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The urgency to regulate political microtargeting cannot be overstated. #TheGreatHack
Data Privacy is Bipartisan: “75 percent of Republicans and 69 percent of Democrats believe no individual-level data should be used by political campaigns to target them online” per Knight/Gallup…
Custom Audiences should be banned for all purposes. It’s truly appalling that Facebook hasn’t voluntarily offered a moratorium for 2020. The best they’ve offered is a buried opt-out that no one will find and use, a control that should have been there since 2013 when it launched.
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1. anche se ne ho parlato già ieri sera in inglese, rispondo a chi mi continua a chiedere dell'articolo del #DailyBeast, secondo il quale #ArronBanks avrebbe vantato un canale di comunicazione con Julian #Assange e #WikiLeaks, che trovate qui in inglese:…
2. ho spiegato ieri sera perché sono completamente scettica riguardo a gente che va a vantarsi in giro di "un canale" con Julian #Assange: sono anni che #Guardian, #DailyBeast, ecc pubblicano questi articoli senza uno straccio di prova
3. dunque secondo le ricostruzioni giornalistiche, #ArronBanks sarebbe stato l'uomo della #Brexit in combutta con i #russi
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Good luck #TheGreatHack. 🤞
Here’s the great @PeterBradshaw1 with his #BAFTAs predictions. He thinks #TheGreatHack *should* win. I suspect it will be worthy winner #ForSama but we’ll see...…
Look who I found in the Royal Albert Hall! Only the recently deposed @DamianCollins who got shafted off the DCMS committee. ‘It was that fucker Dominic Cummings, wasn’t it?’ I said. He neither confirmed or denied...
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At the #BAFTAs with @thegreathackdoc team. Unreal. #TheGreatHack
tfw ur in the #BAFTA program being a data nerd on the whiteboard
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Netflix has kept metrics uniquely opaque and has only recently dipped its toe into releasing scant regional top 10 lists. I have only rumors to go on as to how successful @thegreathackdoc has been worldwide (per the original viewthru measurement).
I surmise that Netflix didn’t expose metrics because it didn’t have to. Why tell the competition what’s popular to copy if you don’t have to sell eyeballs and behavioral data for ads? Is the move to toward clickbait style metrics a harbinger of an ad-supported Netflix?
Netflix (and Domino’s) were the top performing stocks of the 2010s. In order to keep on that blockbuster earnings curve it’s inevitable that Netflix will go to the dark side and become infected with behavioral ads (and product placement).
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Do yourself a favor and work thru this important @emptywheel post that clearly pieces together the FOIA’d Bannon FBI 302s (h/t @JasonLeopold) and folds in Cambridge Analytica, revealing yet another signal it’s (been) an ongoing investigation. #TheGreatHack…
Also @emptywheel shows you how Bannon is completely full of shit and why the hell is he getting away with it? (Further, it shows how the press is very bored with the Cambridge Analytica story or preoccupied with the red herrings about it and so it’s a signal lost in the noise.)
But anyway, I confirmed the CA/SCL investigation was still live in April 2019 during my UK case and so then the Bannon 302 redactions indicate case was still live thru November 2019. I guess final UK ICO report is probably awaiting a new DCMS committee and/or FBI? #TheGreatHack
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Am PROUD to announce that today I appeared in a story in the Daily Mail's Sidebar of SHAME
I'm not going to link to the piece because. But here's a still from the new Kingsman movie, feat Christopher Steele & Mr Darcy
Actually a rare public outing for Christopher Steele, author of so-called Steele dossier. He talked about imminent & urgent threats to democracy at a screening of #TheGreatHack hosted by Colin & Livia Firth. He says ‘radical’ action required. But will it happen?
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Aleksandr Kogan and Joseph Chancellor were deceptively harvesting/matching data with that personality quiz on Facebook as GSR for SCL. John Bolton PAC was the client. @chrisinsilico’s papers to DCMS committee have the emails about delivering the data to Bolton.
Brittany Kaiser’s book #Targeted describes post-mortems with Robert Murtfeld where they show how similarly microtargeted tactics from the Trump campaign yielded 20% engagement boost on 95% confidence. #Hindsightis2020
The efficacy of CA’s targeting is hotly contested, there’s no doubt about that. It’s just marketing, in the end. But any marketing that can boast a 20% boost is not nothing. These ad archives show how messages can be tailored. Some will work better than others. #Hindsightis2020
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Just a taster from a hard drive that’s a “treasure trove of sketchy information” #TheGreatHack
🍨A veritable ice cream shoppe of scoops for the press, especially in 🇧🇷🇰🇪🇲🇾
In Jan 2017, I started my official Data Request from Cambridge Analytica per its involvement in the 2016 presidential elections. That same month, this was SCL's active/target Commercial and Political client list around the world. via @hindsightfiles
@HindsightFiles The #MerdekaPapers offer us a case study on the overlap between a political party (Barisan Nasional), the intelligence services (Special Branch), the petro-state (Petronas), and SCL, thanks to its approach of seeking to blur the boundaries between commercial/political work/data.
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As we close this year and think about the decade ahead, nothing has impacted us more than technology. Arguably, social media platforms have become the central nervous system of our communication worldwide.
It’s so important that we understand how these platforms that were created to connect us are being weaponized against us. We need to understand how our data is being monetized, how micro-targeting for political ads works, who has our information and how they are using it.
We’re coming into 2020 with tons of new information to keep the conversation going. Thank you to everyone who has watched the film and created awareness in your communities.
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Concerns about Peter Thiel's outsize influence over Mark Zuckerberg (and by extension, Facebook policy) as first-investor appear to be well-founded as new details emerge, including internal investigations into Thiel, Palantir, and Cambridge Analytica.…
Anyone who has read @chrisinsilico's #Mindfck knows even more about Palantir…but this seems to imply that Zuckerberg was *less than candid* to Senator Cantwell when she asked about Palantir in the context of FB's internal Cambridge Analytica investigation. #TheGreatHack
@chrisinsilico I suppose it all depends if the notes referred to in the WSJ article are from a meeting before or after this Senator Cantwell questioning on Palantir from Apr 10, 2018. It's not clear from the article. Either way, it's not a good look, Zuck. #TheGreatHack
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Donald Trump’s campaign is deploying Phunware phone location-tracking technology

⚠️Also, a detail not in the Intercept article, but you’ll never guess:

Brittany Kaiser is on Phunware’s Advisory Board.

How did Intercept miss this detail? Whoops.
Fair to assume Parscale and Oz are matching device location for retargeting to registered Democrats in swing states attending MAGA rallies. (Very doubtful any Dem campaign is matching device location IDs DMP’d to voter files to retarget non-Dems attending campaign events.)
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Report: Brexit referendum and US elections are tainted by Canadian privacy law violations by British Columbia based company AIQ. #PIPEDA #DataRights #TheGreatHack h/t @jason_kint…
Because the data scandal was global in nature since SCL and its affiliates such as AiQ operate across borders, elections, and jurisdictions, collaboration between privacy regulators is THE NEW NORMAL. Also suggests UK ICO’s report is coming very soon. #DataRights
Custom Audiences — the microtargeting audience matching feature that Facebook badly wants to preserve and digital political technology consultants swear by. Google suspended their matching feature tho. We’re starting to wonder if it is even legal? #DataRights
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I’m here at NY State Senate hearing on #S5642 #NYPrivacyAct and will offer some commentary…
@Partnership4NYC opens with testimony that seeks to gut the draft bill to take a far more pro-business stance. They want opt-out instead of opt-in and to strike the private right of action while delaying roll-out to 2 years from 6 months. #S6542
Business Council of New York State prefers federal law and FTC enforcement. Seems to want to narrow concern to data breach rather than address data abuse. They even object to basic data request rights! claiming it’s onerous for business (despite CCPA/GDPR). #S5642
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Yes, Twitter accounts for a much smaller % of political advertising $$ than FB/G. BUT its piece of the pie is likely undervalued as this $2mm figure doesn't include contractors.

If you think Twitter ads are small potatoes..
See Trump 2016 receipts-…
Because URL forensics tell us Twitter is where the Trump campaign targeted "Bernie Supporters" in August 2016-- a strategy the Russians were using in parallel.

And Trump 2016 targeted other key audiences on Twitter, like Evangelicals:

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You gotta read this @hugorifkind profile of Brittany Kaiser in the lead-up to her book release. The way she disguises Chase Ergen with a fake name is so weird. Includes a book excerpt from #Targeted. #TheGreatHack…
If you’re paywalled out
Here’s a PDF of the full article about Kaiser with her book excerpt if you’re paywalled out.
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NEW: Excerpt in @NYMag from @chrisinsilico’s forthcoming book #Mindf_ck: Cambridge Analytica and the Plot to Break America…
“The [Palantir] staff suggested to Nix that if Cambridge Analytica gave them access to the harvested data, they could then, at least in theory, legally pass it along to the NSA.” #Mindf_ck #TheGreatHack…
“…we used focus groups and qualitative observation to…learn what people cared about — term limits, the deep state, draining the swamp, guns, and the concept of walls to keep out immigrants were all explored in 2014, years before the Trump campaign.” #Mindf_ck
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Still haven’t seen #TheGreatHack? In NYC tomorrow? Join me with @Karim_Amer33 @JehaneNoujaim and @heffnera at @TheNewSchool Oct 1 for #FestivalOfNew screening of @thegreathackdoc and discussion panel. 66 5th Ave, Kellen Auditorium, 5-9pm.…
If you’ve already seen #TheGreatHack but want to attend the discussion panel and ask your burning question, feel free to come for the panel at 7:15pm. Former Cambridge Analytica employees are always welcome, as usual.…
CORRECTION: Panel is at 5pm, not 7:15. Screening follows panel. Sorry for the misinformation. Agh! #TheGreatHack
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New: before the Cambridge Analytica scandal, its parent company worked on behavioral influence campaigns to fight terror & propaganda for US, UK, NATO, and other militaries, using what the State Dept. called "unique qualifications and special capabilities"…
Sandia National Labs, a Pentagon partner, said last year it had never formally worked with SCL. But documents show multiple projects, like an "in-depth behavior change study" in Asia. Sandia acknowledged the collaborations and said it had "unintentionally muddied those waters"
As the conglomerate fades, abusive info operations flourish, fostered by governments & an unregulated industry of influence peddlers, including ex-SCL employees. During elections, tactics intended for battlefields can foment division & extremism or discourage voters, experts warn
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Axciom sold our data to Cambridge Analytica so tell me more about responsible data brokers.
You’ll recall scene in @thegreathackdoc when Brittany Kaiser is going thru her hard drive and finds keynote presentation created after CA/SCL falsely certified to FB that it deleted deceptively harvested data. There’s @acxiom among other data brokers used for illegal profiling.
It’s pretty outrageous but unsurprising that the @PrivacyProject didn’t insist that @acxiom’s data ethics chief acknowledge their own role in the #CambridgeAnalytica scandal, as if they weren’t complicit in illegal profiling per UK law and data privacy watchdog, the ICO.
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Shows you have much the data privacy debate has shifted in the US when lobbyists can’t get their loopholes. #CCPA #TheGreatHack
“shows you *how much”…but seriously taken together with the reclassification law, Sacramento is doing the hard work of reigning in the excesses of Big Tech to protect consumers and workers where Washington DC isn’t.
Watching loophole lobbyists fail badly at statehouses is ratcheting pressure on Washington to act on preemption to grant us national data rights. But the devil will be in the details and the industry’s concessions for winning preemption. #DataRights…
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Remember in #TheGreatHack when Brittany Kaiser watches Alexander Nix called back to Parliament’s DCMS committee after misleading MPs. When asked about undisclosed UK election work Nix insists their was none. Kaiser reacts: “That’s not true” and bangs her head against the chair.
*there (I was *there* at that hearing, sitting between @paulhilder and @issielapowsky) and it was insane to feel the tension in the room that day. Will never forget it.
How clever were the filmmakers to be shooting Brittany watching DCMS in NYC early that morning simultaneously to capture her reactions to Nix’s second round of deceptions. Parliament never imagined an old Etonian would lie to their faces. We do oaths in America. #TheGreatHack
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The Irish Times covers my visit to Dublin talking about #TheGreatHack and the key lesson it teaches Americans. We need the US to catch up to the EU on #DataRights to safeguard democracy. #Tech4GoodDublin cc @ICCLtweet @INCLOnet @thegreathackdoc…
And also via @FT…Google caught allegedly circumventing the #GDPR, slapped with an investigation by Irish Data Protection Commissioner, as @johnnyryan’s research exposes Google’s dirty tricks.…
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This is glorious @ProfessorShaw. How a Netflix doc managed to expose the shadow oligarchy dismantling liberal democracies more clearly than the Mueller Report. #TheGreatHack
This by @ProfessorShaw. Getting pretty tired of talking about whether psychographics work or not. If that’s all you care about then you’re not seeing the forest from the trees. #TheGreatHack
This shade is SPF 50 btw
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