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17 Oct, 22 tweets, 5 min read
In 2018, in court, in the case of the American right-wing radical group Rise Above Movement, FBI agent Scott Bierwirth claimed that four of its members who took part in the 2017 Charlottesville disorder were associated with nationalists from the-then “Azov” battalion.
AZOVs were created and Trained by the CIA in the Ukraine and exclusively tied to alt-left movements..not alt-right...

There is one curious detail to this news. All signatories without exception are members of the Democratic Party,
which, as domestic experts often claim, supports the most radical Ukrainian forces, acting from extremely anti-Russian positions and insisting on the continuation of the war in Donbass.
In fact, for a long time the Americans have turned a blind eye to the activities of “Azov”, although they were well aware of the racist and neo-Nazi ideology of the regiment.
There is reason to think that in this way the Democratic Party is trying to take under its protection the current ruling team in Ukraine and, in particular, Vladimir Zelensky. Surrounded by the president, there are many of
its proteges, and, in fact, the Ukrainian government itself seems already inclined to follow the orders of the Democrats, not Donald Trump, who, as is known, gave the task to his Ukrainian colleague to “negotiate” with Moscow.
This means ending the war and starting to implement the political points of the Minsk Agreements.

For example, for the achievement of specific aims. For example, like in Ukraine, where nationalism and Galician nazism is used by the authorities to “cleanse” the country of the “heritage of the Soviet Union” and the “influence of Russia”. It is approximately the same in America.
After all, the so-called “alt-left” is the electorate of Clinton. It is precisely her who was supported by those who today dismantle monuments to confederates and are eager to rewrite history.
It has been reported Hillary and Ms Nuland responsible for starting the War in the Don Bass. A Ukranian report states Weapons meant for another area shipped out to ISIS in Syria from the Ukraine and references the burning Warehouses reported in Ukrainian news.
Ukraine not the first time Nuland has been involved...

He described in details her involvement in misinforming the US President and nation on the circumstances of the assassination of the US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens
in Benghazi in September 2012 and her support of the unlawful US funding of a number of the Russian “independent” NGOs seeking to bring a color revolution to Russia.

Poroshenko showed Photos of old burned out Soviet Weapons from another time to recieve weapons...were these the weapons that made their way to ISIS?

Neo NAZI creation...
As regards Ukraine, the objective is to bring down the State or break it in two: one part that would join NATO and the EU; one that would remain largely connected to Russia. The Yalta European Strategy of the Clintons’ oligarch buddy fits into this context.
Military advisors, millions in funds, and CIA and FBI support have flooded into Ukraine since the coup, and more than likely, they will all be directed eastwards towards violently suppressing the federalist protesters [6].
In this manner, the US is directly complicit in any and all war crimes that Kiev’s conventional or mercenary forces carry out, up to and including Koval’s ethnic and cultural cleansing plans.
Thus, the six million people of Donbass are faced with the same type of humanitarian disaster that was thought to have been forever vanquished from Europe almost 70 years ago.
This is a Blog of Opinion..Hat Tip to the Research of Voltairenet.org

Is this how we should be viewed on a World Stage..?
FEMA Maincore?

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18 Oct
This service, technically subsidized by Google and Facebook, aims at fighting an alleged Russian influence in the West. Its strategy? Going after Internet sites challenging Nato, and charging them with being trivial in design and spreading this so-called “propaganda” from Moscow.
This is a long story which extends over fifteen years. NATO first attempted to silence those citizens who were trying to discover the truth about the attacks of 11 September 2001.
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17 Oct
FROM 2009:

The Bilderberg Group conference is the most important meeting in the world, attended each year since 1954 by the world’s most powerful individuals. They meet behind closed doors and their decisions affect every human being on earth, at present and in the future.
The step-by-step crafting of a supranational world government has been on their agenda for decades. This year in Greece, they focused on the economic crisis and the threat of a disease pandemic as a means of justifying centralization of power.
The Bilderberg Plan for 2009: Remaking the Global Political Economy
by Andrew G. Marshall
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17 Oct
I have always believed this to be an attempt to blackmail the President which would have been easier than the Coup attempts..but they were discovered before their tale could be laid...were these "ABOUT QUERIES" picked up by the NSA and/or part of the Swift Banking breach
reported as rogue Intel sources?
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17 Oct
Third, for the last eleven years General Mc Master worked for the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS). This think thank was used by the Obama Administration to “sell” the Iran deal.
This operation was directly financed by George Soros, either directly by the Soros Foundation or through its intermediary, Ploughshares Fund. Furthermore IISS’s principal donors are multinationals that are currently trying to get a foot in Iran.
Finally on 5 June 2017, John Kerry, the former Secretary of State invited by Ploughshares Fund, declared that General Mc Master was the best resource to follow through with the Iran deal.
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17 Oct
This is not anarchism, it is state-sponsored terrorism. Many of the whites standing in "solidarity" with their "outraged" African American front-line are indeed quietly giving the orders and monitoring the situation, much like a special
forces advisers with Kurdish rebels in Syria-Iraq-Turkey or directing the Afghan Army. Indeed many of these troopers are war veterans with the SIS commando units of the British-Australian-Canadian armed forces involved in
clandestine ops around the world, from the Balkans during the Clinton regime to George W's Afghan and Iraqi invasions, and then Obama-Hillary disasters across the Middle East and North Africa.
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16 Oct
The 2020 American election is being held in this format of plans and relations. It is an election based on principles. Globalists have a last chance to exact revenge, after which they expect never to give up power. It’s unachievable, but
they have no other option. Right-wing conservative Trumpists need to consolidate their four-year-old victory, show that it is not the accidental success of a scandalous elderly gentleman, but a new political trend. They need to
move the left-liberal globalists away from political power seriously and for a long time, and in their current form forever.
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