@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 1/ Interesting story about Steven Hatfill's lawyer in the suit against John Ashcroft/DOJ, a fellow by the name of Thomas G. Connolly (a recipient of the CIA's Intelligence Medallion, its highest civilian honor, no less)...

@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 2/ During the years of Steven Hatfill's pro bono person of interest-hood, I was in frequent discussions with Dr. Stuart Jacobsen, a Texas-based materials scientist who shared my interest in the case. We both had broadly similarly views on the anthrax matter.
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 3/ Stuart's particular hobby horse, which I was and remain agnostic about, was his opinion that the Daschle anthrax had a special coating that facilitated its very efficient aerosolization and maximized its lethality.
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 4/ Stuart was the technical consultant on a Science Magazine article authored by journalist Gary Matsumoto entitled "Anthrax Powder: State of the Art?" The article made the case for this theory that the anthrax had a highly advanced coating.
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 5/ The Science article claimed that secret technical briefings offering this assessment regarding a special coating were provided by the US to senior intelligence officials of two NATO allies, which Matsumoto did not name.
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 6/ Years later Dr. Richard Spertzel, the Chief Biologist for UNSCOM in Iraq, filled in one half of this story in an article in the Wall Street Journal, "Bruce Ivins Wasn't the Anthrax Culprit."
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 7/ Dr. Spertzel revealed that US had indeed briefed Germany's foreign intelligence service, the BND, that the Daschle anthrax had a highly sophisticated "polyglass" coating that maximized its aerosolization capacity and lethality.
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 8/ Back in 2003, when the Science article came out, Stuart told me "on the QT" that the other NATO country was the UK & the recipient of the briefing was (logically enough) Dr. David Kelly, whose strange death nearly brought down Tony Blair's government.
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 9/ Back to Hatfill. Stuart and I had many exchanges on the topic of Steven Hatfill. While we shared the position that Hatfill's "person-of-interest-hood" was specious and a distraction, our views diverged on this subject.
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 10/ Stuart basically bought the standard cartoon about Hatfill among conservatives: Hatfill was a Richard Jewell character, victimized for his rightwing, pro-military views by sleazebags at the FBI, egged on by pinkos like Prof. Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, Prof. Don Foster,
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 11/ the New York Times (particularly columnist Nic Kristof), by Senators Daschle and Leahy and perhaps by a bunch of campus lefties in South Africa (where Hatfill had worked for several years.)
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 12/ Stuart did acknowledge that he was aware of certain oddities about the Hatfill story that he had learned about as he became plugged into the gossip mill. For example, he told that Matsumoto had initially bought into the standard cartoon and the picture of Hatfill as a hapless
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 13/ victim but later had (in some unspecified way) become very wary of Hatfill and wanted to steer well clear of him. Also, Stuart told me that it did seem a little peculiar how cozy Hatfill's prono bono publicist in those years, Ollie North sidekick Pat Clawson, seemed to be
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 14/ with Alan J. Weberman, the colorful and eccentric author of the "STEVE HATFILL NAZI SWINE" blog that served as a conduit for many of the "extraordinary claims" about Hatfill emanating from an anonymous source in Cape Town.
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 15/ My position from the get-go was that the Hatfill person of interest story looked like an information op -- possibly exploiting spontaneous finger pointing against Hatfill -- and that it was likely that Hatfill (the Smoke Bomb Hill guy) was a knowing and willing participant.
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 16/ Stuart and I had quite a few go arounds on this issue over a period of months and eventually he started to open up to the information op angle, even though he was clearly in love with the idea of the true-blue-conservative-commando-type-persecuted-by-lefties idea.
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 17/ Stuart himself provided what seemed to be a very interesting clue that might bear on the question of whether Steven Hatfill's "person-of-interest-hood" was in fact a sham. ImageImageImage
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 18/ Stuart participated in a private anthrax discussion forum of which I was not a member. He gave me a heads up that an interesting communication had appeared on the forum, between Alan J. Weberman of "NAZI SWINE" fame & a scientist in Cape Town by the name of Dr. John Michie. Image
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 19/ Stuart explained (and I later was able to verify) that this communication was only visible due to a mistake by the poster -- Dr. Michie -- and was clearly meant to be private. Funnily enough, the exchange between Michie and Weberman concerned some of my own public musings on
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 20/ the anthrax question and Hatfill's "person of interest" role. Stuart and I agreed that it was likely that this Stellenbosch University scientist was the main and perhaps only source for the drip-drip-drip of highly inflammatory stories about Hatfill that had been leaked under
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 21/ a veil of anonymity to the press and then "worked" over an extended time period through Weberman's web site. Stories that Hatfill was a weapons trainer for a notorious neo-Nazi paramilitary organization in South Africa before he returned to the United States and became
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 22/ the protege of the Pentagon's top anthrax weaponization specialist, Dr. Bill Patrick, that he had joked to his Stellenbosch colleagues about wiping out an entire family of black South Africans in a highway collision and that he had fabricated research which he published in
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 23/ The Lancet, a top medical journal, out of whole cloth. Stuart and I agreed that there was something very fishy about Dr. Michie's claims and activities w.r.t. his old lab mate, now the very public focus of supposedly the largest and most expensive criminal investigation in
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 24/ recorded history, and potentially on the hook for capital murder charges. Stuart was still a bit resistant to my proposal that this fuckery was probably just Hatfill using an old buddy to leak some some BS into the rumor stream to
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 25/ fuel the POI misdirection while setting up his accusers to take the fall & scurry away when the time came to exit. But, I could tell he was softening and I persuaded him to publicly name the mystery "South African whistleblower" and call for an explanation of the whole thing. ImageImageImageImage
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 26/ BTW, although this revelation about the "South African whistleblower" was merely one facet of a complex of reasons to suspect the Hatfill story was a charade, I considered it potentially very dangerous to Team Hatfill, because most of the other fishy tales in the press about
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 27/ the bioweaponeer & JFK Special Warfare Center alum -- and there were many, each more risible & eyebrow-raising than the next -- were shielded by the official secrecy surrounding the AMERITHRAX probe & the nature of Hatfill's own work for the Pentagon.
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 28/ Anyway, an interesting thing happened shortly after I persuaded Stuart to "blow the whistle" on the whistleblower.
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 29/ Stuart called me, his voice full of excitement, to tell me how he had just gotten a call out of the blue from Thomas G. Connolly, the super-hotshot, god knows how many dollars an hour, CIA Intelligence Medallion-winning lawyer who was shepherding Steve Hatfill's case against
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 30/ the DOJ and GWB's AG, John Ashcroft, through the courts. Stuart positively gushed about a friendly Connolly sounded and how golden his voice was (actually, that's kind of a job prerequisite for a god knows how many dollars an hour superlawyer.)
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 31/ Stuart told me that Connolly had asked him who is this crazy guy Dr. John Michie (of course, his client Hatfill knew perfectly well who John Michie was and what John Michie had been up to at this juncture in 2003.) Connolly then basically "called a lid" on the John Michie
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 32/ question, assuring Stuart that, now that Hatfill knew about this rogue scientist (ha-ha-ha), they would be taking care of it. And, then, Connolly switched the topic to something that would be much more up Stuart's alley.
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 33/ Connolly had heard about Stuart's work on this exciting business about the futuristic polyglass coating on the Daschle anthrax, and thought it might be a powerful counter to the FBI's claim that their very public persecution of Steve Hatfill was legitimately predicated. After
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 34/ all, if the anthrax had this high-tech coating, surely it must be the product of a state sponsor, not a lone wolf terrorist?
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 35/ And, Connolly floated the idea that Stuart could become a consultant or expert witness to Hatfill's defense team. That is to say, Stuart could end being a star witness in court, wheeled out to prove state sponsorship of the anthrax attacks, exonerate super-patriot Steve
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 36/ Hatfill, humiliate the leftist media, Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, Nic Kristof, the New York Times, Vassar Professor Don Foster, etc., etc., -- all with S-C-I-E-N-C-E. Sounds pretty groovy, right?
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 37/ Of course, if Stuart was going to be a consultant on the case, it would all have to get very hush-hush right? Mum's the word.
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 38/ As I listened to this I was very skeptical about the whole thing, and the real agenda behind Connolly's call. The timing, the way the "whistleblower" thing was neatly swept under rug, the implied necessity for secrecy and the fact that Connolly's alleged reason for suddenly
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 39/ want to make Stuart a consultant made no sense at all. Barbara Hatch Rosenberg first fingered Hatfill for the anthrax killings because, she argued, the quality of the Daschle material was very high -- suggesting that it was made by someone with a good deal of expertise as a
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 40/ bioweaponeer and Hatfill, as an acknowledged protege of Bill Patrick -- the world's #1 expert on turning anthrax into a strategic weapon capable of killing millions at one blow -- both fit that bill & potentially had access to the Ames strain used in his time at Ft. Detrick.
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 41/ Thus, the whole idea that evidence that the anthrax had a sophisticated coating was going to blow the FBI out of the water was far-fetched.
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 42/ Sounded to me like more like this was all a ploy to get Stuart back on the reservation with the standard right-wing Hatfill-as-Jewell cartoon after he publicly raised the awkward question of Who the fuck is John Michie and why is he doing what he's doing?
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 43/ If so, it worked. Of course, as I suspected, there was no dazzling courtroom battle where the polyglass coating on the anthrax was thrown in the FBI's faces and they had to cry uncle.
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 44/ Instead, the case came down to whether the mountains of leaks about Hatfill from the FBI and DOJ to tame MSM reporters violated Hatfill's privacy. The court decided they did and awarded Hatfill a stipend roughly equivalent to his government pay for life and we were all
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 45/ left none the wiser about the nature of the anthrax, whether it had a high-tech coating, who sent it and why.
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 46/ Ironically, I believe Stuart has now aligned with Prof. Rosenberg on the issue of there being a government cover up over the sophisticated character of the anthrax sent to Daschle et al in the wake of 9/11.
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 47/ Hatfill himself mumbled an endorsement of the Ivins-Did-It theory in a brief, unrevealing interview he gave to national media after the DOJ case ended, he got his payout from the government and officially ended his long-running person-of-interest gig.
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 48/ I think the reality is, it was dangerous for Stuart to back me up publicly on raising the no-go question of Michie's shenanigans. The call from Connolly was a "dangle" to get him to quitely drop the subject of Michie. And, Stuart's hobby horse ended up going nowhere.
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 49/ As Hatfill's pro bono publicist, Ollie North sidekick Pat Clawson, once explained to a pliant reporter, the real secret of Hatfill Confidential is... Image
@JHouse678 @TheSeeker268 @gdemaneuf @HL3133 @NoWackyScience @Ayjchan @serdardirican @_hoeman @babarlelephant @shingheizhan @notoriousFIL @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @flavinkins @Rossana38510044 @emmecola @nytimes 50/ Or, as Saddam Hussein pithily shot back in an "Open Letter to the People of the United States" on Baghdad radio responding to Bob Woodward's initial floating of the "domestic extremist" narrative back in October 2001:
washingtonpost.com/archive/politi… Image

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@BahulikarRahul @Daoyu15 @AntGDuarte @babarlelephant @TheSeeker268 @BillyBostickson @PaulGodolphin @BioObject @JJ2000426 @Nomdeplumi1 @_coltseavers @scottburke777 @still_a_nerd @jjcouey @Harvard2H @ydeigin @franciscodeasis @uacjess @CarltheChippy @DefeatTheElites @ico_dna @Real_Adam_B @nerdhaspower @RolandBakerIII @DrAntoniSerraT1 @babarelephant 1/ Interesting question. Others would start asking about 4991 -- another group virtually simultaneously pegged it was likely candidate for nearest relative to SARS-2 based on short RdRp fragment previously uploaded. They'd say, what about the other 29.5kb? They'd wonder if 4991
@BahulikarRahul @Daoyu15 @AntGDuarte @babarlelephant @TheSeeker268 @BillyBostickson @PaulGodolphin @BioObject @JJ2000426 @Nomdeplumi1 @_coltseavers @scottburke777 @still_a_nerd @jjcouey @Harvard2H @ydeigin @franciscodeasis @uacjess @CarltheChippy @DefeatTheElites @ico_dna @Real_Adam_B @nerdhaspower @RolandBakerIII @DrAntoniSerraT1 @babarelephant 2/ was in fact SARS-2, give or take a few mutations. They'd then read the 4991 paper very closely and (even w/out SZ's out-of-school comments in the Sci Am profile) follow the same breadcrumbs we followed leading them to the mine deaths.
@BahulikarRahul @Daoyu15 @AntGDuarte @babarlelephant @TheSeeker268 @BillyBostickson @PaulGodolphin @BioObject @JJ2000426 @Nomdeplumi1 @_coltseavers @scottburke777 @still_a_nerd @jjcouey @Harvard2H @ydeigin @franciscodeasis @uacjess @CarltheChippy @DefeatTheElites @ico_dna @Real_Adam_B @nerdhaspower @RolandBakerIII @DrAntoniSerraT1 @babarelephant 3/ Then what? Everybody would be demanding to know what happened with the miners, was that already COVID-19 & what happened with the 4991 sample they took back to Wuhan? They'd demand every bit of the history in minute detail. When you think about it that way, makes more sense...
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