Last night, @AP reported 180-page legal complaint filed by non-partisan Campaign Legal Center.

It claims Cambridge Analytica facilitated illegal co-ordination between Trump & PACs. 757 pages of internal CA docs were also released

This is material @ICOnews has. SO many qs
Everything about this story is hard to follow. But here's what you need to understand: AIQ is company at the heart of Brexit. Found by Cummings. Used by 4 different campaigns. Who by law not allowed to co-ordinate. (Though we know at least 2 of them did - Vote Leave & BeLeave)
Last week, @ICOnews told DCMS committee 'AIQ has consistently denied have a closer relationship beyond that between a software developer & their client'. And that all work was 'conducted with SCL & not CA'.

These docs - which @ICOnews has - flatly contradict this Image
To understand context of this, you need to read this by campaign finance expert @brendan_fischer of Campaign Legal Center. It has done painstakingly detailed work to untangle illegal co-ordination at heart of Mercer's distributed empire & Trump campaign…
But before we get to this, we need to disentangle what happened last week. A blogpost by an @FT journalist who'd never previously reported on Cambridge Analytica set off a cascade of 'conspiracy theory!' articles by the usual suspects... Image
I suspect the journalist doesn't even know about work Cambridge Analytica did for @FT. Certainly she doesn't note it. But here, you can see this CA employee boasting about the 'good work' it did for @FT. And in same email, admitting freely CA used psychographics for Trump Image
In these docs are contracts where CA explicitly says it retains clients' data. And it seems fair @khalafroula to understand exactly what this was. In these docs are contracts where CA explicitly states it retains clients' data. And then used it in its political work. Was @FT's?
At very least, it's surely simply good journalistic practice that this conflict should have been noted in an article that has been used to whack entire Cambridge Analytica investigation, @khalafroula ?
And who was the first person to leap on @FT article & feast upon it? Why @afneil of course. Could @afneil have any undeclared interests in this story revealed by these new docs?? Image
Uh oh. Look who's there on the launch night of LeaveEU, @afneil. With Banks, Farage & Cambridge Analytica.'s only the Barclay Brothers!

Or as we know them - @afneil's boss. Did you know this @afneil? Have you ever asked them about their involvement?? You going to now?? Image
This is just one of dozens of stories by @spectator

And we know now, its owners the Barclay Bros - who also employ Dominic Cummings' wife - were at private briefing dinner arranged by Cambridge Analytica & LeaveEU.

Will @afneil bring that famous 'forensic' eye to bear on this? Image
Whatever else it is, it's embarrassing @afneil.

You've attacked me personally & @ObserverUK's journalism. Your magazine @spectator has run story after claiming it's a 'conspiracy theory'

Well, if it is. It's one with your bosses - the Barclay Bros - at centre of it since day 1 Image
There's so much more in here. But I need fresh air & sunlight. (As this entire story does). But these docs - released far far too late - clarify a lot.

Not least the relation between LeaveEU-UKIP-CA-Bannon. And the data sharing between them. Image
Final note. @roulakhalaf, FT did such superb reporting on Wirecard. Key thing @FD grasped was that it was not a normal company. UK press has failed to understand: Cambridge Analytica was not a normal company. It's so fundamental to understanding entire story. Ask @profcarroll
Cambridge was not a normal company.

Ask @jason_kint. Ask @ProfessorShaw. Ask @JaneMayerNYer. Ask @suehalpernVT. Ask @chrisinsilico. Ask @EmmaLBriant. Ask @charleskriel. Ask @DamianCollins. Ask @IanCLucas. Ask. People. Who. Have. Done. The. Work

• • •

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18 Oct
I am a huge fan of @FT's journalism. I subscribe to the @FT & support its journalism. And I think it really needs to examine its coverage of Cambridge Analytica & its own involvement with the firm, @khalafroula. Image
Last week, a journalist who had not covered the story previously wrote a blogpost below. It failed to note even basic background context of @ICOnews's inquiry & set off cascade of other stories that claimed @ObserverUK's investigation had been 'debunked'…
A follow-up piece was littered with inaccuracies. The allegations are falsely represented. Even the account of how the inquiry began is factually incorrect.

In fairness: this is a difficult, complex story that has unfolded over years.…
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17 Oct
⚠️⚠️⚠️And there it is⚠️⚠️⚠️

In black & fucking white.

A legal contract with Donald Trump

'AggregateIQ - IN PARTNERSHIP WITH - Cambridge Analytica'

2 companies

Operating together as ***1 legal entity***

'Aggregate IQ in partnership with Cambridge Analytica'
From Brittany's new data dump. I really didn't mean to look tonight...but my god.

For the Brits: incontrovertible evidence AIQ - firm at heart of Brexit contracted by Cummings - was operating as single legal entity with Cambridge Analytica

(Previously: denied, denied, denied)
For the Americans: Cambridge Analytica started working for Trump in Sept, 2015

This contract dates from 11 months before it was announced that Cambridge Analytica was working for the Trump campaign.

And overlaps with period when Cambridge Analytica was working for Ted Cruz
Read 4 tweets
16 Oct
Independent SAGE’s weekly briefing live now. Must-watching viewing in this crucial week
Every single chart is grim, grim, grim
NEW: Prof @chrischirp presents @independentSAGE's emergency 6-week plan.

'SAGE proposed an emergency circuit breaker 3 weeks ago. We now have 4x the number of cases. We must act now.'
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15 Oct
This is live now & is already absolutely chilling. @heidibeirich is one of foremost experts in armed militias currently talking about violent white supremacists organizing & recruiting on Facebook
‘Facebook is a handmaiden to armed violence’ - @heidibeirich
‘Facebook has blood on its hands. This has to change NOW.’

@JGo4Justice of @freepress announces the new Real Facebook Oversight Board’s demands to Facebook. You there @andymstone & @nickclegg? Can we have a comment please?
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11 Oct
In May 2017, Cambridge Analytica threatened to sue @ObserverUK

It took a team of editors, reporters & lawyers to keep publishing. Their knowledge of this story is unmatched by any other publication

I hope you will read their view of this week’s headlines…
This leader wasn’t my idea & is not my words. But I’ve been lucky enough to work with hugely talented & impressive colleagues who have grappled with the detail - & legalities - of it over *years*. It’s only because of their commitment & brainpower that *any* of this could be told
Shonky homemade video of #TheGreatHack because I want to name check some here: @sarah_donaldson without whom there *literally* would be no Cambridge Analytica story. The brilliant @_EmmaGH whose reporting skills made it happen. @ladywell23 who fought off CA’s & FB’s lawyers
Read 7 tweets
9 Oct
Not a single UK news org reported on UK links in Senate Intel report. Including amazing detail that Cambridge Analytica polling data from Trump was passed to Russian spy. In sounds too nutty to be true, right? Much easier to dismiss & move on. is true
I mean..I get it. It’s literally crazy. un-British. We are not built for plots like this. Kitchen-sink dramas are our thing. But you can’t really understand the misreporting of this week’s Cambridge Analytica news without understanding the bizarro background context
Elizabeth Denham, the UK commissioner, has led the world in investigating the abuse in data in politics. She did something bold & brilliant in taking on the tech giants & trying to uncover the truth about how personal data has been weaponised but political parties & campaigns
Read 10 tweets

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