly without emotion, that they too behave like sociopaths.

Being Jewish, I'm terrified that when we defeat fascism (and I believe we've been fascist since 9/11) we are going to find the kinds of things that I've seen in Holocaust Museums. Pictured is the art of... 5/7
Jewish children in Prague, where they buried Jewish people on top of others, in layers. It's not as easy as "vote for Biden". These kinds of policies have been getting worse and worse for decades. I'd even tie Joe Biden's 94 Crime Bill to this, even though it was pre-9/11.
Yes, it's worse now, but it's probably going to get worse still, no matter who is the president in 2021.

• • •

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10 Sep
In 2016 almost 92 million people didn't vote at all in the general election. Almost 66 million voted for Clinton, almost 53 million for Trump. Only 10 million TOTAL voted for a third party or independent.

Of those 10 million people, almost 4.5 million voted for the... 1/10
Libertarian, almost 1.5 million voted for the Green candidate, 732,000 voted for Evan McMullen, 200,000 for Darrell Castle and 74,000 for Gloria La Riva.

To blame Donald Trump's election on the 1.5 million who voted for @DrJillStein , without getting into all of the... 2/10
factors of Clinton's campaign, is completely illogical, even if the 2016 primary hadn't been rigged, which it was.

The rigging of the 2016 primary was evidenced by the forced resignation of 3 consecutive DNC Chairs for cheating, by the incoming DNC Chair @TomPerez , by... 3/10
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2 Sep
Joy Reid made some #Islamophobic comments on Monday's show. She said that Trump uses violent language like leaders in the Islamic world. While it's true that some leaders use that kind of language, it is an ugly, intolerant generalization.

Joy Reid deflected criticism, on...1/6
her morning show, saying that it's only a morning show, she's not a real journalist. Since she's not a real journalist, by her own admission, she has no business hosting an evening show. I am calling on #MSNBC to fire Reid, who is a propagandist.

And I'd like to address... 2/6
the idea that Muslims teach their children violence, because I've heard it an awful lot. And I think people let it slide when they hear it. In the United States, children start watching super hero shows and shows with fighting around 8 years old or so. By 10 or 12, most... 3/6
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18 Aug
#MedicareForAll has been a Democratic Party issue since FDR. It will save us money in healthcare costs, not cost extra, and it will cover every single person. Single payer plans are working throughout the developed world. There is NO REASON the Democratic Party or any 21st...1/9
century nominee should be opposing it. None.

When Democrats tell you that you should NOT hold out for @JoeBiden to offer the left Medicare For All (and he has offered the left NOTHING), that "we can push Joe left later", they are asking you to surrender. NOW is the time a... 2/9
nominee should be reaching out to the other parts of the party, not AFTER the election. He will not be pushed left later.

Most Democrat voters support #MedicareForAll, but the party leadership does not, because they are corrupt. So corrupt that they refuse Medicare For... 3/9
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13 Aug
Why would the #DNC tell Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes that she may not get a chance to speak, and then allow her only 60 seconds, but allow Republican John Kasich a full speaking slot? The Democratic leadership, totally corrupted, loathes progressives, loathes the left.

That's why Democratic primaries are rigged, it's why so many establishment Democrats would have voted for Trump if Bernie had won the nomination, it's why left-wing media like The Young Turks can't get a press credential at the Democratic Convention, but had no problem... 2/11
getting credentialed for the Republican Convention, and it's why we have seen zero concessions to the left after @JoeBiden won enough delegates for nomination. (A non-binding climate plan that Joe doesn't even know the details of and has already contradicted by saying... 3/11
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12 Aug
Remember when @KamalaHarris ended her cosponsoring of #MedicareForAll because she realized it would be bad for her career?

Remember when Kamala attacked @JoeBiden, during the first debate, as a racist? And then, when asked about it later, said... 1/6

"It was a debate!" repeatedly, as if we were supposed to have assumed all along that whatever she said didn't mean anything?

Those two scenarios tell you everything you need to know about Kamala Harris. She's a 1 term Senator that hasn't had to do... 2/6

anything in her 1 term except oppose @realDonaldTrump , and she hasn't even done THAT well, because she keeps voting for military spending bills, the space force, mass surveillance, she didn't even support the Sanders amendment which would have... 3/6

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21 Jul
Did you know that, in this time of locking down and isolating ourselves, not just at home but from travel, Cuba (which has the best medical system in the world) has been sending doctors around the world to help with #COVIDー19? Yes, they are even... 1/4

being suggested for a Nobel Prize.

That's the kind of thing that happens when you prioritize people over profits. Did you know that any one of can go to most countries in Europe and get free medical care and a free college education? Yes, it's true. 2/4

We are always told we can't compare our system with Germany or with Norway, because we have a greater population. Europe has twice the population of the United States. Europe has:
1) Single payer healthcare
2) Tuition free college education


Read 4 tweets

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