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16 Oct, 12 tweets, 3 min read
Social media angle of Hunter Biden email story has dominated coverage. But remember NYP headline: 'Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad.' 1/12…
Yes, social media angle is important. But big story is: Did Hunter Biden introduce that Ukrainian businessman to his vice president dad? Important for two reasons... 2/12
First, we already know that a corrupt Ukrainian company, Burisma, put Hunter Biden on its board to win influence with Obama administration. NYP story suggests Burisma actually got something for its money. 3/12
Second, NYP story might also shed light on Joe Biden's flat denial of knowledge about Hunter Biden's Burisma connection. "I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings," Joe Biden said. 4/12
Biden campaign denies NYP story. Spox: 'We have reviewed Joe Biden's official schedules from the time and no meeting, as alleged by the New York Post, ever took place.' 5/12
Seems clear. But then Politico reported this: 6/12
Oh. That reporting, if accurate, makes things murker. Maybe there was an 'informal' interaction between Joe Biden and the Ukrainian. 'Cursory.' In other words, the NYP article might be accurate. 7/12
And then the Washington Post factchecker wrote this: 8/12
A question: Does anyone remember the Trump-Russia investigation? There were news stories that characterized a handshake and chat between a Trump figure and a Russian, like Sergey Kislyak, as 'contacts with Russians' worthy of investigation. 9/12
Robert Mueller's prosecutors probed one such meet-and-greet moment at 2016 Republican convention, taking testimony under oath from Jeff Sessions, JD Gordon, and others. Also questioned Jared Kushner about another handshake. 10/12
Now, when Biden campaign allows there might have been 'informal' and 'cursory' encounter between Joe Biden and an executive from the corrupt Ukrainian company that was paying his son $50,000 a month to do nearly nothing... 11/12
...much of the political world's reaction is not only to deny the story without investigating but to praise social media companies for banning it. Link: On Hunter Biden, remember the real story. 12/12 End.…

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13 Oct
On Democrats and court packing. Most won't talk about it. They say voters care more about health care. So: Think back to 2018 campaign. Democrats didn't want to talk about impeachment. Said voters cared more about health care.…
But in 2018, while Democrats on campaign trail were not talking about impeachment in public, they were planning for impeachment in private. Then they won control of House, and look what happened.…
So now: Apply lesson of 2018 to court packing issue today. Level of Democratic anger about SCOTUS is sky-high. Many believe Trump illegitimate, Trump's court picks illegitimate. If Barrett is confirmed, sky-high anger will rise.…
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What did Obama know? Newly-declassified Brennan notes highlight big mystery of Trump-Russia investigation. We know law enforcement, intel targeted Trump campaign. But what did President Obama himself know about it?…
Brennan notes show CIA head briefed Obama on Russian intel that Hillary Clinton allegedly OK'd 'proposal from one of her foreign policy advisers to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security service.'…
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Remember the riots? Not too long ago, news was filled with violent protests in Portland, Seattle, DC, elsewhere. And then...silence. Yes, lots of other news these days. But violence is still there... 1/6…
Like Portland last night. Rioters vandalized courthouse. This guy charged with assaulting police officer--smashed car window, hit with pepper spray. In his possession, a rioter's toolkit: Window punch tools, pepper spray, throwing knives, laser pointer, slingshot, rocks. 2/6
Remember when Democrats and their media allies blamed it all on Trump? Now, with president in hospital 2800 miles away, and with the news focused on other topics, violence continues. Much of it the work of Antifa. 3/6
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27 Sep
Why should anyone believe James Comey? Some quotes from a new book, by WP reporter Devlin Barrett, that covers Comey's conduct in Trump-Russia and Clinton email investigations in October 2016: 1/6…
"At key moments involving the Clinton or Russia cases, Comey's version of events is starkly at odds with accounts provided by DOJ officials. 'It's not that there's an outright lie in it, but the meaning gets all mangled,' opined one former senior DOJ official." 2/6
"By mid-2016, Justice Department officials had come to suspect Comey viewed himself as the most moral, ethical actor in any room he was in..." 3/6…
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24 Sep
Some new books on Mueller investigation trying to dance around question of Mueller's mental acuity during critical days of Trump-Russia probe. Here's what really happened... 1/18…
Go back to July 24, 2019. Mueller testified before Congress. Observers were shocked. He appeared confused at times, had difficulty answering basic questions. Trouble forming complex sentences. 2/18
The Trump defense team was *not* surprised. They had seen it themselves. Back in April 2018 had meeting with Mueller. One topic: Well-known DOJ policy that sitting president cannot be indicted. Huge part of Mueller investigation. And Mueller couldn't remember it. 3/18
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17 Sep
A year ago, House Democrats were gearing up to impeach Trump. Much talk about allegation Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and son Hunter. 1/12…
So there was a clear Biden angle in impeachment. But almost no discussion of another, undeniably consequential Biden angle. And that concerned how the Ukraine investigation got started. 2/12…
Remember the whistleblower? His anonymous complaint started investigation. Democrats did everything in their power to keep his identity a secret. They succeeded. 3/12…
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