What happened to the idea of Moranbong Band doing a concert tour throughout China? Here's an idea: Discuss with Hyon Song-wol the Moranbong Band selecting a combination of DPRK hit songs, Classical pieces & Western hits that have zero
2/military content - lyrically or on the Jumbotron visual/light show. DPRK hits include “Dash to the Future”, “Let’s Study” and “Campfire”. Peruse their videos on YouTube, and you and Hyon Song-wol can select the right song line-up.

Moranbong Band HD
3/Members of Moranbong Band are music virtuosos in Classical music, fusion and twanging Western guitar riffs. Take a look at their Classical music repertoire:

Moranbong Band - Medley of world famous songs 2013

We have nothing to envy in this world
4/" (세상에 부럼없어라)
Music: Kim Hyok (김혁) 1961

When a child was born (아이가 태여났을 때)
Music: Ciro Dammicco 1972
Italy (Soleado) or USA (When a child is born). The origin of this might simply be the Paul Mauriat recording.

Love is blue (사랑은 푸르다)
Music: André
5/"Popp 1967

Rondo alla turca (뛰르끼예 행진곡)
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1783

The sacred war (정의의 싸움)
Music:Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov 1941

Song of Moscow (모스크바 노래)
Music:Aleksandra Pakhmutova 1985
Text: Nikolai Dobronravov
6/"song "You're my hope, you're my joy" from the movie "Battle of Moscow".

The blue headscarf (푸른 수건)
Music: Jerzy Petersburski 1940

Isle of Capri (카프리섬)
Music: Wilhelm Grosz 1934

Autumn leaves (락엽)
Music: Joseph Kosma 1945
7/"A maiden's prayer (처녀의 기도)
Music: Tekla Bądarzewska-Baranowska 1856

North Wind Blowing (북풍이 불어온다)
Music: Trad.
The most famous song from the revolutionary ballet "The white haired girl".

Ode to the Motherland (조국을 노래하네)
Text & Music: Wang Shen
8/"(王莘) 1951

Socialism is good (사회주의 좋다)
Music: Li Huanzhi (李焕之) 1958
Text: Xi Yang (希揚)

Londonderry air (런던데리의 노래)
Music: Trad.
Northern Ireland

Romeo and Juliet (로메오와 쥴리에따)
Music: Nino Rota 1968

Tico-tico (띠꼬띠꼬)
9/Music: Zequinha de Abreu 1917

The skaters' waltz (스케트타는 사람들의 왈쯔)
Music: Émile Waldteufel 1882

La cumparsita (라 꿈바르씨따)
Music: Gerardo Matos Rodríguez 1916

Radetzky march (라데츠키행진곡)
Music: Johann Strauss Sr. 1848
10/"Funiculi, funiculà (푸니꿀리 푸니꿀라)
Music: Luigi Denza 1880

Moranbong Band touring China's major cities will be become news that echos around the world! They'll pack concert halls. They could do just Classical music pieces as in the above video, or throw in their
11/own DPRK hits like “Dash to the Future”, “Let’s Study” and “Campfire” that will surely resonate with CPC members for their socialist themes.

How am I coming up with this idea as an American, right? It's just my gut sense. Moranbong Band is poised to be North Korean emissaries
12/who, hand-picked by Kim Jong-un himself, not only represent the DPRK but through the universal language of music and dance, can bring China and North Korea closer together. They will act as true ambassadors of peace! And this will be a symbolic move of DPRK taking its first,
13/bold and adventurous step out into the international world community. I'm thinking that the press they'll receive, in China and around the world, will turn them into the "musical darlings of socialism". Of course the selection of the songs themselves, which should be
14/gone over carefully with a fine-toothed comb with Hyon Song-wol, has to be airtight. Nothing over-the-top, no military allusions, no tanks rolling on the Jumbotron or missiles launching!! Mornabong Band's debut on the world stage first touring its nearest friend China's
15/cities, and from there the sky's the limit. I think they'll be in demand from countries around the globe, like BTS, Blackpink or any popular band. Can you imagine London inviting Moranbong Band to perform in it's cities? Germany? Russia?

It's just me, but these highly
16/talented women selected my Kim Jong-un himself I believe would be supremely honored to represent their country by doing concerts around the globe. And they will love the experience of traveling, of visiting other countries, of making friends and connections. The women of
17/truly deserve these things. So - it's just my idea, but hey, if you want to contact Hyon Song-wol and run this idea past her, please by any means available do so. I think this could be a turning-point in how DPRK manages its relations on the international stage.
☮️ & ❤️ 🤩
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I love the Moranbong Band. They're so cool. Their musicianship is par excellence! They don't have boring typical Western materialistic values. They are REAL, socialist, women with real values and relationships that compel you to re-examine things.
If Love can conquer Hate, and Peace comes to the Korean Peninsula with the world accepting a nuclear DPRK, just as it does nuclear Pakistan, India and Israel, none of whom are members of the NPT, then like leaven added to bread the world will be inundated with what Millennial
Generation North Koreans - like Moranbong Band, Wangjaesan Dance Troupe, National Circus of Pyongyang, the Jangmadang Generation, students - North Korea's Elite, essentially - bring to the table. And with the energy they have, their love for sports, their excellence in education,
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