Let's tackle the argument that Trump opposed same-sex marriage in 2015. See video below.

In 2015 when asked by Jake Tapper about SSM, Trump said he was for traditional marriage.
Shortly after being elected in Nov. 2016:
“It’s irrelevant because it was already settled. It’s law,”

“It was settled in the Supreme Court. I mean it’s done. These cases have gone to the Supreme Court. They’ve been settled. And I’m fine with that.”
So how does this differ from Joe Biden in 2006 below?

Trump supported civil unions in 2000. He celebrated Elton John's marriage in 2005 in his blog.

The difference is Trump provided his personal view but not his view on how others should view it, as Biden does here.
Trump celebrated other people's happiness and he didn't impose his worldview onto anyone else.

Biden actively fought SSM until it became politically inconvenient.

Trump entered office stating he supported the law as it was and he's treated gay couples equally ever since.
In his interview with Tapper he said he didn't tell gay couples how to think or live their lives. He admitted his multiple marriages were not 'traditional.'

But he was for traditional marriage. That is different than demanding marriage is between a man and a woman as Biden did.
At this point its not particularly important what anyone 'believes' about marriage. But Trump was clear in his support of equal treatment under the law as president and that hasn't changed.

Supporting traditional marriage is not anti-LGBT.
In 2011 he said, "I am a traditionalist. I have so many fabulous friends who happen to be gay, but I am a traditionalist."

As I concluded in my book Without Context: Evaluating the Anti-LGBT Claims Against the Trump Administration, this makes sense.
Trump's personal views do not influence how he treats people. And as @RichardGrenell has stated many, many times, Trump treats gay people as equals. He supports our happiness as people and he respects the law regarding marriage.

In the truest sense, he's an LGBT ally.

• • •

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17 Oct
I think a lot of people on the left don't realize the experience of those of us on the right when it comes to why we fight back against what they view as 'our best interests.'

When it comes down to it, everyone on the right has had to come to terms with the burden of truth.
Progressive activism is about finding the right story to tell.

Conservative activism is about finding the most effective way to report what is objectively true.

We don't have the luxury of creativity and emotionalism.

If its true and we can't debunk it, we must support it.
As a gay person it would be so much easier to be angry and hysterical over what I see in media.

Its easy to join a mob.
Its easy to fight for a popular cause.

But I don't have a choice.
My ethics do not allow me to exchange truth for safety and pride.
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15 Oct
With time and perspective, you realize that even though many of us don't agree with Bryant's views on homosexuality, it wasn't out of hatred or malice.

"Queer activism" reinforced the worst beliefs of conservative Christians.

They still celebrate this moment below.

Imagine if gay activists had countered Bryant's arguments.

When Christian conservatives had power they *didn't* abuse it. Bryant points this out attempting to distinguish between activist claims and what she viewed as reasonable compromise.

Yet the response was violence.
Even with violence Bryant and the man next to her immediately show kindness, even if we hear the words 'deviant lifestyle' today and cringe, what else were they supposed to think with the way the gay rights movement behaved?

An important lesson in how the left rewrites history.
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26 Sep
There is something deeply powerful to progressive people who strongly identify as white being given the opportunity to cleanse their self-imposed historic wrongs by progressive prophets who strongly identify with being black.

Its a religious experience for everyone involved.
But its just not how normal life works.

Most people do not consider race as important, until they are in scenarios where progressives force them to.

Otherwise, we tend to care far more about individuals and personal relationships.

Racial identity is not compelling for us.
Its like Wiccans gathering their supplies for a certain moon cycle during a certain astronomical period. White liberals love to marinate in the minutiae of progressive race theory.

They seem to believe its a formula for absolution.

Their obsession, however, is not ours.
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The 'anti-racist' people are demanding racial segregation and hatred based on skin color.

The 'antifa' people are rioting in the streets destroying lives and targeting innocent police officers.

The 'healthy sexuality' people are making hyper-sexualized movies of children.
The 'body positivity' people are promoting obesity and drastic, permanent surgery to your body.

The 'public health experts' are morally championing massive protests during a pandemic.

The 'pro-labor' people are backing laws preventing people from working gig jobs.
The 'you were born gay' people are encouraging conversion therapy.

The 'feminist' movement is dominated by trans and sex worker activists.

The 'pro-faith Democrats' are promoting abortion.

The 'freedom of speech' left advocates censorship and hate speech laws.
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19 Aug
For perspective, you advocated for The Trevor Project's LGBT youth survey in which minors as young as 13 took online surveys anonymously and discussed suicide/depression without obtaining parental consent or informing parents or medical/state officials.

You promoted that data.
Review of the 2020 Trevor Project LGBT youth survey.
Review of the 2019 Trevor Project LGBT youth survey.
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2 Aug
Racism did limit opportunity for many black Americans in many areas in the past.

This was based almost exclusively on the political action of Democrats in southern states.

Black Americans had different experiences in other parts of the country.

See: Thomas Sowell.
Urban centers economically trapped millions in the single most toxic and dangerous environments human beings can live in.

Black Americans, like millions of others, relocated to city centers for work. Poverty in city centers was addressed with welfare programs.
Welfare programs quickly evolved into circular traps which became generational traps. They deincentivized marriage and incentivized children. They conditioned people into dependence on the government.

Poverty simply became a government-funded cage.
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