ISCAP also includes the shards of the Kenyan al Shabaab which put a fatwa on me for mocking their or guys addiction to moccachinos. Jihad is hell.
“PR” guy. Dammit.
Some people have Pulitzers. I have fatwas.
I would rather have scars than trophies, friends rather than money and experiences rather than Kudos. I can bask in someone else’s hope and always remember that it is much easier to kill people than protect them.
Some of these angry beardy guys moved down to Cabo Delgado in Mozambique to fight faux LNG Jihad. At some point I will have to get down there to go over old times.

• • •

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More from @RYP__

18 Oct
Sound familiar? The very first thing the new AG needs to get on is to arrest the Faux Russian Fuckery Crew that stretches back to Weiner's laptop and now embraces this clumsy attempt four years later.
Joke: The son of a Presidential candidate walks into a blind guy's shop to have him fix his child pornography filled laptops. Blind guy can't remember who dropped them off but tells the FBI who tells Steve Bannon who tells Rudy who tells the New York Post. #CantSeeNoPunchline
This is Mike Flynn's lawyer channeling horseshit from the 2016 con that led to Weiner's laptop being scanned by the FBI. Nothing new or incriminating was found. But certain people tried very hard to pretend that child pornography was on that laptop.
Read 6 tweets
18 Oct
"Imagine" if he will lose? I again submit the Nixon scenario. Trump needs a pardon and a plane ticket from President Pence before he flees tp Abu Dhabi to join the rest of the Felonious First Family in Exile. If he stays his life is effectively one continuous court trial.
Its going to be hard to find a vacation home.… Image
Trump loses Nov 3, claims fraud like all deadbeat businessmen, riots start, he resigns to pretend he is doing it for us. President Pence issues a blanket pardon around Christmass. MBS/MBz buy all his shitty properties and he moves to Abu Dhabi to avoid an avalanche of subpoenas.
Read 4 tweets
16 Oct
FauxNaifOutrage over TwitterCensor. Social media consistently blocks millions of censored images, URLs, people and trends, The Post story was written by a political hack specifically to be pimped by Trumperazzi. Fuck em if they cant take a joke…
When exactly will the media take a stand against grifting bullshitters like Trump and his army of dim social media hucksters? Twitter did exactly the right thing and all the right media whores who rely on internet squabbling to sell products to low cognition consumers screamed.
Twitter is a promotional site for celebrities and the unwashed who access a global audience. People forget that Trump is using his personal twitter account. So he is no more or less relevant or accountable than Taylor Swift or Renaldo. #ShutTheFuckUpDonny…
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16 Oct
“You’re the president, not someone’s crazy uncle.”

Not according to the niece who wrote that book.…
Biden was boring just like a politician should be. Donald was like a drunk at an AA meeting. He seemed shocked that someone called bullshit on his looney toons. I can see why he surrounds himself with tainted toadies and gutless bootlickers.
Damn internet laying out "Donald is a cray uncle" quotes like the midnight buffet at Circus Circus.

"It is an epic tragedy of parental failure that my uncle does not understand that he or anybody else has intrinsic worth.”

Read 4 tweets
15 Oct
"Seeming to realize he’d said too much, he added: “Ah, shit.”…
No idea who dropped laptop off. Really?
Went through the contents. Why?
Oh look crack smoking pics. Cool.
Contacted FBI or FBI contacted him?
Steve Bannon and Rudy had hacked contents. Why?
Burisma was hacked in January.
This story was shopped for months.…
this play book is identical to the Weiner laptop con.…
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14 Oct
Listen up. The planted Biden/Burisma laptop email story is as fake as the "Wiener Laptop Has Hillary's Lost Emails" was. Erik Prince rode that fable hard with Steve Bannon back in the day.…
The "underage" girl was not only coached but monetized for her story. A fictional version of the previous Wiener hacks and missteps. In this case Rudy has spent years trying to cook up a ridiculous story that voters could give a shit about.…
Here we are 4 years later and the same clown circus is trying again to "steal" an election Problem is Trump has the exact same numbers as 2016 and no independents to steal the vote away from the left. And the left is doing their homework in swing states.
Read 4 tweets

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