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Top 5 Digital Service Product Reviews from Lilach Bullock

- Forbes top 20 Women Social Media Influencers
- Number #1 Digital influencer named by Career Experts
- Winner of Oracle's Social Influencers of Europe

1. - The Ultimate Chat Platform to Make money on Social Media, and your Website…

#premiumchat #chat #makemoney #makemoneyonline
2. - How to become more organized and scale your business

#monday #organization
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#InfluencerMarketing #influencer the regulations of the Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) have been doing the rounds for quite sometime now, but if you are not aware here is what (brand) influencers need to know:
Ordinarily the brand which approaches you should approach you with an influencer agreement which will clearly state your obligations as an influencer and should naturally include the advertising regulations of the ARB. Please read your agreement to make sure it’s all there.
In the event that you do not have an agreement 🚩 you can still just carry on with this thread and ensure that you protect yourself as brand YOU! As we were taught in law school “ignorance of the law is no excuse” so you can’t avoid liability just because you were unaware.
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#racism #influencer #abetterworld
#parenting #leadership

I had no choice of "color" I was born this is me. poverty was my upbringing. My Mom , Aunts, Grandparents taught me to respect, fo be thankful, say please ,thank you. Not to lie, not steal, not to tease or call names.
I got "woppins" lots of woppins..

I can say who I turned out to be today is from what I learned by age 10 ( the hard way) .

As poor as We were, Single Mom three kids. The biggest thing I learned from my family. Is to never take pitty, to always be proud of what we have.
To never place yourself below anyone because your shoes have holes. Or come from second time around store. Usually the school bus driver would have the school donate me cloths and shoes. To stop the teasing. It would make Momma cry. I never let that bother me.
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I love #ModelMob.

It's a *thing.

Gigi + Bella Hadid's
daddy is a baddy.

Mohamed Hadid
had “personal relationships”
w # of LA Dept of Bldng + Safety inspectors
assigned to the Bel Air property.
Hadid directed one of his carpenters to build a set of walnut cabinets at the home of a city inspector tasked with checking

financial records show,
“there were no checks or
other records reflecting”
the inspector paid 4 cabinets.
Hadid was constantly changing plans 4 the house:
“I have never encountered another developer
who made significant changes
2 the exterior envelope
or the structure
on the fly.”
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Se llama Arianna Renee, tiene 18 años y 2,6MM de seguidores en Instagram. Se ha hecho famosa estas semanas por hacer unas declaraciones que muchos interpretan como una de las muestras más evidentes de la existencia de la “Burbuja de los Influencers”. Dentro hilo 👇
Muchos me habéis pasado la noticia publicada por bastantes medios. El último artículo el publicado ayer por @el_pais con un titular que desde luego invita a leerlo...…
Arii lanzó su propia marca de ropa con tan poco éxito que, según dijo en una publicación, no pudo vender ni las 36 camisetas que la fábrica le obligaba a hacer para seguir con el proyecto. 2.636.350 seguidores y no es capaz de vender 36 camisetas.
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Going to read “The Right Side of History”. This will be some mixture of enlightening, been there done that, and hate-read dunkathon. Let’s see.

No idea what Shapiro’s background is outside trolling libs, but I maybe he’s sort of Straussian? The ‘Jerusalem plus Athens’ thing.
So the thesis is ‘things have never been better, but we’re fucking it up now.’ Pinker + angst.
‘We’ in the book is Americans, natch.
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My latest Medium Post:

Crypto Shenanigans™️: A New Framework for Analyzing Scams

Below is a tweetstorm summary, but please check out the post and let me know what you think!…
1/ Words matter, & some words are so distorted from their original intent that they lack any meaning whatsoever.

In politics, it's "Fake News"

In Crypto, it's "Scam"

Let's look at why words matter, what "scam" even means, & a new framework to analyze these acts.
2/ Why do words matter?

Reputation 🗣️ and Asymmetry 📈📉.


A "scam" gets perpetrated by a "scammer"

When someone is associated with a scam, they suffer reputational harm.

In the Internet age, reputation may be our most valuable resource…
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1. Strength, wisdom, & exceptional capabilities are born from failures & challenges... always remember that.

Maybe you’re struggling right now.

Maybe it’s taking way longer than you expected.

And maybe no one believes in you.

But I do. I will be your support system while you
2. trudge through the mud and gain your battle scars. I promise you...In the end it will all be worth it.

All seasons come to an end. It will get easier. You will gain strengths and capabilities beyond your wildest dreams. You will feel better soon. I promise you...
3. it will happen for you, as long as you NEVER give up!

Make success an obligation and not an option. Your legacy depends on it. LIVE LIFE WITH NO REGRETS, my friends! 🔥 it up today and every day!!

#DailyInspiration #DailyWisdom #Influencer #Love #Passion #Growth #Success
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1) If customers are to trust you and commit to your brand, your brand needs to be professional. Hire that graphic designer to create your logo, business cards, website so that you have a consistent look. Hire a marketing guru and/or a business coach to help you plan strategy.
2) Research business systems so invoicing, proposals and communications are complete, organized and automated. How you treat your business is how you’ll be perceived to treat a client’s business. #Influencer #LinkedInMarketing #OnlineMarketing #DigitalMarketing #Marketing #Sales
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1) Hard times are often blessings in disguise. Let go and let life strengthen you. No matter how much it hurts, hold your head up and keep going. This is an important lesson to remember when you’re having a rough day, a bad month, or a crappy year. Truth be told,
2) sometimes the hardest lessons to learn are the ones your spirit needs most. Your past was never a mistake if you learned from it. So take all the crazy experiences and lessons and place them in a box labeled “Thank You.''

#ThoughtLeader #Influencer #DailyInspiration
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1) We are each a spark of the Divine. Worthy as ever. And yet, sometimes we lose sight of our inherent value. That inner voice can become muffled by the narratives we play over and over in our mind. What are the messages that wear us down? In this moment, let’s challenge them.
2) What has caused us to forget that we are deserving? In this moment, let’s remind ourselves that our capacity for growth and strength is incredible. How can we reframe our experiences and begin viewing our lives from a more elevated perspective?
3) Are we ready to stop buying into old thoughts patterns and start trusting more empowering ones? Know this – there is so much more in store for you. The more we begin to believe this, with God’s help, the sooner we will receive what we hope, pray, and strive for. #believe
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