this image is so fascinating to me tbh, it's primordial, jungian, realer than real etc. it's an avataric manifestation of the contemporary psyche a true 'satanic' (inverted) icon; some brief thoughts (1/7)
its essentially depicting the violent subduement of the male by the female principle; now, traditional order rests on the female submitting to the male and the male to God (cf. Eph. V), this however is not conceived as a 'struggle' but an 'erotic hierarchy' (like Christ - Church)
The reversal of this hierachy is exactly the Fall; as such some of the Fathers interpret Adam as nous and Eve as psyche; micro-macrocosmic order & harmony being only archieved when nous is subjected to God and psyche to nous so that the divine light can illumine all parts equally
The feminine is the passive, receptive principle, whereas the masculine is the active 'ray' which descends into it; both need one another, the masculine cannot manifest without the feminine and the feminine seperated from the 'light' of the male stays a cold and dark valley.
As said before, the feminine could also be considered the periphery of the male, his 'outwardness' etc.; the reversal of male-female in this artwork is thus not a inversion of the natural hierachy, but also a vertiable 'loss of centre' a déracinement of the vertical axe of order
symbollically speaking the image represents nothing than the 'flooding' (the female horizontal) of ordered stability (the male vertical) by the primordial 'darkness' (the female reciptivity seperated from male irradiation); it basically manifests the Fall, the exile from Eden etc
one last point that is imo particularly interesting, is that Christ (the Bridegroom) is refered to as the 'Head' of the Church (the bride), further enhancing the decapitation motive; a literal 'cutting off' of the superior order, i.e ultimately a rebellion against God Himself.
ofc the 'loss of centre' is also a loss of intellect (nous) and thus it is not suprising that the aberrations of this 'dark age' (Kali-Yuga) manifest in all sorts of psychisms.
its just so tiresome tbh; ever since Nietzsche people thought that order is completely arbitrary ('contructed') and not rooted in any higher principles, and also ever since Nietzsche their alternatives could only every be a strict inversion of the established (call good evil etc)

• • •

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