biden is up in all the polls, it's almost impossible he'll lose, but every lefty content-creator is coming out with "OMG YOU HAVE TO VOTE FOR HIM, OMG OMG" statements, even though it has literally zero impact on the actual outcome. why? as I said months ago, it's brand security
meanwhile professional media and political class liberals with huge platforms actually capable of affecting the election, both in the US and UK, were hysterically calling corbyn the second coming of hitler up to the last second of election day. "lesser evilism" didn't matter then
I remember a well-known cambridge history professor coming out on twitter saying he'll vote labour because that was the only other option and he wanted to prevent a tory government. deranged liberal cunts swarmed his mentions and a day later he recanted and said he'd vote lib dem
this played out on a mass scale. people were terrified of openly saying they'd vote labour and pushing for it because they'd be branded nazis by media class cunts writing for the guardian and new statesman. it was utter fucking derangement, but hey, they got what they wanted
of course the government they helped put into power went on to murder countless through its botched virus response, and will end up murdering countless more before they're done, but this is all just collateral damage to them. they don't actually give a shit about people's lives
oh btw, you know why else liberals did this? bc they knew they'd get rid of corbyn and re-take the labour leadership, which they'd use to aid and abet tories' murder of people. they know how power works. I said this on election day after the result came in
the lib dems as a party solely exists for the purpose of aiding and abetting the conservatives, let alone the blairite liberals within labour who comprise the majority of the parliamentary labour party and sabotaged it from within for 5 straight years
my position has always remained the same: if you self-identify as a communist/anarchist/socialist, your vote has literally zero impact, no matter where you are. but one thing is for sure: the bigger biden's margin of victory is, the more ruthlessly he'll crush the left. also:
for those interested, here's what I'll be doing with any UK election (I will leave labour after the upcoming NEC election, which the left slate will lose anyway):

and you may also be interested in this thread:

I'll end on this instructive lesson in how power works:

anyone who says they didn't vote labour in 2017/2019 is praised as hero in liberal circles, bravely standing up to the second coming of hitler

anyone who says they didn't vote dem in 2016/2020 has committed social suicide
not even glenn greenwald dares come out and say publicly that he won't vote for the dems, and if there's someone w/ no fucks to give about what liberals think it's him. they will use that against you until the day you die. an anti-corbyn vote though is worn like a badge of honor
you can see these blue-check guardian, new statesman liberals strutting around like peacocks as they performatively (and very mildly) criticize the current conservative government they helped bring to power: "ah, but at least we didn't support corbyn/hitler!"

• • •

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16 Oct
yesterday starmer, ignoring opposition by unions and the left, ordered labour mps to abstain on the "spy cops" CHIS bill, which allows police and other state agents to infiltrate activist groups and unions, and rape and murder anyone they like without being held criminally liable
the bill passed, and socialist mps resigned from the shadow cabinet over it, defying starmer's order to abstain. let me be absolutely clear: keir starmer and the labour party leadership support mass rape, torture and murder by the state. starmer is a rape apologist and supporter
to get a sense of just how depraved the professional media class is: starmer, who literally supports rape, torture and murder by state agents, is treated as some right honorable gentleman, whereas corbyn, who of course voted against this grotesque bill, was called hitler 2.0
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14 Oct
"woke sjws today would have been nazis" is indeed a jordan peterson-level deranged take. btw, the lobster boys recognize one of their own, but many so-called "leftists" are still bewildered. "lol these are just fortune cookie tweets, plus she's black and gender nonconforming!" Image
one of the most common and idiotic talking points on the right is "LOL BUT SJWS AGREE WITH MOST PEOPLE ON RACISM BEING BAD THOUGH". yes, most people think *explicit* racism is bad due to decades of activism. that's not a reason to go "wellp, better go nazi to be truly rebellious" Image
I typically don't like the logicbro move of pointing out logical fallacies, but this stares you right in the face, so much so you must be a lying grifter to not acknowledge it: just bc group X also believes Y does not make Y false/bad. Y can be "nazis are bad" or "gravity exists"
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10 Oct
candace owens and blexit trending is a good occasion to share malcolm x's great analysis of what they are but the contemporary iteration of, a type that's existed since the days of slavery, using one's blackness to prop up white supremacy for personal gain
see also this great clip by brother malcolm, where he discusses the profound self-hatred that underlies candace owens' and the blexit grift

and see this clip for dave chappelle totally destroying candace owens

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10 Oct
candace owens is trending so here's dave chapelle totally demolishing her and her pathetic grift

see also this great clip by brother malcolm, providing a brilliant historical analysis of the social type candace owens and blexit are but contemporary versions of

and see this great clip by brother malcolm, where he discusses the profound self-hatred that underlies candace owens' and the blexit grift

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10 Oct
since candace owens and blexit are trending, here's malcolm x talking about the profound underlying self-hatred she and other alt-right black conservatives have, as they use and sell their blackness to prop up white supremacy for personal profit

see also this great clip by brother malcolm, providing a brilliant historical analysis of the social type candace owens and blexit are but contemporary versions of

and see this clip for dave chappelle totally destroying candace owens

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10 Oct
the materialist critique of a fixed "human nature" which liberal and conservative hacks employ as their main argument against communism does not stop at social pathologies like racism/misogyny/homophobia. this kind of essentialist idealism is inimical to emancipatory politics
it's also not taken seriously by anyone. that warrenite liberal guy does not actually believe that people are born nazis and will forever remain nazis. otherwise he'd be denouncing people like ex-nazi leader and now anti-nazi educator christian picciolini as some evil monster
saying stuff like "these evil people are born evil and they are destined to remain evil no matter what!" is, in terms of epistemic content, the equivalent of "I *really* don't like these people!", it's empty sloganeering, though it appeals to a fixed conception of human nature
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