Since the beginning of the democratic transition we have known, or should have known, that the most pernicious type of unemployment we have in SA affects the majority workforce that is uneducated and under-educated. I am yet to find a specific
policy response that addresses this problem specifically @EGodongwana . Plse read…
The Covid-19 lockdown has decimated (in an irrecoverable way) the few job opportunities that addressed the needs of this workforce segment.
The President has just released a post Covid-19 economic recovery strategy. I am unable to find in it, reference to this specific type of unemployment and a specific policy and strategy response that charts a different paradigm shift in the ANC-Led government
And yet this is the population segment that has suffered the worst of the pandemic impact. What then is the Purpose and Vision of the recovery? Plse read:…
This flaw in our development strategy continues inspite of the crisis we face.
The genesis and cause of this blindspot in the policy formulation structure of the ANC-Led govmnt is in its nature as a communitarian party. The sectoral interests ( dominated by COSATU and the ideological legacy of the SACP) naturally cause a policy gridlock
Hence you find the President frequently issuing platitudes to the left and the right factions in the Alliance structure. But the moment we face now demands resolute and brave leadership that responds to the lived experience of the poor majority.
Regrettably the President has failed to live up to this challenge. Plse read:…
Without a specific policy response to the type of unemployment we have, the only option is to institute a Basic Income Grant that can create a barrier from sinking into permanent poverty. But our debt levels and cost of servicing them prevent this.
The noise and pressure from the Nedlac platform used by the President to seek consensus always protects the gains of the employed. We now sit with just over 60% of the state budget devoted to public wages. And they want more via entrentched cost of living
adjustments in their negotiated agreements. God Almighty, this in the midst of a crisis that has decimated work opportunities for the majority. This is the outcome of the labour aristocracy that comes with the Alliance structure. The ANC is totally captured.
I deal with some of the challenges that confront the ANC here:…
Finally; the lack of a capable state and the failure to articulate a clear pathway to its attainment, make the recovery proposals a pipe dream.

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4 Oct
The asbestos project was conceived, with the blessings of the ANC, as a social justice project intended to remove toxic roofing over the houses of the poor. Over the yrs many have died from lung infections in places like Bethlehem; Harrismith; eastern FS etc
and many other towns. The affected people were given false hopes. This was around 2010. Ten yrs later nothing has happened because the funds were looted and the ANC was one of the beneficiaries. The Top 6 knew the source of the funds. Yet they accepted them.
People have died as a result of this grotesque looting. Surely the ANC is complicit in the painful deaths that have occurred. Who can deny that. Their surrogates went about spending ostentatiously even among the victims. Rubbing salt into the poor wounds.
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30 Sep
Selecting a leader for any organisation in these dynamic times is risky and very challenging. Authorities need to be very clear on the type of leader they need for that phase in the organisations growth trajectory.…
The search must be thorough and exhaustive. Where any search feedback raises doubts, these must be investigated thoroughly and preferably by independent professionals. The previous Council chose to ignore a serious red flag raised about the current VC.
That was extremely irresponsible and a reprehensible act of omission. It is clear that there is a strong correlation between current disturbing issues around the Ombud and the red flag that was raised about the leadership style of the incumbent.
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28 Sep
What has been exposed here is a sample of what has happened in other provinces on many procurement assignments. The extent of the looting and the impunity that accompanied it, surely requires a clean-up that President Ramaphosa cannot manage with the quality
Of the leadership he commands. In the aftermath of the Covid-19 catastrophe, we need a new state architecture to manage the recovery. We must articulate a clear pathway to establish a capable state and pillars of the ecosystem required to sustain and enable
it to become stronger and grow. This will take time. Hence the need for pathway with clear targets and timelines. For this to be achieved, a new and properly structured planning unit Must be established in the Presidency. It will need strong policy
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23 Sep
This is a very depressing revelation for us ordinary people without resources and political connections. What it actually confirms is that criminal elephants and gangs associated with the ANC have captured the law enforcement agencies.…
The judiciary also seems compromised as can be seen from the FS housing project and others. Ace and his gang boasted that no prosecution would take place against their surrogates. They lived in the land of 'milk and honey'. Fi ally it is unravelling
at the Zondo commission. God really has a funny way of exacting retribution. Now they are pissing in their pants. Just that we can't see the evidence. How lovely and satisfying. The implicated must be having diarrhoea these days.
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9 Sep
To paraphrase(with due respect) this essay by Claude Baissac: "South Africa’s economic decline in detail – and the narrow path away from failure", the stifling politics of the Patriotic Alliance have been the limiting power breaks on SA's progress.
The structure of the Alliance with a "Head" - the ANC; "Braun" - COSATU; and a small but persistent "Parasite" - the SACP, is an inherently dysfunctional structure for the massive needs of SA. Thabo Mbeki made a prescient remark; smaller but better.
The decreasing quality of resolutions coming out of the ANC Conferences make the situation even more lamentable.
Frankly there has never been a credible and competent capable state to do the heavy lifting and execute. Politicians always speak fancifully
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5 Sep
I am soo angry and equally very sad about the PPE procurement abuse and the evil enrichment by ANC political elite and their surrogates.
1. Except for the WC, this means additional funds were diberted from somewhere to cover the price increases
2. In many places the front line workers were compromised. Some have died. The WHO Chief called this murder. I agree.
3. Two of my children are front line workers. Fortunately they work in CapeTown. They save lives.
4. The evil and greedy swines that enriched themselves out of the PPE project have left other families mourning.
5. In other countries they would have been lined against a wall.
6. I'm mad as hell. They should rot in Hell.
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