Did anyone make the connection between the recent thwarted plot against @GovWhitmer and the Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in 2011?
The terror attack that Breivik pulled off was only part of his original plot. His original plan was to kidnap Norway's ex-prime minister, Gro Harlem Brundtland, and to stage a "trial" which ends with him executing her on camera (then posting the video) dagbladet.no/nyheter/planen…
According to reports, the foiled terrorists who planned to target @GovWhitmer initially wanted to assassinate her, but then changed their plans and intended to kidnap her, stage a "trial" and then an "execution". When I heard this I immediately remembered Breivik's original plot
Btw, why did Breivik want to target Gro Harlem Brundtland in particular? She was Norway's first female PM, and led the country for three terms during the 1980s and 1990s. She was left-leaning, and is credited with instituting a lot of liberal reforms.
(Thankfully, Breivik missed Gro Harlem Brundtland by about two hours. She was at Utøya to give a speech earlier that day, but he was delayed in arriving and so couldn't carry out his original plan. But then he proceeded to try and kill everyone on the island.)
Another similarity - the foiled terror attackers against Gretchen Whitmer wanted to detonate a bomb to "throw off" police, meanwhile they carry their bigger plot. Breivik did that too - he detonated a bomb in central Oslo before heading out to Utøya.
I'd be very interested to know whether these similarities are merely coincidental, or whether American white supremacists are actively finding inspiration in Breivik.
Reminder that the white supremacist terrorists who killed 51 people at a mosque in New Zealand in 2019 said they read Breivik's manifesto and even claimed to have had some contact with him. So this wouldn't be the first time Breivik inspires white terror. washingtonpost.com/world/2019/03/…

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11 Oct
The lowest scum on earth are those who lecture the subjugated masses about how they need to be more tolerant and less hateful of their subjugators even as those subjugators are standing on their necks and sticking a bayonet in their back.
We will outlast you. If you think your lies will erase us, think again. You think this is the last chapter in the story? No, this is a new generation, you have never faced anything like us before, and we're only getting started.
My parents never once told me to "hate Israel". All they did was tell me where I'm from, where they're from, and what happened to us. Why we have no country, why we're refugees, and why we can't go back home.
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9 Oct
Democracy is not on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). Meanwhile dictatorship is a primary cause of poverty, hunger, poor health & well being, bad education, gender inequality, etc. The UN SDG's work very hard at ignoring the root problem.
Link to episode 10 of the @ArabTyrantMan'ual podcast, with a long conversation about dictators and development statistics such as the UN SDGs. arabtyrantmanual.com/episode-010-di…
Here's UN's SDG website platforming propaganda for the UAE dictatorship: sustainabledevelopment.un.org/memberstates/u…
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6 Oct
This sounded like a good discussion until the last sentence. Why are Zionists so quick to display contempt and - I'm sorry - racism towards Palestinians? Does it threaten you that this stateless refugee has a blue tick?
But on to the points. The founders of the state of Israel were definitely foreign to the Middle East. Herzl was born in Hungary. Ben Gurion was born in Poland. Golda Meir was born in Ukraine. Chaim Weizmann was born in Russia. These are facts. They were European Jews.
This isn't to say that the Jews aren't native to the Middle East, they are. But both of these things can be true at once. Zionism was first conceived by people who never lived in the Middle East and apart from a far-removed origin, they were foreigners to land and culture.
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5 Oct
I'm disgusted by the Palestinian leadership. I'm sure our Uighur and Hong Konger sisters & brothers can tell you a lot about China's respect for human rights. This entire generation of Palestinian leaders must go, they got us stuck in a hole and now they're digging a deeper hole.
It's the same stupid paradigm of failure they've had for decades - find some international sponsor to help the balance of power, and in the process ignore your own people and keep compromising on your values until you have no values left to compromise on
There is an alternative - rely on the latent power of your own people and the moral power of your cause, instead of running around like a headless chicken looking for external sponsors, in the process selling out your cause more and more until there's nothing left to sell
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5 Oct
Imagine you go back and talk to a former version of yourself. How long back do you have to go before you feel you're talking to a different person?
If I go back a year, I'd feel I'm talking to someone I agree with on a lot of stuff, but not on others. We'd get along.

If I go back 3 years, it would be like talking to a different person, but we'll find a way to see eye to eye.
Meanwhile if I go back 5 years, the person I meet will be so jarring to me that we'd nearly come to blows. He would, at least. It'll take all my patience to make him see what he doesn't want to see.
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5 Oct
Quick "thread of threads", linking to a few past threads relevant to current conversations on my TL. Caveat: Check dates, some of these threads are 5+ years old.
Populism as a collective form of radicalization:
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