The Reformed confessions of faith state that the sine qua non of a faithful church are 1) faithful preaching of the Word, 2) administration of the sacraments, and 3) loving discipline.

Yet, in the history of the White American church, we have evidence that Christians invented
new doctrines (e.g. The curse of Ham), took literal pages out of Bibles they gave to slaves, and failed to preach texts that spoke of liberation and justice.

We have well documented evidence that Christians redefined baptism to allow slave holders to continue to enslave those
who became Christians, and the eucharist was celebrated in a segregated manner that completely went against the intent of the Sacrament.

We have clear evidence that the church failed to and/or refused to discipline those who were in the sin of slave holding and partiality
even to the highest denominational court levels.

In other words, all three marks of a faithful church were absent or severely disfigured in the White American church for generations. According to a Reformed understanding of a faithful church, we may have to grapple with
the fact that this church may have not been a church in the first place, or may have been a church like Elijah and the 7000 who were reserved by God.

The Black church, the immigrant church, and others that were birthed in the context of White supremacy may in fact be
the gift from God that the White American church needs. They may be the "Josiahs" and "Huldahs" who have been called by God to bring reform and refining to the White American church.

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10 Oct
On numerous occasions, I've heard Christian leaders talk about how "people are changing the definition of racism" that's "different from what we grew up with." The "new definition," they argue, comes from Critical Race Theory/Marxism/liberalism, and therefore is bad.
The problem is that we don't do this with nearly any other sin. "Sexual immorality" from a previous generation has had to be defined more expansively to include the changing dynamics and influx of nearly ubiquitous porn, the recognition of sex trafficking and sex slavery,
as well as systems, laws, and policies that tend toward sexual licentiousness.

Likewise, our understanding of murder has had to be expanded and reshaped to include ethical questions such as abortion, euthanasia, and any systems that may tend toward unjust death.

With many
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9 Oct
There is an important difference between a hypothetical Christian liberty when it comes to political convictions and practical boundaries defined by love.

While Christians are free to hold a diversity of political views, they are at the same time not free under the rule of...
love to hold any political view that tends toward a systemic lack of love of neighbor.

This is why every Christian must be provisional constituents of any political party and must be the first of any demographic to speak against their own political group when it goes astray.
Christians who are so at home with a political camp are truly not at home with their highest allegiance to the kingdom. Kingdom ethics cuts through every platform and policy and is no respecter of parties.

The church must emphasize both Christian liberty and the bounds of...
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1 Oct
Defining "justice" only by its negative and delimiting aspects (e.g. upholding the law, punishing evildoers, restricting evil) results in a deeply deficient view of the role of governing authorities.

"Justice" according to the Bible not only has negative aspects but it also has
positive aspects. Justice is giving people what they are due as imagebearers. It is to promote flourishing and shalom. It is to make straight that which is crooked. It is to be a support and succor to the most vulnerable.

We must affirm both the negative and positive aspects of
justice for it be justice at all, biblically speaking. Half of justice is an injustice.

Therefore, when we affirm that the Bible sets a vision of justice to be upheld by governing authorities, we must realize that this includes both bearing the sword and lifting up the
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30 Sep
Real divisiveness is any attempt to rebuild the wall of hostility between peoples that Christ tore down.

Racism, White supremacy, and White nationalism are ultimately theological and demonic attempts to undo the work of Christ.

Silence and inaction is floating in its current.
Fighting against those who fight against anti-gospel principalities of racism is playing into the devil's hand, who knows he cannot thwart God's ways but seeks to divide God's people and make them bite and devour one another rather than bear faithful witness in this world.
There is a time for disagreement and debate about policies, procedures, and the best way forward. But the telos of these conversations is to meet the urgent need of casting light into the darkness of White supremacy that holds many captive. Pious and studious inaction is...
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22 Sep
In the Bible, idolatry is identified primarily by practice first, not by what one professes. The prophets and Jesus were all too familiar with those who would say the right things while walking in darkness.

A main test of orthodoxy to the first table of the Law was not...
whether someone affirmed accurate understandings of Yahweh, but rather, the health of their practice - both religious and social. To believe rightly and to do rightly was held together. There is no division between a "head theology" and a "hands theology."

Reading the Bible...
with this in mind should shape the way we approach questions of orthodoxy in the midst of heinous heteropraxy.

We should not baptize a post-Enlightenment emphasis of the rational mind above the other faculties to create a novel category of Christians who were "theologically...
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21 Sep
Christian leaders with a significant amount of clout need to recognize that, for better or for worse, many Christians look up to them. Not only actions and words but also inaction and silence play a formative role on people these leaders may never see face to face.
This is especially important for Christian leaders to consider if they think that they can make necessary change simply "behind closed doors" without the need of a prophetic and public voice. When you do not speak the truth boldly and publicly, you perpetuate cycles of abuse and

If you remain publicly associated with institutions that have a track record of damaging the witness of the gospel without voicing opposition, you are helping the institutions continue to wreak havoc.

I say these things as someone who has had conversations with
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