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16 Oct, 7 tweets, 2 min read
I'd like to ask you for a moment to temper your political partisanship and your personal animus toward Trump. If the current story involving Burisma along with the Chinese bought influence were different in one way: Replace @joebiden and Hunter Biden by @realDonaldTrump and
his son @DonaldJTrumpJr, would you in the least bit be bothered by the story? Would the MSM have been as silent as they currently are? My engagement truly stems from purist ideals. I'm Canadian. I don't care about the individual actors. I care about the integrity of the US
political system. I care about having the US serve as the bastion of freedom including being free of corruption. If you are a truly honest person, could you genuinely ignore the current unfolding scandal? Again, FORGET about Trump. Does the current story bother you in any way?
Does Biden appear to be innocent? Is there not enough evidence here to warrant your warning flag to be triggered? Is there more evidence here than that which shaped the Russian collusion narrative? Look within the deep recesses of your mind and past your hatred of Trump, and ask
yourself if getting rid of Trump warrants having Biden in office. Again, I am TRULY a person without a dog in this fight. I opine from my home in Montreal, Canada unencumbered by political loyalty. I ask you to think long and hard about your vote as relating to the ideals of the
US. If you think that the values that Biden embodies are more representative of the foundational values of the US then vote for him. Otherwise, don't vote for Biden not because you love Trump but because he is the last stop on the train to a banana republic. Activate your
cognitive system and not your affective system. Look past your visceral hatred of Trump and think about whether Trump or Biden epitomizes the corrupt cancerous political class that has turned your beautiful country into a cesspool of personal interests. Good luck.

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12 Oct
The trajectory of the world in all domains of human excellence was shaped by men who are a lot more similar to @realDonaldTrump than @joebiden. This does not mean that I have photos of Trump in my bedroom as foreplay but it does mean that bold, aggressive, irreverent, unorthodox,
risk-takers have shaped art, literature, geopolitics, science, history, etc. The world is not shaped by tepid and timid parasites. It is forged by entrepreneurs. Whether you like his temperament or not, Trump is a risk-taking doer. He may fail at times spectacularly but he
is always hustling; always working; always fighting; always doing. Biden is a parasitic sloth; he found a way to milk the system by becoming a professional politician. My antiquated toaster has achieved more than him. Literally. Again, most people who hate Trump do so because
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4 Oct
Imagine if you had a quarterback who played 47 years in the @NFL who never completed a pass. Imagine if you had a centre in the NBA who played 47 years in the @NBA who never scored a basket. Imagine if you had a designated hitter in the @MLB who never had one hit. Imagine if
you had a soccer striker who played for 47 years who never scored a goal. Now imagine @joebiden playing politics for 47 years, achieving NOTHING (literally), and being rewarded with entry in the hall of fame of ALL major sports. @realDonaldTrump
Actually, let me correct that. Avocado Brain has done less than nothing in that many of his "accomplishments" are antithetical to the values that most clear-thinking liberal people would condone. It's truly astonishing. He is a political parasite drowning in failed mediocrity.
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4 Oct
Save this thread: I think that it is looking more likely that @joebiden will win. If he does, he is unlikely to last a full term. If so, an utter execrable scammer @KamalaHarris who was unable to poll at higher than 2-3% among her party will be @POTUS. On nearly
EVERY imaginable issue that a true classical liberal holds dear, she is antithetical to those values. She has two things going for her, both related to immutable traits. And yet, most people who will vote her into the highest office of the land have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE what this
inauthentic cretin stands for. Avocado Brain and Fraudulent Smile will create irrevocable damage to the ethos that defines the United States. Listen to an immigrant who comes from the Land of Identity Politics. Heed my warnings. You will live to regret your decision. I'm not
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4 Oct
I know of countless otherwise smart people who are voting for @joebiden because of their personal antipathy toward @realDonaldTrump. Yet, if I polled them on their five most important issues, they would agree with Trump's agenda whilst being fully against Biden's platform.
This is how an idiotic short-sighted imbecile behaves. Fully driven by emotional hysteria rather than by a careful analysis of THE ISSUES. Trump and Biden are inconsequential in that they are passing ships. The resulting agendas will stay for generations. Be careful.
I don't wish to imply that there aren't issue-specific matters on which one might disagree with Trump. But many of the leading issues that my friends would consider as crucially important (freedom of speech, protection of borders, economic freedom, etc.) are in line with Trump.
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1 Oct
If you wish to teach your children important progressive values, you must begin with:

1) The words "mommy" and "daddy" are gendered nonsense. Use multicellular carbon-based non-arboreal caregivers 1 and 2.
2) National borders are racist.
3) There are 873 genders.
4) The future is female.
5) White supremacy is rampant in the West and is causing a daily genocide of people of color.
6) The scientific method is only one way of knowing. We must decolonize science.
7) Evolutionary psychology is Nazism.
8) Genes are a social construct.
9) Feminist epistemology will solve most of the world's economic, social, political, and scientific challenges.
10) Sex differences are socially constructed.
11) People menstruate.
12) The Noble Faith is a tolerant and loving religion.
13) Heterosexuality is socially learned.
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19 Sep
The death of any person is a sombre and tragic reality of life. People can certainly mourn the loss of a public figure such as RBG. However, I have noticed that there is an astonishing level of Collective Munchausen that is yet again on display. People are posting that this
now serves as the end of democracy; the end of the United States; the end of women's rights; the end of [fill-in the blank]. No it's not. I fully appreciate the role that Supreme Court Justices hold in shaping American society. However, the world is not going to end. People
who possess mental and emotional health do not break out in astounding bouts of hysteria on matters that should not elicit such responses. Yes, RBG was a trailblazer. Yes, you could be concerned about the repercussions that her passing might have on the composition of the
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