The purpose of life is expansion of consciousness. We expand our consciousness by having experience through life. Our thoughts co-create that experience by choosing from all possibilities that already exist in the Universal mind.
All experience is valid as our souls extract wisdom from it. That means that there are no bad or good decisions. All experience leads to soul growth.
Everyone comes here with a soul plan. The plan consists from all the things we wanted to do, achieve, overcome, experience, and things we wanted to manifest. The plan was created with love and with guidance from higher vibrational beings and teachers.
Every soul plan is unique so comparing of our lives does not make any sense. It is important to respect and accept our and other peoples life journeys. We, and they are exactly where we are supposed to be in our lives at any given moment.

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14 Oct
Whatever you want to create and manifest is already within you. Whomever you want to become is already within you. All you need to do is to remove the filters that block the manifestation and realization of who you already are.
Those filters are all the doubts, false perceptions, judgments and stories that you or others may tell about yourself.
To welcome change, you need to accept what is, and where you are. Trying to run away from what is (resistance) will manifest more of the same energy. Accept what is and focus on the new things you want to create or become.
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8 Oct
To embody more light you need to make more room for it, so let go of any resentments, grudges, judgments, and any other negativity. Those weigh you down and keep you firmly in 3D. Embrace forgiveness.
When you look at things from the 5D perspective and you hold that perspective for longer periods of time, you become more aligned with the new energies of fifth dimensional earth.
The change towards the light must come from within first at the personal level. When enough people do that, the collective will be influenced and then changes will come quicker.
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5 Oct
Taking responsibility for one's life means letting go of victim consciousness. It brings your power back. It also means that you take responsibility for all events & situations that you may view as negative.
Being responsible and powerful creator of your own reality means the following: When faced with people attacking you in any shape, way, or form, you no longer blame them. You offer them your forgiveness.
While in embodiment we have a very limited perspective as to why certain things happen in our life. A negative event may be a reflection of our own negativity. It may as well be a test given to us by our own higher aspect, our higher self, to test our capacity to love.
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24 Sep
We create (and co-create) our reality and we are responsible for it. The creation process starts even before we incarnate. We create a life plan that has a theme. That theme is our destiny.
Within that theme there are certain people and events that will come into our experience. Usually those are our parents (whom we choose) our partners and spouses and our kids (if we choose to have them)
We exist on all levels of consciousness and all levels of consciousness are valid as they offer different sets of experience and learning. However, our life plan is prepared by our higher aspect, our higher self. Higher self is your personalized aspect of God. It is you.
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21 Sep
Your now creates your future. How you vibrate now dictates your future because the Universe reflects your state of consciousness with a delay. How you vibrate is directly proportional to your state of consciousness.
When you vibrate (most of the time) with any fear based feelings then your future will reflect that. When you vibrate with love and peace, your future will reflect that. So within, so without!
The Matrix works with diligence to keep our vibration low. This is why we have societal norms thanks to which people judge other people. This is why we have negative media, manipulation, mind control, foods laden with chemicals, GMOs, etc.
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17 Sep
You create your own reality and you carry with you a bubble of experience that is focused on you and that goes with you wherever you go.
People can be in same location & have totally different experience because they have different level of consciousness. One who believes in benevolence of life will experience just that. Other one who believes that life is dangerous, full of hatred, etc. will experience just that.
Our core beliefs play the biggest role in the process of creation of our reality. Core beliefs have mental and emotional aspects & that's why they persist & are hard to change. Our consciousness is expressed as thoughts, feelings, & beliefs and they can be conscious & unconscious
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