Well I'll take it as personal for once. I managed to bear children but with help bc of infertility. This person is saying I'm not woman enough and that's no different from what patriarchy already does to women for thousands of years now. There. I said it
Understand the harm you're doing with this narrative. As a prepubescent gilr, I was not girl enough bc I didn't grow large breasts. I'm flat chested. As a teen girl, I wasn't female enough bc I don't have curves. As a young woman I wasn't woman enough bc "I wasn't going to bear
Children bc I don't have hips wide enough". As a teen I was constantly mistaken for a boy and when a man tried to beat me up for not looking "female enough" I had to always try to add something "feminine" to escape being beaten for that. Ppl around me said I wasn't female enough
To get pregnant give birth and breastfeed. Ppl around me said I was only be complete as a human if I bore children. Or that I should die if I didn't have children, bc otherwise I was of no value. That my only value was in bearing children, regardless of any other ability I'd have
Infertile women are not on a male spectrum. They are women who are temporarily or permanently unable to produce eggs, get pregnant or give birth to a live baby. Not less female. And women who are infertile suffer under patriarchy exactly bc they can't bear children, as if they
Are "broken". Therefore you're insulting women who are infertile by calling them "lesser females", as if women's only worth is to be a walking incubator. Humanity needs women to bear children eventually to not be extinct so is your goal to end the human species?

End of rant.

• • •

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"Don't choke on the streets, choke in the sheets". Men have taught women that their objectification is their only worth, and that women must accept physical violence upon themselves if they want men to stop being violent towards anything/everybody else. What?!? Since this is on2/
I started to report to Twitter all men who condone these mantras or say "I only choked her because she asked to". Oh, but when women ask to not do something, men call women bigots for " curtaining men's free speech ". Just now, then I went to browse a link for an international 3/
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