Listening to a lecture on chronobiology today and my mind is blown!

I learned that sunrise is important to our health. Living on the western end of a time zone can mean 20% higher rates of obesity and heart attacks because you see the sun later, but get up just as early. 1/
Our bodies need blue light from the sun to activate the *intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells* that signal to our suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) that it is morning. The SCN then regulates the rest of our circadian processes. #neurotwitter 2/
Now the Ontario government is proposing permanently adopt Daylight Savings Time which would mean setting our time zone to what we currently have in summer (ie. you wouldn’t see the sun until 9am in the winter). The goal is to increase shopping and potentially decrease crime. 3/
Having a permanent timezone is certainly a great thing! At Spring Forward there are more traffic accidents, heart attacks, strokes, and injuries when people are collectively jet lagged. It’s outdated and dangerous 4/
But when choosing between Standard Time (our current winter) vs Daylight Savings Time (our current summer), I find it disappointing that economic stimulus is valued above health promotion (which helps the economy too!). 5/
Moreover, the stimulus is specifically in response to COVID 19 when nearly all shopping has moved online and could take place any time of day. I find it difficult to believe we will reap the benefits of longer sunlit evening hours in the COVID era 6/
The US and Russia have both adopted DST in the past but ended up changing back to Standard Time because the winter was so unpleasant. Add on increased rates of diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer and it certainly does not seem worth it. 7/
Chronobiologists in Canada think that it is much wiser to adopt Standard Time permanently. It is better for our physical health, mental health, and probably even the economy because people are more productive when better slept. They have released a statement to this end 8/
I urge @OntariosDoctors and @CMA_Docs to take a position on time zones too! Standard Time should be adopted rather than Daylight Savings. It is an important public health issue and one that doctors ought the weigh in on. 9/
While we’re at it, push back high school start times to 10am, teenagers are happier and do better in school this way. Maybe reconsider call shifts too! Sleep health is brain health. And, Canadian winters are dark enough as is. 10/
#DaylightSavingTime 🌞💤🕒🛏

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