When I was growing up I used to hate mushrooms. They are were weird looking & had a chewy texture I was disgusted by. As an adult I now believe that mushrooms are Gods.

Let me tell you what changed my mind

It’s time for a fungi 🍄 thread 👇🏻
My personal belief is that fungi or specifically mycelium is a CONSCIOUS organism.

I have arrived at this belief via stories of antiquity & religion. My personal psilocybin use. And some peculiar facts / synchronicities I would like to share with you
The fungi kingdom can be thought of as the “gatekeeper of the underworld” or the “handlers of death”.

Mycelium helps decompose fallen trees or deceased animals by absorbing them back into the Earth, enriching soil with the nutrients necessary to grow new life.
Mycelium commonly form symbiotic relationships with plants. In fact plants only made it out of water due to the generosity of mycelium, which served as their root system before they developed their own. This mycorrhizal relationship is responsible for over 90% of plant life today
The relationship between plants & fungi is really the first “economy” ever produced. Exchanging nutrients & surprisingly information across what is commonly called the “world wide web”

This decentralized exchange is responsible for the prosperity of life on Earth.
Fungi seem to be incredibly diligent workers although they are rarely appreciated by humanity for their efforts.

Fungi can eat rock, make soil, survive in space, digest pollutants, emit light, make medicine, induce visions, make food & manipulate animal behaviour.
Also in the event of a earthly catastrophe you can think of fungi as life’s safety net.

Mycelium find their own food and do not require sunlight.

When you think about fungi spores surviving in space these creatures truly become celestially significant.
I could seriously go on and on about the beautiful nature of fungi and all of its capabilities. But many great minds are already exploring these topics and we need to move on. Paul Stamets, Terrence McKenna & Merlin Sheldrake are great. Also here👇🏻
Now let’s talk about the relationship between fungi & humans, specifically the oddity of psilocybin.

My personal experience was with the “golden teacher” strain of mushroom.

Twitter is no place to try and describe a experience of such grandeur but let’s try in a few words.
Spectacular. Inspiring. Salient. Surreal. Godly. Poetic. Meaningful. Blissful. Sad. Encouraging. Insightful. Overwhelming. Ineffable.

For less mushrooms than you’d eat on a slice of 🍕 you can have a powerfully intimate experience with time, yourself, the universe & fungi.
The compound psilocybin fits like a lock & key into the human brain and appears to unlock a “blind spot” usually present during sober consciousness.

Why evolve such a compound I thought? Could the kingdom of the underworld be trying to communicate with the world above?
Psychedelic states are commonly associated with the dissolution of self. Personally I felt confronted by my own mortality via the mushroom.

Clinical trials are demonstrating that a single psilocybin experience can positively impact an individuals perspective of death.
We know mycelium has no brain, central nervous system or implied centre. Although it certainly has physical similarities. Branching out in fractal patterns searching & digesting. If something interesting is found it will divert resources to that area, thickening its veins.
If you were to cut or remove any part of the mycelium, what remains would continue to grow, search & digest.

Think of mycelium less like a single “thing” and more like a process: an exploratory, irregular tendency that’s continuously “becoming”

While high on psilocybin I felt like I was communicating with this process. Like an ancient teacher was occupying my mind & providing insight.

Maybe a decentralized organism can flow through reality more like a wave of consciousness than an anchored body

Who needs a brain?
Or maybe 🤔 the mushroom is just altering my “default mode”, stripping away my human bias, instead showing me a more neutral view of reality
It is also undeniable that fungi have affected culture since the beginning of record history

The Amanita Muscaria is a commonly referenced Kris Kringle looking fellow 🍄

This particular species can grow out of reindeer droppings & induce elf filled hallucinations
Or take a look at the Super Mario bros

Mario is constantly popping shrooms, gaining life & zooming through portals to the underworld

Although it’s main purpose is to turn a small Mario into his super form
Before trying psilocybin I luxuriously spent plenty of time researching the experience & preparing myself

But what about our ancestors? What did the first Homo sapiens who experienced the mushroom have to say?

It must of had a profound affect
Some ancient Central American cultures referred to the mushroom as “the Flesh of the Gods”

The book of Isaiah; Old Testament, states that “all flesh is grass”

However grass is sustained by fungi so is possible all grass is fungus? Does that mean all flesh is fungus as well?
Magic mushrooms are also commonly bruised blue

I believe this is a reference to the Gods.

Krishna. Osiris. Vishnu. To name a few.

Also, psychedelic trips often yield serpent like hallucinations. A nod to our DNA, Chakras & the Garden of Eden
The ancients we clearly tapped into some type of architectural ether

Obsessed with recreating Heaven on Earth, or at least a reflection of the cosmos

Now consider how dark the inside of a pyramid must have been

Yet there is zero evidence for any fire or torch use at Giza
For how little we know about the fungi kingdom it sure seems to be influential

Mother Nature / humans seem to utilize the mushroom design whenever possible
Psychedelic mushrooms are also invincible against mankind’s destruction

If the gov’n attempted to outlaw psilocybin, plucking & destroying every single mushroom they could find

Eventually one would just propagate out of cow dung or reindeer poop

Making them immortal
I truly believe fungi to be the dominate kingdom of life on Earth

If only human civilization showed fungi the respect they deserve

We could benefit in so many different ways, from cleaning up nuclear waste to reorganizing the monetary supply

Learn how 👇🏻
This is just beginning to scratch the surface of the fungi world but I’ll pause here for now

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this thread check out a few people who helped inspire it!


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