1/5 @icecube, I know you don’t know me. I just saw your interview on CNN with Chris Cuomo. Yes, you’re right, black people have no capital. Here’s the solution, and if you listen to me, I promise you this will change the situation for black Americans. Simply join @CelsiusNetwork
2/5 I’m an immigrant, from Jamaica, but this is my adopted country and I understand the pain and suffering. Politicians will never do what’s in the best interests of their constituents; the capital system is designed to keep us — We The People — poor, esp minorities.
3/5 Everybody keeps talking about this wealth inequality gap but no one has ever done anything about it except one man: Alex Mashinsky (@Mashinsky) who founded @CelsiusNetwork & gives back 80% of his company’s revenue — NOT profit, revenue — to his depositors. He has minted about
4/5 40 millionaires so far in 2 years & is on his way to minting thousands. Please look into this project called @CelsiusNetwork, as this will take every single minority out of poverty, guaranteed. I know this sounds crazy or like a fable but I’ll attach some stats on @Mashinsky.
5/5 @CelsiusNetwork has $1.6 billion of AUM and growing exponentially, and 191,755 members. @Mashinsky, through @CelsiusNetwork, has returned $58.9 million to his community so far. Any other attempt to change the system to provide financial equality is futile and a waste of time.
Hey, @icecube, I forgot to attach the Oct 16, 2020 @Mashinsky AMA link. Here it is.

@icecube, here’s Alex Mashinsky’s resume.


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15 Oct
1/13 Q. "You said that obviously if we see a digital dollar, a digital yuan, that they will not be deflationary, they will continue to print, it will be inflationary. What do you make of the commitment of the Fed and Powell to continue printing endlessly in this sort of
2/13 “exponential curve — I mean, we’ve seen them printing for years, but this real exponential growth in printing?"

A. "If you look at kind of like the fundamental ideas behind capitalism, you will see basically they believe in economic cycles, they believe in recession versus
3/13 “good times, and you’re supposed to save during the good times so you have money to get through the bad times. Over the last 20 years, we effectively — the monetary activity of the Fed and fiscal activity has basically told us that none of that matters any more, right.
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29 Aug
1/6 ZACH: “Otis is asking, Alex, you have about 268 million CEL tokens in the app. How do you earn yield on those tokens?”

@Mashinsky: “Great question. Otis always has piercing questions. He’s not shy. He’s a Top 100 guy, one of our best supporters. I’m very happy for him.
2/6 “I think we made him — we added him to the 1%. We took — not we, but I’m saying, he’s one of those guys in the community who believed in it from the beginning and poof, became part of the 1%. I’m talking like part of the 1% of the United States, not part of the 1% in Celsius.
3/6 “I’m very happy for you, Otis.
We do several things. First, we issue loans. As of a few months ago, you can take loans against CEL, we earn yield on that. CEL is being used for market making; so when you go on Uniswap, for example, CEL token is being used to do market making
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29 Aug
1/16 This is going to be an interesting thread. The following events happened on March 12, 2020 during the flash crash. Even I make mistakes. So please be careful when sending coins. A big thanks to @marisamcknight of @Liquid_Global for helping me through this disaster.
2/16 PLEASE NOTE: A good friend of mine has a @Liquid_Global account. She’s in a foreign country, as US residents cannot own a @Liquid_Global account. She’s not good with crypto so I help her from time to time. I teach her crypto and she transfer coins for me when I need to.
3/16 On March 12th during the height of the flash crash, I wired $10,000 into @Gemini to buy CEL tokens. I bought 75 ETH in total on @Gemini and I was rushing and sending 25 ETH to IDEX and 25 ETH to Switcheo, and then the last 25 ETH I sent to @Liquid_Global super rushing.
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14 Aug
1/7 Friday, August 14, 2020 AMA:

"Again, very bold statement I’m about to make, mark my words. The largest US banks — Citi, JPMorgan, Bank of America and Wells Fargo — are going to need assistance from the government, they might even have to be bailed out by the government
2/7 “in the next 5 to 10 years." [I think @Mashinsky meant 5 to 10 months, but he can clarify]. "And the reason for that is, this depression that we’re going through, it’s like a slow-moving wreck; it’s like a car — it’s two trains crashing into each other in slow motion; one
3/7 “being the US economy, and the other one being the debasement of the currency. When these things happen, everything — the shockwave goes and affects everything; it affects especially the debt that is outstanding. Worldwide there’s about a $100,000,000,000,000 — with a T, a
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