wow, money no enough 2 *sucks*; extremely unwatchable. basically seems to be a cash grab for Neo to stuff with product placements. no continuity from the first movie, no interesting story, conflict, premise, nothing. 45 mins of ugh so far
here is a scene with Jack Neo, Michael Palmer and David Ong all sitting at the same table
mark lee named his son marksonn
jack neo also has this persistent fixation on bodily fluids, pee, shit, farts etc – he really seems to make sure to include some of it in every movie

• • •

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15 Oct
I’m piecing together bits for an essay I’m probably titling “the Jack Neo moral universe”.

On the surface it may not be interesting to non-Singaporeans, but I think might become my best and most important essay since An Analysis Of Power In Mean Girls
I need to rewatch INS 1&2 and MNE2, but here’s a sketch of a thesis based on MNE1 and ABTM1+2

Jack Neo does a pretty good job of depicting the struggles of regular people - but the frustrating thing is that the central conflict of the stories do not address the core issues
In Money No Enough, the story goes something like this: we live in a materialistic society, money talks, it’s a rich man’s world, etc. Our 3 protagonists are friends with different-ish financial backgrounds and they all end up facing serious financial problems
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15 Oct
There’s a scene in Money No Enough where A does something stupid while waiting for another B, and A then says, “I got in trouble because of you!”

It hit me extra hard in that moment that people have different understandings of what “because” means
It’s making me question large parts of my childhood tbh. How much of what felt like cruel or selfish acts were really... people being incompetent re: causality?

It gets dicey, bc malice *can* be disguised as incompetence... sometimes the distinction is irrelevant (JJ’s razor)
It would probably be accurate to say that for most of my life I’ve taken people a little too seriously when they often don’t really mean what they say. 🤔
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15 Oct
one of the radicalizing things about making things to sell in the marketplace – including, say, uploading test footage of your guitar playing to youtube – is discovering that the world is much more diverse than you think
I'd say there's such a thing as "marketplace intelligence" or "marketplace sensitivity" and it's something I value highly in people. it's also very learnable

lots of people can go through their entire lives with a very minimal amount of experience in this sphere
there's a chaos surfing element to it

on a long enough timescale, you will encounter...

people who think more highly of you than you think of yourself

people who think more poorly of you than you think of yourself

both of these interactions can be useful, or bad
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15 Oct
Woke up to 25,000 followers; hello new friends! Ask me anything 🤓
there are a few things that compete for this- “seek excellent peers”, “being kind makes you smarter”, “you can’t bully people into being loving” - it’s all connected. It’s really about *unlearning* neediness and coercion, which is all around us

also: box breathing
build the greatest network of friendly ambitious nerds that the world has ever seen. (84 chars)
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14 Oct
let me take you on a quick ridealong on my brain

where do I even start

I woke up

did some stream-of-consciousness writing, I had dreamt that an old twitter friend was back on twitter (alas, they are not)
satisfied that I had done a bit of a braindump, I decided to open the bird app, and I discover that I have a dozens of replies and DMs from when I was asleep, which I am probably not going to be reply to, hence this:
I have my coffee, shower, and in the shower I think, "ok, ok, let's try and be productive, we should check our email". (I don't check my email often.)

in my inbox, I'm reminded that, a week ago, I posted about my Patreon, and got 5 new patrons
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13 Oct
sometimes I think about making a todo app 😂

"but visa there are literally 9999 todo apps"

yea and none of them do what I want
it probably wouldn't be simple tho. idk it feels indulgent to even think about thinking about
I would say

compare the average person's twitter style vs my twitter style

and you get a sense of the difference between the average todo app, and the kind of todo app I would make, if I knew how to do it
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