Another Trump October Surprise fizzles.…
so we are down to faux antifa, fake ballots, stolen election, thuggy TrumpNazi pollwatchers, his resignation over a stolen election, Pence pardons for everyone and then we enter the Era of Sleepy Joe and we can get back to watching Jr on Dancing With the Indicted Trump Stars.
Wait, wait...TrumpCult takes one more sip of the "discovering secret emails" KoolAid. C'mon Let's Get Triggered!
Trump grabbed Fox's pussy and pfffft....nothing.…
I really miss the days when the New York Post was in love with Hillary
America thanks the New York Post for fresh Weiner every day. Where their Pulitzer??…
Sadly nothing could or can save Donald. Since October 4 his free fall in the polls has been accelerating. All thats left is the sound of silence and that famous Wiley Coyote splat.…
Donald's Re-Election Campaign.

• • •

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15 Oct
"Seeming to realize he’d said too much, he added: “Ah, shit.”…
No idea who dropped laptop off. Really?
Went through the contents. Why?
Oh look crack smoking pics. Cool.
Contacted FBI or FBI contacted him?
Steve Bannon and Rudy had hacked contents. Why?
Burisma was hacked in January.
This story was shopped for months.…
this play book is identical to the Weiner laptop con.… ImageImageImage
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14 Oct
Listen up. The planted Biden/Burisma laptop email story is as fake as the "Wiener Laptop Has Hillary's Lost Emails" was. Erik Prince rode that fable hard with Steve Bannon back in the day.…
The "underage" girl was not only coached but monetized for her story. A fictional version of the previous Wiener hacks and missteps. In this case Rudy has spent years trying to cook up a ridiculous story that voters could give a shit about.…
Here we are 4 years later and the same clown circus is trying again to "steal" an election Problem is Trump has the exact same numbers as 2016 and no independents to steal the vote away from the left. And the left is doing their homework in swing states.
Read 4 tweets
14 Oct
Oops. Turns out in suit against the Intercept in which "Wyoming" based Erik Prince is not registered to vote in Wyoming, his two companies are based in Delaware based but he does have a company called "Blackwater Medical" which smells PPE-ish.…
hmmm " Blackwater Septic Solutions" I kinda like the sound of that. ImageImage
You will notice that Erik Prince doesn't actually own these companies, his lawyer does. Don Lansky. Lansky has been busy moving Erik's secret Libya stuff around. This is May of this year. Image
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14 Oct
The Awakening. In 20 days America will wake up from a nightmare Was it real? Did it happen? Did we really spend four years in an altered state of reality? Or was it just an alternative electronic global village manufactured by foreign powers?…
We consciously select what electronic village we want to live in. Daniel Savage creates an animation to explain Marshal McLuhan's theory...which is now reality. So choose wisely.…
Direct link to Marshal Mcluhan video by Daniel Savage.…
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13 Oct
Follow the money. Flynn, Nader, Broidy, Prince, Manafort etc all had deals with foreign nations or introduced foreign players into the Trump campaign. Which is against the law. Funny thing is, Flynn knew this and told the truth about lying about it.…
UAE vassal Prince brought in Zamel who was paid by Nader using foreign money. Manafort shoveled data to Russia/Ukraine to pay off old debts. Broidy...hell we don't even know how much Broidy made/paid or was funneled to queer the White House. Blooper reel.
China, Turkey, UAE and KSA have missed much of the criminal scrutiny due to Russia hysteria. Plenty of evidence to show that Flynn/Turkey, Nader/KSA/UAE/Russia, Prince/Israel/China/UAE, Manafort/Ukraine and Broidy/China influence are all real and ongoing.…
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13 Oct
Not sure why I need a new iPhone that is not even state of the art. Samsung has been eating Apple's lunch for years. Could it be that Apple plans in obsolesce in the 20's like GM did in the 50's?…
"Premature Obsolescence" are goods with an artificially limited useful life and a planned introduction of a product that makes the current one seem obsolete or unfashionable. Peer pressure and trickery. Something that started in 1932 to pimp purchasing.…
in 1932 Bernard London hammered this idea home in his paper "Ending the Depression Through Planned Obsolescence." A way to force consumers to spend money to stimulate business profits. Insisting that the depression had made people "retrenchment-mad."…
Read 5 tweets

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