Man food time.
Tell me that doesn't ratchet your testosterone up a notch.

Kissed & blessed by fire.
Coup de grace.
Crispy, buttery, garlicy bloody goodness.

• • •

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17 Oct
At some point in our lives, all of we Former Action Guys begin to get soft.
We leave the service, hang up the uniform or badge and feel that our time serving the nation is done.
We focus on our kids and/or grandkids, begin to spend less time in the gym or at the range, begin to
...enjoy the finer things in life,finally spend more time with our deserving significant others.
But then, sometimes, something happens.
Let’s say, hypothetically, that we discover that through all of those years while we were being good little soldiers or officers, paying our-
...taxes and doing our duty for the Republic, that the same people signing our paychecks or sending us into the mouth of hell in shitholes around the world were using our hard-earned tax dollars to bring down the very Republic we fought for, were not only turning a blind eye to-
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14 Oct
With the release of the letter between Burisma & Hunter Biden thanking him for introducing the most corrupt company in Ukraine to his dad VP Dementia Beijing Biden, I really want you to take a moment today to reflect on all of the US media, "journalists" and pundits who ran -
...cover for the Bidens, who helped hide the Burisma corruption evidence, who did softball interviews with Hunter to rehab his reputation- namely Amy Rohrbach who was also more upset she didn't get to break the Epstein story than she was that he was allowed to rape children-
...for years despite the evidence having been in her hands to put him away - and who helped impeach the greatest President in US history to cover up Biden's Ukraine corruption just like they invented Russia Gate to hide HRC's Russia corruption.

These people are complicit in -
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6 Oct
The @1st_praetorian post-DC After Action Review-

Thank you to those who donated & helped our mil, law enforcement & intel vets ensure a safe event for @RealWalkAway 's Unsilent Majority March on Washington over the weekend:

...if you believe in our mission of providing intelligence & security to ensure patriotic events can be safe once again, please donate to our future missions at:
I wonder why Twitter removed 50 retweets from this in the past hour...
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2 Oct
@1st_praetorian has set up our 1st night of security for the Walkaway Campaign's "Unsilent Majority March on Washington."

To everyone of you who donated to our crowdfunding campaign, thank you.

You paid for the radios, for the surveillance cameras, the gas masks, the laser-
...protective glasses & to get the military, law enforcement & intel vets here who couldn't sit by and watch Americans be intimidated any longer.

We're taking our country back, and its thanks to every one of you who donated & helped make this happen.

I'll do a video to go-
...through some of the gear you helped pay for in more depth if I have time later, but I wanted to take a moment to say thank you.

If you want to support our future missions, you can do so at: on the "donate button."

God bless you, every one of you.
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29 Sep
Thank you to everyone who's already donated to our crowdfunding campaign - you've helped us purchase a large amount of comms, surveillance & protection equipment that we'll be using this weekend at the @RealWalkAway campaign's "Unsilent Majority March on Washington" in DC.

If -'re unfamiliar with what this crowdfunding campaign is for, I'm part of @1st_praetorian , a group of military, law enforcement & intelligence agency veterans who've come together and volunteered to provide intelligence & security services for patriotic events to prevent-
...outside forces or groups from silencing their voices, intimidating their attendees or bringing violence on their events.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who's already donated - we'll begin posting "financial transparency" communications to let you know -
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25 Sep
There have been multiple groups of ballots that seem to have been tossed away yet found - the latest being the PA military votes.

Aside from the possibility that people are trying to hide ballots cast for POTUS, what does the fact that they've been found tell you?
I mean, in a drainage ditch, in the garbage, in abandoned warehouses - what's the likelihood that someone just randomly found these and turned them in?

There may be more going on with these new ballots than we know.
In case you didn't know, for quite some time certain federal agencies have been able to track any physical paper back to a specific printer via hidden Metadata for quite some time.

We know they've been worried about advanced adversaries pinting fake ballots...
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