A Persona AU based on Mobile Suit Gundam. The Persona 4 group in from the Earth Federation while the Persona 3 group are the Principality of Zeon, trying to open the "door" that will allow the extra dimensional P1 & P2 groups in.

The P5 group are just Space Pirates ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Normal Mobile Suits are like shadows, remote controlled combat mechs. Mass produced but not too powerful. Gundams are the Persona, actual mecha piloted by a human, allowing them much stronger combat abilities. The cast each has a unique bond with their Gundamsona
An unsteady ceasefire exists between the Federation & Zeon until rumors of a secretive Kirijo Group doing strange tests arise. Under the premise of regular disarmament inspection, the Federation sends the Investigation Team. They run afoul of the SEES, turning the cold war hot
Meanwhile, a Federation ship carrying some new experimental Gundamsona is stolen, the group eventually branding themselves the Phantom Thieves. Pursued by the Federation, they begin fighting-with-deniability for Zeon, a group of Gundamsona not part of the SEES unit
Zeon's Kirijo Group has been doing insane tests, resulting in powerful Gundamsona piloted by Strega, although these Mecha kill their pilots after prolonged use. It's all part of their research into dimensional travel and all horrible weapons that can be made with its energy
A branch of Federation Military, Inaba Force, led by Commander Dojima uses numbers of Mobile Suits against the targeted strikes of SEES, but the technological advantage provided by Kirijo Group research makes it difficult. Eventually second in command Adachi gets a Gundamsona.
The Federation sends an officer with their final Gundamsona to chase after the Phantom Thieves in hopes of getting their stolen Gundamsona back. This officer slowly becomes obsessed with the Phantom Thieves, ignoring orders to give up the hunt.
With each mission the Investigation Team learn more about the Kirijo Group and their plans, defeating Strega and occasionally coming against the Phantom Thieves. What they discover eventually convince the Phantom Thieves to stop helping Zeon, but not return their Gundamsona.
On Earth SEES overwhelms the Federation Military until the Inaba Force catches up to them, at which point they retreat due to a mass Mobile Suit attack lead by Adachi in his own, extremely powerful Gundamsona. Dojima's mercy at letting them retreat angers Adachi's bloodlust
The Investigation Team is finally able to relay to the Inaba Force their discoveries of the Kirijo Group's research while the Kirijo Group turns on SEES, using them to achieve inter dimensional travel. Dojima leads an assault on the Kirijo Group with the Investigation Team
SEES rebels and eventually join the Investigation Team in fighting the Kirijo Group's new and powerful weapons. Suddenly the Kirijo group is destroyed from within as the P1 and P2 groups come through the dimensional door. Their technology overwhelms both sides
Dojima orders a retreat, but Adachi usurps control and continues the battle, causing mass casualties. All seems lost until the Phantom Thieves arrive as reinforcements, helping to turn the tide and push the first two Persona Games back through the portal.
The portal is destroyed by the insane actions of the officer that was obsessively chasing the Phantom Thieves, resulting in his death. Adachi's Gundamsona is disabled and he is arrested. Dojima reclaims command of the Inaba Force and asks SEES to help him broker another ceasefire
The Phantom Thieves run off to keep Phantom Thieving, content at just having done their Big Damn Heroes moment. And so neither side can arrest then.

In the end the ceasefire is reestablished, but the Investigation Team and SEES continue training with their Gundamsona.
Finally, Adachi politically avoids arrest and begins planning his (Char's) Counter Attack

The obsessed officer didn't die, but ended up in other dimension with the P1 & P2 cast. He takes the name Akechi and vows to help in creating a new portal, still intent on hunting the PT
That is my Gundam x Persona AU in a nutshell and probably will be changed a lot before I actually write it. But I invite anyone who likes the idea to discuss it with me!

• • •

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