China man miscalculated. What was to be a neat salami slice op along with added toppings of doing down Indian Govt, has gone horribly wrong. Now they are getting the butt end of the rifle.
Asiatic, is looking for a face save and pull back.
For some time chinaman made a Charlie out of everyone. The MEA, the politicians, the military ( those hand in hand trainings). Some mil offrs were more into (military) diplomacy then keeping a sharp eye on the adversary.
The Chinese carried out strategic deception, hiding their true intentions. However Indian response after initial surprise has been tough, and that ‘ol chinaman did not expect. Came at a cost when 20 soldiers were bludgeoned to death at Galway.
The likes of Sagat and Hanut never fell for this diplomacy stuff. And handled the chinaman roughly. They were kept in their place. Chinaman will respect strength. You waver and he will grab the opportunity. So give us less of military diplomats
And more of cut and dried plain speaking generals who know their job and don’t have a tendency to look over their shoulders for approval and assurance. Given a task they will do it to their best ability, and brook no interference. Like Sagat who refused to pull back
Or pause at Meghna. Or Hanut who decided to cross Basantar. If they had failed they would have been on the block. But that was acceptable to them, but not acceptable to be taught how to play marbles at this stage of their career.
Let’s not wean out such material. As it is it comes by rarely. Tendency to seek approval needs to be curbed. It’s malefic effects may not resonate in CI ops, but in conventional ops against a capable enemy it tends to freeze the commander and destroys his decision making ability.
His self confidence and self worth stands whittled away. Those who plan leadership at higher levels, must be clear in their own heads, what material they seek. In battle you ride a stallion not a pony.
In peace that stallion will be more than a handful, that doesn’t mean you castrate him or remove him from the cavalry charge lineup. Man Managemt is complex. Well managed it gives results in battle.

• • •

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25 Jul
In our armament trials we place overmuch stress on issues that are of marginal imp. For MBT ARJUN ATGM firing through gun has become a make or break issue. Whereas in A-tk engagements gun tube ATGM engagements by tanks will be rare. The KE fired by the gun will be primary mode
So we’ve allowed the marginal player to affect project viability. Similarly for NAG we insist on certain parameters that are rarely required. Lack of that and we reject the system. This all or nothing approach has to change. Few ATGMs with seekers will lock on at extreme ranges
In peak summer temp. Instead of only seeker based ATGMs we should field a mix of guided and Seeker based systems. Both compliment each other.
We should be circumspect about what the TV (ATGM) salesman says. Gotta use our own brains too, else then capability gap with PLA will
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30 Jun
PM Modi’s speech today was a mastercraft in the ‘ Strategy of Indirect Approach’. It was not about COVID but rather a strong message to the Chinese.
1. By not referring to China or Ladakh at all he conveyed that he is in full control, is clear in his mind what he wants done .
And had a clear vision of the end result.
2. He downgraded the Chinese threat to a non entity.
3. He conveyed the difference in Indian and Chinese polity, where unlike China the indian leaders directly communicates with fellow citizens.
4. He conveyed the message that the people of India are with him and in circumstances will stand solidly behind him. Xi can’t say they got himself. He and his CCP have yo keep the people suppressed to survive. That difference was demonstrated and message sent out loud and clear.
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19 Mar
COVID 19 a Bio weapon.
Threat things are panning out is indicative that COVID is a bio wpn.
1. Initial info curved by China.
2. Then media release that it was caused by eating bats.
3. Release in Wuhan where they have a bio wpn facility.
4. Game plan was in place.
5. Multiple 1000 bed prefab hospitals set up in a very short time. Thousands of medical personnel mobilised.
6. Huge qty of Spl eqpt mobilised in very short time.
7. Intense measures used to control population.
8. By 20 March COVID Controlled in China.
Obviously there was a battle plan in place and that was activated. On the other hand rest of the world has been handed a sucker punch in the stomach.
Major economic setback has been inflicted all economic activity has been crushed, as world nations struggle to cope.
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5 Mar 19
#pakairstrike a few issues that need to be flagged.
1. Why did pak choose dating to launch an air strike. Was it becoz there was no indian AWACS on station at the time.
2.pak fighters took off from multiple airfds and adopted swarm tactics as they headed towards LoC
3. As they crossed the 10 km no fly zone of LOC why were they not engaged automatically by IAF fighters with BVRs. Why did we wait till they crossed LOC before engaging them. That it seems is against SOP. Were our fighters held back from engaging.
4. Pak Aircraft fired 4 AMRAAMS all of which missed. That is not the point use of AMRAAMS is a serious escalation. Why did we not engage with our BVRs across the LOC. Only Wc Abhinandan appears to have closed to R13 ranges. In fact our long range engagement should have commenced
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