You know what's in store for #cybersecurity when "in person" conferences finally restart?

It ain't "networking"

Many of you will form #cliques based on your vehement political beliefs, NOT your cybersecurity beliefs

Our industry will be all the less for it. What a shame!
I've bitched since 2009 (see below) about #influencers¹ who CANNOT stop talking about their airline woes, and why we must vote for their politician, and etc.

How DARE you force #infosec newbies to follow "the whole you"!

¹ Not #ThoughtLeaders
I'm NOT alone in this belief. Newbies occasionally speak up to tell #influencers "I followed you for your expertise, why did you stop?"

You want to tweet? That's your right.

You want to be an #infosec influencer? That's a privilege.

Time for you to #ShitOrGetOffThePot!
I QT'd @AndyGreenPhD at the start of my tirade because I feel he's open-minded enough to know we'll seek each other's knowledge & insights at a #cybersecurity shindig regardless our political views

I can't say the same about certain other #influencers. What a shame!
My tolerance for the gamut of political beliefs ends where #InhumaneActions begin so don't go accusing me of tolerating rabid racists | pedophiles | sexual predators | etc. whose activities #infect the very core of #cybersecurity conferences
6/4 h/t to @itatiVCS for this complaint about IDIOTS who would limit an #influencer's RELEVANT tweets

If you face misogyny & racism in your field of study, or if you've got a RAPE problem in your field's conferences--

--then it's RELEVANT! Tweet it!

• • •

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Mar 3
I agree 💯 with @mikko here.


--he might be missing the Pentagon's perspective. So, let me fill y'all in.

Tanks, missiles, etc. are #classic: they deploy everywhere to strike anything. Need to put a hole in something? Tank. Obliterate? Missile. Crater? Bomb…
…but a cyber weapon is #unique as @mikko said. It deploys against a particular version(s) of Windows, or Linux, or even #antivirus software.

At this point you'd be totally correct to say "Rob, you can't drop a 30lb incendiary bomb to take out an underground bunker!" But the… Image
…issue here is "classic."

In WWII, we dropped 30lb incendiary bombs across Germany to demoralize and kill their civilian populations.

Now, in #cyber, you can issue an update, change a setting, even retreat from the Internet. In the real world, though…
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Mar 3
"#Antivirus software is a future Trojan horse."

There. I said it.

"But Rob! You were defending Kaspersky just a few days ago!"


I've fought a crude #UrbanLegend in our industry that's simmered since the FBI threw a shit-fit over something they've never proven.
Worse, our own global community has never proved it -- and we've got every good reason to prove it if true.

But hey, our industry turned the tables on Kaspersky the day his dictator launched a genocide campaign.

Because we're just like that. We've always been like that.
That's why our industry's #ThoughtLeaders can dance on a pinhead: because IT'S EASY!

The logic in the back of their minds is simple: "Kaspersky is a Russian billionaire who craves genocide in Ukraine and does anything Putin asks. I must destroy Kaspersky with all my willpower."
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Feb 28
Steve Morgan continues his unashamed touting of absurd guesstimates (see below).

So, let's chart his multi-trillion annual "global cost of cybercrime" as the individual cost to every man, woman, and child on Earth:

cc: @sawaba @KimZetter @shanvav @JMBooyah @nicoleperlroth Image
Steve Morgan's guesstimates stretch from 2015 to the end of 2025. This chart shows how, in less than two years, everyone on Earth will be on the hook for $8,441 of his "global cost of cybercrime."

And that's just by 2025! It gets WAY worse as you project a few years forward... Image
"$10.5 trillion" exceeds $1,000 annually for only 8+ billion people on Earth. It's simple math.

When we project the 20th year of Steve Morgan's absurd guesstimates, we see the "global cost of cybercrime" per capita in 2034 will reach $19,507 for every man, woman, and child: Image
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Feb 24
Today marks the first anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine #cyberwar that killed <checks Microsoft's & Mandiant's reports> no one.

Let's go over last year's mass cyberwar #panic. We'll begin with one of the earliest calls to #boycott @Kaspersky:
There was an immediate feeling that everyone must cancel all Kaspersky subscriptions, as if customers -- especially corporate clients -- had a competitor's product waiting in the wings to replace it in some trivial fashion:
Likewise, there was an immediate plea to [translated] "remove Kaspersky from your PC. Now. Immediately." Again, as if customers -- especially corporate clients -- could do it trivially and without serious consequences:
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Jan 5
"in which I address some criticisms (some fair, others not)" ⤵️🤨

Let's talk cybersecurity.

Historically, those who were critiqued felt victimized. These victims often lumped non-critique #heckling with legit #criticism to shield their egos.

The use of #comedy tools in…
…legitimate criticism led many (perhaps most) victims in #cybersecurity to cry out that humor negates legitimacy: "the stakes are too high for <THIS|ME>to be taken so lightly!"

Yet these same victims adore e.g. Jon Oliver for his brutal use of #comedy in legitimate criticism.
And here we arrive at the crux of the matter:

The victims, not the #elements of legitimate #criticism, decide what is "fair" in cybersecurity.

This way, anything that is not ✌️criticism✌️ may be labeled as such so victims can associate legit critics to their SCUM counterparts.
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Dec 19, 2022
553 days ago, Steve Morgan's astronomically large yet unexplained #guesstimate for "the cost of cybercrime" exceeded the entire U.S. national debt.

Morgan has bragged that his wild-ass guess is already larger "than the global drug trade":
"Staggering" is ✌️right✌️ — it amazes me how often Steve Morgan's absurdities #dupe cyber experts like @dralissajay, @WaleMicaiah, @lhmphaphuli, @KenBeattyJr, @eSentire, @LilyLopate, etc.

So, let's chart him against the GLOBAL GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT
This chart plots Steve Morgan's asinine #guesstimates against WorldBank.org's figures for the 2015-2021 Global Gross Domestic Product with projections up to 2024. For 2025 onward, these charts show a 2.5% increase from an acceptable 2-3% for a healthy global GDP.
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