Quick Dusty Baker story. The #SFGiants lost a night game because of a misplay in the outfield. Something like two guys colliding and the ball popping out. In the story I filed right as the game ended, I said Player A appeared to be at fault. Postgame, we asked Dusty and ...
... he said, no, Player B was the guilty one. So I wrote that when I went upstairs to do my final-edition/web story. Next day he asks me into his office, shows me the early edition of our paper and asks me in a pissed-off way why I would write Player A when he said it was ...
... Player B. Dusty didn't know we filed two versions, one as the game ends, one after we do our postgame interviews. I explained it to him and showed him the final story, which appeared in the daily clips the PR department gives all the team employees and writers. ...
.... I wrote it just like he said it. He said he understood now. As we're chatting, he takes the packet of clips and tosses them in the wastebasket, and a minute later spits into the basket onto the clips. We actually had a great relationship with Dusty. I didn't take that ...
.... personally. I thought it was funny. We talk every so often now. He's a good dude.

• • •

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Thirteen-tweet thread on coronavirus and the thoughts of one member of the #SFGiants in 4..3..2..1... Fair warning to skip it if you're not interested in my thoughts on the matter.....
...However, a few folks yesterday did ask me for my thoughts on this tweet from @Evan3Longoria the other day.
... My first thought is that he had it backwards. It should have said, "I love seeing people out enjoying life without masks, but obviously I want everyone safe." Truth is, COVID rates are soaring, with the worst states being those that shun masks and distancing. I want to ...
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So here is an example of how a real country does things. My nephew attends the University of British Columbia. When they shut down in March he flew home to LA for the summer. He needed to return last month. They are still holding classes remotely, but he didn’t want to risk ...
.. losing his student visa by being away too long. So he drove up from LA. When he got to the land crossing, and showed the Canadian immigration guard his student visa, the guard proceeded to quiz him for five minutes and where exactly he was going, what he was studying, why ...
.... he was returning that day. ... anything to trip him up in case he was just trying to go to Canada to screw around. He was required to quarantine in his apartment for 14 days when he got there. He was not allowed to stop at a grocery store. He would have to order food in ...
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It's not a head-scratcher, and you've given me an opening to post a thread I've been meaning to write for a while. It has to do with the #SFGiants in particular and baseball in general. So here goes....
... You wanted sabermetrics? You wanted front offices filled with analysts huddled over computers twisting numbers this way and that? You got 'em, and here's what that means: Free agents who want to be paid on what they've done, as they have for four decades, are running into ...
... a brick wall. Don't get me wrong. I support the players getting what they deserve. But now you have a vast majority of front offices and GMs, including Zaidi -- who have decided they're not going to pay on what players did, but what the numbers say they can do. Zaidi said ...
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28 Jul 18
Look. Last I checked, tweets are free. You can tweet SELL SELL SELL till your fingers fall off, but that’s not their mindset now. There’s also a difference between “selling” and “SELLING.” Let’s day for the sake of argument the #sfgiants actually took a long, hard look in ....
.... the mirror and decided they should go in for a rebuild. It’s not gonna happen, but let’s pretend. It would be foolish for them to try to move guys like Bumgarner, Belt, Panik, etc... now, in a panic, because they’ve had a 2-5 week. That’s the kind of thing you do in ....
.... the offseason, when you can form a strategy and get a multitude of teams involved to get the best possible return. #orioles should have done that last winter with Machado and got fleeced. By then you’ll also have a better idea on Duggar, Slater, maybe Shaw and where they ...
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