NEW: Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith says Republicans are "coming guns loaded" and "packed" to fight any Democratic efforts to delay Amy Coney Barrett's hearings.

The violent metaphor comes two years after a "public hanging" quip nearly derailed her last campaign.…
Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith vowed Republicans are "coming guns loaded" to stop Democratic efforts to derail the Barrett nomination while talking to anti-gay American Family Radio host Tony Perkins.

The SPLC recognizes Perkins' organization as a hate group.…
Hyde-Smith's campaign calls criticism of the remark "ridiculous" and says "she will defend Judge Amy Coney Barrett from the barrage of unfair attacks being thrown at her by the left.”…
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MORE: Hyde-Smith's opponent on Nov. 3 is Democrat Mike Espy, who opposes a pre-election Supreme Court confirmation.

After Justice Ginsburg's death, his campaign raised millions of dollars.

A recent poll found Espy trailing Hyde-Smith by one point in MS.…
Here's the moment when Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith said Republicans are "coming guns loaded" & "packed" to fight any possible Democratic attempts to delay the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings.

The full audio is linked in the story:…

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10 Oct
The national press' sudden obsession with court packing is interesting.

Where was that interest when McConnell blocked all of President Obama's federal court nominees from 2015-2017, allowing Trump to inherit 100 vacancies and pack the courts with (mostly white male) GOP picks?
The press knows why Biden and others aren't answering the question, "Will you pack the courts?"

The courts are already packed with white men that McConnell ensured Trump would be able to pick when he blocked Obama's nominees. 2/
McConnell's blocking of Obama's nominees in 2015-2017 left so many vacancies that Donald Trump (who lost the popular vote by 3 million) appointed more judges in one 4-year term than Barack Obama (who won by 10 million in 2008 and 5 million in 2012) did in 8 years. 3/
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8 Oct
THREAD: I know a lot of people are giving money to candidates right now, but there is a young mom in Pascagoula who really needs help.

Alaina Durden is 26 and battling a mysterious illness. She has no health coverage. #FightingForAlaina 1/
"Alaina’s health has drastically declined over the last year. ... Diabetes & blood pressure issues have always been a known battle. ...She currently has no medical insurance so she have not received the proper medical attention she rightfully deserves." 2/
Alaina is a friend of my husband, @wspittman. Because of her sudden, unexplained and untreated health decline, she has been unable to properly care for her son.

She needs help purchasing medical insurance, food, prescriptions and proper medical care. 3/
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6 Oct
An anti-masker testifies about how hard her life is:

"I am discriminated against every day in my county. Sometimes multiple times a day. I am told: 'Stand back! ...You can't come in!' The best one? 'Leave.' ... We're treated like we're not even human."
(Somebody tell me this is a joke).
While you're here, consider donating to the Mississippi Free Press to support non-profit journalism.

Every community should have access to real info & historic context to create dialogues about building stronger futures for our citizens, families & kids.…
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26 Sep
🚨: In a 2019 dissent, Amy Coney Barrett said the Constitution protects the right of non-violent felons to own guns, but does NOT protect their right to vote.

Gun ownership is an "individual right," but voting is a "civic right" belonging "only to virtuous citizens", she wrote.
Two Ronald Reagan appointees, Justices Ripple and Flaum, disagreed, ruling that guns rights are also reserved for "virtuous citizens."

Only Amy Coney Barrett claimed it should be more difficult to revoke gun rights than voting rights.…
You may wonder why Amy Coney Barrett focuses this opinion on what people thought in the 18th & 19th centuries; the answer is simple: She is an originalist. Instead of viewing the Constitution as a living document, she interprets it based on the world of the time it was written.
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26 Sep
THREAD: As Trump announces Amy Coney Barrett, read this March 31, 2016 speech Hillary Clinton gave that the national media mostly ignored:

"In a single term, the Supreme Court could demolish pillars of the progressive movement. ..." 1/…
HRC, 2016: "I see this as make-or-break. If you care about the fairness of elections, future of unions, racial disparities in universities, the rights of women or future of our planet, you should care about who wins the presidency & appoints the next Supreme Court justices.” 2/
In the 3/30/2016 speech, HRC also rejected GOP claims that they believed in the principle of presidents not choosing new SCOTUS justices in election years:

"We chose a president...twice. And I’ll tell you, those are not high-minded principles—they are low-minded politics." 3/
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24 Sep
As a Mississippi reporter where many pols never take questions, I loathe when they avoid the press. Biden taking few questions sucks.

But the national press must also be responsible.

Today's an odd day for an 1,100-word story on Biden's chronic lateness. 1/
When the AP bullet points Trump giving himself an A as the 200,000th American is confirmed dead of #COVID19 by Biden only answering 3 questions, that's irresponsible.

Especially since Trump is also saying he needs a SCOTUS justice who will decide the election in his favor. 2/
Today, Trump refused to agree to a "peaceful transfer of power" if he loses—raising the possibility of a violent conflict so he can hold onto power even if Joe Biden is the clear winner.

"Get rid of the ballots...There won't be a transfer."
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