Since the Cold War, Russia has been attacking America via disinformation. Disinformation is not a mere political difference of opinion: it's an attack on the US. Twitter rejects the spread of disinformation because they refuse to cooperate with Russia in their attacks on America.
2/Before they took up residence in Putin's pocket, the Republican party understood the threat of disinformation & the insidious nature of the Kremlin. They stood with Romney when he insisted Russia was the greatest geopolitical threat facing America. (He wasn't wrong, was he?)
3/The fact that the GOP frames this as Twitter suppressing conservative viewpoints, rather than as a patriotic company siding with America against our greatest geopolitical foe as they attack us, is a testament to Republican dishonesty.
4/The Trump campaign is again colluding with Russia (as they interfere in our elections to promote Trump) & the GOP is angry that Twitter refuses to participate in the treachery.

Blocking disinformation is PATRIOTISM.
5/Don't believe me that this is the old Soviet strategy of attack, still employed by the Kremlin today?

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10 Oct
@ostrachan You missed the point of the article, which is that racism is a bloody ideology that cannot maintain sway in any society without violence to subjugate a certain race

What is stunning is that much of evangelicalism rejects Marxism & abortionism as bloody ideologies BUT NOT RACISM
@ostrachan 2/Those clergy who preside over the unholy marriage between the GOP and the church (who rightly belongs to Christ alone) are sanctioning one of the bloodiest ideologies in human history (racism), while claiming they cannot vote Democrat lest they have blood on their hands.
@ostrachan 3/The article indicates that it is yet another form of subjugation of the black race, that evangelicalism - while outwardly claiming to seek racial reconciliation - shoves any whose consciences do not permit political support of bloody racism into a lower spiritual 'caste.'
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5 Oct
If the president is a sadistic sociopath

and rejects essential precautions (quarantine, mask mandate, full contact tracing) during a COVID outbreak in the White House

is it fair to wonder whether any fallout was intentional?
2/Of course it is possible that, as a narcissist, he is merely apathetic about what happens to anyone other than himself.

But, with such a morally-dark man, there are darker possibilities. A malignant narcissist may have it in for associates whom he deems insufficiently loyal.
3/He expects November defeat, so does he think, by showing up at a debate infected & maskless, he can eliminate his opponent? Or does he think he can eliminate White House witnesses to his crime by an uncontrolled COVID outbreak?

Both would offer plausible deniability.
Read 4 tweets
2 Aug
@TheValuesVoter Rightwing commentators demean higher education, because they think educators are brainwashers like they are, and they don't like competition. But education is primarily about teaching people how to think, i.e. critical thinking, which their uneducated audiences generally lack.
@TheValuesVoter 2/One can learn critical thinking without higher education, and one can graduate from college without it. But the goal of education is to develop critical thinking in students, and it achieves that goal with many motivated students.
@TheValuesVoter 3/Educators are taught how to measure intelligence. Initially I studied education in college, so I remember being taught that.

And although there are some bright minds in Trumpland, they are either not using their full potential or they are using it for evil.
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28 Jul
Imagine with me for a second: It is October 2021 & Republicans control Washington. 10 million Americans are dead from COVID-19, which continues to spread wildly ravaging our nation. The GOP mocks maskwearers & overturn state mask orders. Trump commits some troops to assist Russia
2/in conquering Ukraine, so US soldiers are forced to take up arms against former allies. WWIII breaks out & a coalition of former US allies team up to fight Russia's imperialism.

Kim Jong Un takes advantage of the chaos & US weakness to build a full nuclear arsenal.
3/Trump has purged US intelligence agencies of anyone who doesn't repeat his propaganda & retooled the entire press into a propaganda machine, so we aren't warned of threats to our nation & are told of great (nonexistent) US victories. Former US allies strike us on home soil.
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