I can't believe, in the tenth month of 2020, I'm still seeing takes about "Who cares if the virus spreads [among specific population]?" Hot spots spread. The hotter the spot, the more chances for it to spread.
Even if we could magically guarantee that no one taking due precautions will ever catch the virus (and we can't), the virus is not going to go away so we can relax and get back to something normal as long as people aren't taking due precautions.
Even if masks and 6 feet *were* magic fixes... everybody makes mistakes. The better we handle this as a society/as communities, the safer we all are.
"But only Trumpers will listen to this and I don't care what happens to them." = "Who cares if they drill holes in their section of the lifeboat? I'm up here in the part where nobody's drilling holes."
It's basically the Trumpers' own "What happened to 'my body, my choice'?" logic, presenting mask-wearing as a question of individual liberty rather than public good.

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16 Oct
The guy who not so secretly wants police to just straight up shoot (even more) people in the streets without a trial is really, really, really hoping we'll think that Joe Biden said something about "superpredators" because that worked super well for him against Hillary Clinton.
It's shameful how many Democrats in the mid 90s got scared by bad sociology into passing a fundamentally right-wing and regressive crime bill, but "President Law & Order" and his policy of retribution has exactly zero legs to stand on in this arena.
If the Republicans had this same bill in front of them today their complaint would be that it's too soft on crime. Joe Biden was not my first or second choice for Democratic nominee but I'm more interested in what laws will be passed now than what was passed when I was a teen.
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16 Oct
Hades is a weird game to get into in this moment because it doesn't have a normal learning curve. Since so much of your loadout is random and each combination brings its own gameplay, any kind of groove is short-lived.
For me it's consistently just on the right side of the line of challenging vs. frustrating, which is a dangerous place for addictive flow, but it's not a game I can play to shut my brain down.
The game rewards you in conspicuous ways for trying different things. You can power up whatever your favorite weapon is so much faster if you master all of the weapons, even though that's the one big choice you make that does the most to set the game mechanics for your run.
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15 Oct
So the thing about Garrison Keillor saying we should "let the culture war rest" and focus on policy... the "culture war" exists because for the GOP it's a means towards their policy ends. You can't separate them.
Like, even getting past the very privileged point that his idea of letting states "outlaw LGBTQ and then deal with the consequences" means making human people in those states criminals for existing, even getting past that... his idea doesn't work. It doesn't add up.
He's talking about "let's feed our people" LIKE THAT ISN'T A CULTURAL ISSUE THE GOP IS WILLING TO GO TO WAR OVER. Like it's somehow different than all the other policy disputes where the GOP has claimed a moral basis for perpetuating massive structural evils.
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14 Oct
"People want a hand-up, not a handout."

A "handout" is a hand-up.
We could feed every child, every family... every person.

Society (and the people being fed, they count, too!) would be materially better off if we did.

So why get bogged down in the semantics of what this would be?
Our whole country would be in better shape if back in March we had decided to shut everything down and put the economy on life support. Pay businesses to keep them afloat. Pay people to keep them fed and, when at all possible, home.

We'd be better off if we had.
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14 Oct
The Haunting of the Overlook Hotel
The Haunting of Scrooge's Bedchamber
The Haunting of Manderley (Again)
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14 Oct
Back in the 90s SNL did a Mother's Day special that was mostly compilation of old sketches with some interstitial material, much of it involving the cast and their mothers.

One of the new bits was Phil Hartman's mother begging him to drop character and just talk in his own voice
And the joke was that he's been doing characters for so long he's forgotten what his own natural voice sounds like and couldn't remember how to do it.
I miss Phil Hartman. That was one of the first celebrity deaths to really hit me in the gut, both because he was on a current show I watched and had long history with two others (Simpsons and SNL) that could have kept bringing him back for things, and it was such a tragedy.
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