1. The prayer group that the Lord brought together to pray for MC related issues has been a God send! From the first meeting, we have flowed in the Holy Spirit operating in Prophetic intercession via the spiritual gifts. (The group is now closed to new folks). That said,
2.I want to share what is being revealed. As always, it is your responsibility to take it bf the Lord to judge and validate. The first week we prayed, J. shared a prophetic dream she had a night or two prior to our prayer meeting. In the dream she saw several large snakes,
3.vanilla in color, lying on the ground. They were dead, and she had a sensing that they had already been stopped or dealt with. But a threat still remained. The threat took the form of a hornets nest or a swarm of hornets. J. was swirling around like a tornado and that was
4.how she was fending off the hornets from attacking her. She said God was protecting her bc the whirling wind was pushing back the hornets. A hornet did sting her on the heel, but she did not die from it. We released the whirlwind of God against the hornets
5.that night as we prayed and much more. We waged war against the entity affiliated with the hornets nest and we felt it was directed at Washington DC. But thats not relevant here. I believe that God not only informs us of whats about to take place, but He confirms it by
6.providing confirmations.Yesterday I found this video clip by Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj. If you begin listening around the 10 min mark, he speaks of an encounter where he was taken bf the Father in Heaven and told about a 2nd coming covid-like virus. When the Lord said He would
7.release His wind, Sadhu was made to know about another virus release that he compared to a hornet and its sting. Sadhu is one of my favorite prophets. I believe he is called to be a prophet to the nations in this late hour. I find him to be an amazing man of God who lives
8. a holy and fasted lifestyle bf the Lord. I've never encountered a human who lives a more holy consecrated lifestyle. When he is under the anointing, he is fierce as lion, yet he is as meek and humble as a Lamb in person and when not decreeing. His mantle is one of warning
9. and prepping the Church as the Bride wo spot or wrinkle.
10. I want to add to this what happened in my Friday Prayer group on 10/6 and in MC prayer group on 10/12 cause they seem tied together. On 10/6 in prayer a very weighty anointing of Holiness manifested. It was so thick I had to get on my face in the presence of the Lord. I saw
11. and decreed that the spirits of those of us praying were joining hands to form a circle that would serve as a portal to release from Heaven and into the US both the Holiness and the Fear of the Lord into the USA. Remember we are gates to bring from Heaven and manifest it on
12. earth. Those praying did just that. I decreed under the anointing, "Let the Holiness of the Lord be released into the USA! Let the Fear of the Lord be released into the USA! Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God Almighty Who was, and Is, and forever more shall be. I shook
13. heavily under the anointing as I decreed this. I began to prophesy that "another situation was about to take place where we would be forced into a small place again. We would be closed up into our houses again. I did not know at this time what that circumstance was.
14.I decreed that the small place the people were enclosed in would serve as a sort of womb and that the sons and daughters of God would eventually emerge from the small place as the sons and daughters of God prophesied in scripture. That the sons and daughters of God would be
15. birthed from this circumstance anointed and walking in the powers of the age to come. Now let me share what happened Monday MC prayer group on 10/12.
16. R. said, "I feel like we need to bind the strongman." We asked the Lord to identify the strongman. He was identified as Anubis the Egyptian god of darkness. We released light of God against him and more. I had a vision again of being in the small place like I had on
17. Friday. But this time I said, the small place looks like the old timey homes you see in the old Moses movie where the Jews are locked up in their houses on the night of Passover. I saw that and prophesied again that the Sons and daughters of God would be birthed from this
18.small place. I said, "But you cannot birth without blood and water. To bring forth the sons and daughters of God, there will be blood and water. Watch for the blood and the flood. The birthing will come with the blood and the flood." I did not tell this prayer group of
19. what happened my prayer group a couple of days prior. I saw the blood of the passover Lamb on the doorpost of the house I described. I saw the darkness outside but I didn't describe that. I felt led to wait for a confirmation. Of course another woman in prayer group
20. decreed the blood of the passover lamb was on the doorpost of the small house/womb and that it protected the saints. There was much more that happened in prayer group. Please feel free to chime in if you were present and share. So when I came across the Sadhu video
20. yesterday, I couldn't help but wonder if the "circumstance" that made us go back into our homes locked up again is the virus Sadhu prophesied. Especially since the way Sadhu explains what the Lord showed him so closely parallels J.'s prophetic dream shared in prayer group
21. on 10/4. I am accustomed to God leading me to info that sheds more light on the visions and prophetic stuff he reveals. I was not shown by God what circumstance(s) wud take us back into seclusion, but since I came across this video of Sadhu, I will be praying as though the
22.another virus may be culprit. I hope you will join me in prayer. I see myself as a watchman. God gives watchman insight to dangers approaching his people and we warn so people can pray and make appropriate decisions. We are living in the time where we are being made to put
23. all of our trust, safety and provision into the Lord and the Lord alone. The shaking world around us is what makes the Bride of Christ ready to meet her Bridegroom. When we let go of the world system and invest our trust and dependence on Christ we get the wrinkle out of
24. our wedding garment. Let's make ourselves ready! It's going to be glorious! No fear only faith!

• • •

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15 Oct
1.My family and I are doing this Daniel fast for the Election. I pray you and your family will join us
I believe at the 6 min mark. Lance Wallnau speaks of God sending the Archangel Michael to war for America. Sadhu in the first video spoke that America is experiencing the same scenario as Daniel did where the Prince of Persia, a territorial spirit, was
3.warring against the angels bring to fulfillment Daniel's prayers. The scripture says " out of the mouth of 2 or 3 witness a matter is confirmed." Here r two prophet's recently hearing from God about the Michael arch angel scenario. Sadhu is my all time favorite man of God and
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11 Oct
@Joan1Barb 1.When we give our children to teachers, sitters etc, we have given them the responsibility to be physical and spiritual guardians of our children. They "legally" have charge over our children. The cabal r some of the most "outstanding" citizens on the surface. They r the
@Joan1Barb 2.teachers who go the extra mile, r the most involved etc. They have legal rites to make our children do terrible things bc we unknowingly gave it to them. Now another reason for the clause " knowingly and unknowingly" in the prayer is bc MK is fragmented in hundreds and likely
@Joan1Barb 3.thousands of dissociated parts. Walls of amnesia exist btw these dissociated parts of the soul. MK the front personality (fragmented part of the soul) does not know what other fragmented parts of herself do bc of the amnesic walls btw them. This means parts of her that are
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11 Oct
1.We take authority over every unclean entity assigned to MK. You are bound, gagged to silence and rendered incapable of influencing MK in any way. We address all programming of the frequencies of MK's brain, heart and gut. We pray for the discovery of all parts of her person
2.that have endured such programming, including all parts of her brain, heart, and gut and call them to be delivered to the feet of The Lion of the Tribe of Judah for complete healing. We engage the armies of heaven, in whatever numbers necessary, in order to insure the full
3.execution of this prayer. We, along, with MK renounce all frequency programming of her brain heart and gut. We pray that the timeliness of her brain, heart, and gut wud be pulled up and that all events of evil frequency programming wud be identified, isolated, and purged w the
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9 Oct
1.We plead the blood of Jesus over every cell in POTUS body as well as ours and our families. May that blood purify and cleanse every cell that makes up our being. Let anything that shud not be in us--anything that is harmful or that prevents us from being perfectly healthy,
2.vital, and full of the life You intended us to have, let those things be driven from us now in Jesus Name. Cleanse us from all inflammation, infectious agents, cancerous cells, toxins, poisons, pesticides or harmful substances. Neutralize them and safely flush them from our
3.being. Open any blocked arteries and veins and rebuild all damaged systems, organs, cells and DNA that have been harmed or altered from Your perfect design. Let the life-force of Christ be released into every cell of our being. Bring balance to all of our biochemistries. Cause
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9 Oct
1.Please pray hard for POTUS! Pelosi is not just wearing the "color" orange she put on the fruit/ orange mask. That is an ass*ss* ati*n code. Also concerning is the "Mike from around the World" interview last nite on Paul Begleys youtube channel. He said that viruses other than
2.c*vid have been released that are geared to specific genetic lines. He said the nature of these viruses is that the inoculated get well and recover from the virus initially but 7 to 8 days later there is a 100% death rate. He said this is what they r watching to see if this is
3.what POTUS has. Things r ramping up. We the people of God will increasingly live from supernatural providence and protection of God Almighty. No fear saints...only faith! Stay close to the Lord, stay clean and innocent, stay on task, and hold the line. God will show Himself
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6 Oct
1. upi.com/amp/Entertainm…
Note the Illuminati symbols mirror behind her. No one from the cabal is free enuf to speak out unhindered like this. The cabal runs the media. Imo Paris is sending out this message bc the cabal wants and permits it. The most trustworthy accts of
2.survivor testimonials is when 2.their deprogrammer is the out front person for the survivor. Example..Ted Gunderson, former FBI head, was the point person for Bryce Taylor. Fritz Springmeir was the deprogrammer for Cisco Wheeler. Svali, a former programmer for the cabal did not
3.have a point person when she 3.came out as a survivor, but she remained anonymous and still does to this day. The kickback and cost for survivors speaking out is severe. When you see a person speaking out boldly like Paris, and she is not brutally discredited and punished for
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