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Thirteen-tweet thread on coronavirus and the thoughts of one member of the #SFGiants in 4..3..2..1... Fair warning to skip it if you're not interested in my thoughts on the matter.....
...However, a few folks yesterday did ask me for my thoughts on this tweet from @Evan3Longoria the other day.
... My first thought is that he had it backwards. It should have said, "I love seeing people out enjoying life without masks, but obviously I want everyone safe." Truth is, COVID rates are soaring, with the worst states being those that shun masks and distancing. I want to ...
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Quick Dusty Baker story. The #SFGiants lost a night game because of a misplay in the outfield. Something like two guys colliding and the ball popping out. In the story I filed right as the game ended, I said Player A appeared to be at fault. Postgame, we asked Dusty and ...
... he said, no, Player B was the guilty one. So I wrote that when I went upstairs to do my final-edition/web story. Next day he asks me into his office, shows me the early edition of our paper and asks me in a pissed-off way why I would write Player A when he said it was ...
... Player B. Dusty didn't know we filed two versions, one as the game ends, one after we do our postgame interviews. I explained it to him and showed him the final story, which appeared in the daily clips the PR department gives all the team employees and writers. ...
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The best (and worst) feature of every ballpark (thread).

Going west to east. In progress until complete. Image
Best: Dodger Stadium's seating color scheme was designed to mimic the beach and ocean. #Dodgers Image
Worst: Dodger Stadium. Getting there doesn’t count. Never liked the massive parking lot, though it was enhanced with the outfield pavilion renovation this year. ImageImage
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Hey, you know what I haven't heard lately from my fellow #SFGiants fans? What genius Farhan Zaidi has "brought" to us. Wonder why...
I mean, I guess being an 85 W team (give or take) for the next decade is an improvement from 2017-2019, but they're not going to be better than the Dodgers or the Padres no matter how much we think Farhan will accomplish that. Oh well.
HAHAHAH I tweet that just as Crawford hits a 2 run homer. Mmmmmm k
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I will now dispense 18 takes that are mostly terrible. Have your therapist on the line...
1. I've never been a fan of Sean Hannity in part because it always seemed like he speaks in endless clichés. With enough makeup and Rex-Kwon-Do, I could be an ersatz Hannity.
2. Its kind of hilarious and sad that a Latter-Day Saint creates an entire brand that is obliviously based on the bougie Zoramites behavior to their "lesser" brethren.

Never go full Zoramite. (See: Alma 31:28) Image
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The new bullpens beyond center field at Oracle Park. Up until this year they had been in-play along the base lines. #SFGiants

Image via @NBCSGiants

h/t @mvcrowell Image
Center field was brought in and Triples Alley was reduced to make room for the new bullpens at Oracle Park. Dimensions before and after. 👇

Graphic credit: Andrew Clem ImageImage
More shots via @PavlovicNBCS ImageImageImage
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Connections: I'm talking to Sam Selman in the clubhouse before he was sent out. Topic turned to Ripken's streak and I asked him if he knew who started in place of Ripken the first game after the streak ended. The hint was he had a connection to someone in the building ...
... Tyler Rogers is listening to the conversation and says, "I have a connection to him, too." The answer was Ryan Minor, whose twin brother is Giants AAA hitting coach Damon Minor. Ryan and Damon were the last set of identical twins to reach the major before last year ...
... when Tyler Rogers was called up. His twin, Taylor, is the Minnesota Twins closer. Another #SFGiants connection. The last Oriole to start at shortstop BEFORE Ripken started the streak was Lenn Sakata, who will manage at Salem-Keizer, Ore., this year (and has managed San Jose).
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Will be making 2 threads of #SFGiants Yolmer Sanchez clips highlighting his defensive abilities at 3B and at 2B. I chose the 1st 5 clips I found that I thought were flashy or difficult, sorted from most favorite to least.

The 5 clips in this thread are of him at 3B in 2018.
1. Sanchez has to range slightly to his right to corral a sharp, but big chopper and make a quick exchange to gun down a speedy Brett Gardner. Gardner's sprint speed in 2018 was 94th percentile in the league, making this an exceptionally hard play. Exit velo: 97.7 mph.
2. Sanchez digs out a one-hopper scalded by Giancarlo Stanton, robbing him of a double. Exit velo: 110.5 mph.
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I’m finally just getting home from the ballpark and today’s events are finally starting to sink in. It’s hard to fully process a day like today when you’re reporting it as it’s happening.
I want to say that I’m so very glad to have had the privilege...[1/8] #SFGiants know @BruceBochy these past 2 seasons and will forever be grateful for his kindness to me.
One of my favorite Bochy moments was the day I met him.
Entering the world of sports media can be terrifying. I had no experience when I walked...[2/8] the door last season. I got lost more times than I’d like to remember and I was constantly worried about how I would be received as not only a woman but a woman with pink hair, tattoos and metal in my face. But a handful of very kind people made me feel...[3/8]
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Hi @aubrey_huff,

As a lifelong #SFGiants fan who’s long battled addiction/depression, 2010 helped me grow so much as a person. Your own story was vital in this growth, knowing we had a hero who battled similar demons. You were vulnerable. Relatable. Funny. Kind. And loving.
That love was mutual. We were grateful for you, and so happy you’d found new hope in life. You were special. It pains me to see you be so mean & hateful nowadays. Countless athletes have been hateful people, of course. But so few have positively impacted my life the way you did.
That’s the only reason I’m writing this. Sentimentality. I still want to interview you someday. And despite your views on the 🇲🇽🇺🇸 Border, I still want to take you to a Xolos or Toros game in Tijuana, because I know you’d have a good time, and might even walk away full of love.
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Se acuerdan del espectáculo grotesco del pasado 13 de febrero (comparecencia para la CRE en el senado)?

Pues ya comenzó de nuevo. Vuelven los mismos candidatos --inadecuados-- que ya fueron rechazados. Yo no sé pa que.

Buehh... Estaremos cubriendo este circo.
Ojo. El senador @julenrementeria evidencia que el dictamen donde se aprueban los candidatos YA ESTÁ HECHO...

para presentarse el día de mañana.

Es decir. Una farsa.

Es decir, ya está el dictamen aprobatorio de algo que NO ha sucedido.
Bueno, pues lo dice el senador @julenrementeria: es una falta de respeto.

Yo agrego: es una farsa.

Y añade el senador: presentarán un amparo indirecto vs el ejecutivo por violaciones constitucionales.
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It's not a head-scratcher, and you've given me an opening to post a thread I've been meaning to write for a while. It has to do with the #SFGiants in particular and baseball in general. So here goes....
... You wanted sabermetrics? You wanted front offices filled with analysts huddled over computers twisting numbers this way and that? You got 'em, and here's what that means: Free agents who want to be paid on what they've done, as they have for four decades, are running into ...
... a brick wall. Don't get me wrong. I support the players getting what they deserve. But now you have a vast majority of front offices and GMs, including Zaidi -- who have decided they're not going to pay on what players did, but what the numbers say they can do. Zaidi said ...
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Days ago #SFGiants bade farewell to #Forever44 #WillieMcCovey who rose from segregated South to @mlb Hall of Famer.
Today it’s gut-wrenching to see the team I love & serve as a volunteer NOT get that this #MSsen debacle is bigger than politics or baseball - it’s about humanity.
But we are about #ReclaimingOurTeam — the team of Mays. McCovey, and so many other @sfgiants greats; the team@of the Giants Community Fund and the millions of dollars that go into youth sports as well as violence prevention, health care and education; the team of SF values.
As a @SFGiants fan I celebrate all the good works on and off the field. As a volunteer I have raised my girl to be a #JrGiants booster. And I’ve told her that my calling out racism today could mean me getting booted off the board. But overcoming racism matters more than my title.
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Look. Last I checked, tweets are free. You can tweet SELL SELL SELL till your fingers fall off, but that’s not their mindset now. There’s also a difference between “selling” and “SELLING.” Let’s day for the sake of argument the #sfgiants actually took a long, hard look in ....
.... the mirror and decided they should go in for a rebuild. It’s not gonna happen, but let’s pretend. It would be foolish for them to try to move guys like Bumgarner, Belt, Panik, etc... now, in a panic, because they’ve had a 2-5 week. That’s the kind of thing you do in ....
.... the offseason, when you can form a strategy and get a multitude of teams involved to get the best possible return. #orioles should have done that last winter with Machado and got fleeced. By then you’ll also have a better idea on Duggar, Slater, maybe Shaw and where they ...
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