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You know what's in store for #cybersecurity when "in person" conferences finally restart?

It ain't "networking"

Many of you will form #cliques based on your vehement political beliefs, NOT your cybersecurity beliefs

Our industry will be all the less for it. What a shame!
I've bitched since 2009 (see below) about #influencers¹ who CANNOT stop talking about their airline woes, and why we must vote for their politician, and etc.

How DARE you force #infosec newbies to follow "the whole you"!

¹ Not #ThoughtLeaders
I'm NOT alone in this belief. Newbies occasionally speak up to tell #influencers "I followed you for your expertise, why did you stop?"

You want to tweet? That's your right.

You want to be an #infosec influencer? That's a privilege.

Time for you to #ShitOrGetOffThePot!
I QT'd @AndyGreenPhD at the start of my tirade because I feel he's open-minded enough to know we'll seek each other's knowledge & insights at a #cybersecurity shindig regardless our political views

I can't say the same about certain other #influencers. What a shame!
My tolerance for the gamut of political beliefs ends where #InhumaneActions begin so don't go accusing me of tolerating rabid racists | pedophiles | sexual predators | etc. whose activities #infect the very core of #cybersecurity conferences
6/4 h/t to @itatiVCS for this complaint about IDIOTS who would limit an #influencer's RELEVANT tweets

If you face misogyny & racism in your field of study, or if you've got a RAPE problem in your field's conferences--

--then it's RELEVANT! Tweet it!

• • •

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Apr 11
The Pentagon's @DAF_CDAO office should have long ago prioritized its dissection of current AND PAST Air Force #cyberwar doctrine to see where it would have gotten U.S. airmen killed in Ukraine's land war.

But HAF/A6 has a problem: 🤦

They don't ponder doctrine like HAF/A3 does.
"Wait a minute, Rob. It's not @DAF_CDAO's job to ponder doctrine. The DAF has an air staff dedicated to that task!"


The office you're thinking of will LISTEN to anyone who believes doctrine must [to use the correct term] "evolve" in some way. This is why… Image
…Air Force Enlisted Historians (AFSC 3H0x1) were required to write annual analyses and strongly encouraged to write triennial monographs over every topic they regarded as vital to DOCTRINE.

I, personally, set the ball in motion to change Air Force doctrine that insisted…
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Mar 8
Sooooo… Let's begin with a quick assessment.

The book's index highlights Dr. Fred Cohen, whose thesis underpins the concept of a computer virus; Robert T. Morris, whose computer worm almost very nearly destroyed his father's NSA career; and Victor Zhora, who has refused to…
…provide a death toll from all the horrifying[ly mysterious] "cyber war crimes" he insists must be prosecuted in a new "cyber court" in The Hague that can pronounce death penalties.

Yet there's no mention of Vmyths[.]com nor Attrition[.]org nor Snopes[.]com nor folks' names…
…The root word "critic" appears numerous times in "critical infrastructure[s]," yet only appears once in the context of a #critique. "Criticism" appears once on p.168 re: CrowdStrike's undocumentable claim that Ukrainian artillerymen got blown to smithereens and sent home in…
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Dec 4, 2023
I want to revisit this supposedly rhetorical question.

Historically, we in #cybersecurity labeled traditional events "cyber" simply because the players were computer experts, e.g. Robert Hanssen was the world's first "cyber spy" because he identified a local computer vuln and…
…installed a password cracker on his work computer and used a Palm PDA.

Now we believe *every* spy is a #cyber spy because they all use computers in some way.

So, we've gone back to the lazy way of calling them just "spies" — but NOT for the right reasons.
We did what the cable & satellite industries did: they ✌️adjectivized✌️ themselves for adding channels to our TVs.

Cyber has improved all sorts of things, but in all honesty we're like @BASF. We don't make the things people use in their daily lives; we just make them better.
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Sep 15, 2023
Wow! I'm high on life after a follow-up physical at a Navy clinic where I got tossed onto an exam table with my blood pressure checked 3 times, after which they did 2 EKGs, then took my blood, etc. etc.

So let's talk cybersecurity #management. It's late 1996 and I've...
...just transferred @robtlee off MY ops floor, 😈 making me DoD's first Enlisted Information Warfare Crew Commander and setting Rob on his amazing career path -- a fact he learned at the meeting below where our mutual mentor confirmed it. So, ...
...immediately after the Stan/Eval guy said "<yawn> you're now a crew commander, good night," I called a meeting with my tiny little ops floor crew.

"NEW RULE," I declared. "From now on, YOU make the decisions and I'll write it down in the Master Station Log." This...
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Jul 26, 2023
It pains me to agree.

Historically, a new "infosec" office found its authority by teaming up w/ the HR office (holding the authority to test & fire employees) and the firm's webmaster (holding the authority to set password security policies for employees & customers alike)
Historically, a newfound infosec office couldn't send emails to "all" because the IT staff controlled that -- coincidently to stop #hoax computer virus alerts that once rampaged email servers worldwide.

IT *ignored* the new infosec manager's ✌️assumed✌️ authority, saying…
"we need HR's permission to do what you're asking."

Which was too often true:

THE IT OFFICE needed HR's permission because #ironically it was an IT admin who first got #duped by a #hoax computer virus alert and fired an email to "all" that ultimately pummeled the firm…
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Jul 15, 2023
Monday would be #NickoSilar's birthday. Our industry spouts an #UrbanLegend that she died in a hospital #ransomware attack … yet the truth is a bit complicated for our collective reductionist beliefs.

Let's study the facts surrounding this baby's tragic death, shall we? https://t.co/TVbwbQ7wTJ
First, I need to caveat my role in this sad affair. I've offered my expertise pro bono to the law firm representing the attending physician who delivered #NickoSilar on that fateful day. My specific goal is to protect Dr. Parnell from Springhill Medical Center's legal team.
I must admit it proved no easy task to pick Dr. Parnell over Nicko Silar's mother who, in truth, needs no expertise I can offer.

Maybe help Springhill Medical Center's CISO?

Nope: SMC has already thrown Dr. Parnell under the bus to protect themselves & their CISO.
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