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£200,702 raised from 7,553 donations in less than a week. I’m not sure most people or even most journalists realise full chilling implications of what Arron Banks is trying to do. So this support is v cheering & v meaningful. THANK YOU 🙏
The old rules no longer apply. And in this new world, journalists are in first line of attack. Banks is pioneering new form of media suppression open to any millionaire from anywhere using British courts. This could happen to *any* journalist. And there is absolutely zero support
Banks is coming after me because of journalism I have published over 2.5 years in @guardian. Journalism that has helped launch major criminal investigations. But because Banks has tactically gone after me personally, @guardian has no liability or responsibility. I’m on my own
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Ironically, just days before the #CambridgeAnalytica scandal broke last spring, SCL Group had presented research to State Dept’s Global Engagement Center about Counterpointing Digital Propaganda with their TAA methods, once export controlled by UK government. #TheGreatHack
And weirdly enough this contract to SCL Group for CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) with TAA (Target Audience Analysis) seems to have been secured no-bid/sole-source while Mike Flynn had previously undisclosed consulting gig with SCL Group. #TheGreatHack
SCL Insights Ltd is the last-standing SCL company, led by Nigel Oakes, who acquired assets from SCL Group before it went into administration. Sensitive security-clearanced clients and personnel were probably swept into this company.…
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Cloudflare may have been pressured to dump 8chan from DDOS shielding but Facebook is still pumping news feeds with xenophobia and scapegoating for profit after getting caught for being deceptive about Cambridge Analytica. #TheGreatHack
Mad as hell about #TheGreatHack? Not gonna take it anymore? Ready to demand #DataRights? Write to your Reps about the #VoterPrivacyAct to demand your data rights for elections as fundamental, simple rights. Demand they pass and enforce before Nov 2020.
Fellow Americans, write to your state representatives and senators about #VoterPrivacyAct and demand something like it passed in your statehouse before Nov 2020. How else are we gonna hack around Mitch McConnell? #Federalism #MoscowMitch #TheGreatHack
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Bannon’s culture war machine may have helped unleash a monster. Brittany Kaiser’s evidence to Parliament includes descriptions of an exclusive cookie matching deal between Breitbart and Cambridge Analytica. #TheGreatHack
Yes, I recall correctly. This Breitbart data was discussed in the full hearing that is excerpted in #TheGreatHack. The subject came up shortly after Kaiser’s work in Nigeria was touched upon.…
Here’s some of @carolecadwalla’s reporting on SCL/CA’s work in Nigeria with help from @annmarlowe where ace’s will recall that this was a project with Sam Patten (yes Mueller’s Sam Patten).…
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The inherent anti-democratic characteristic of digital microtargeting for politics. The ICO and the UK ad agency association called for a moratorium on microtargeting for this reason. #TheGreatHack
Here’s @The_IPA recommending this moratorium to @CommonsCMS h/t @jason_kint #TheGreatHack
To be fair, the UK Information Commissioner called for an “ethical pause” rather than a moratorium but… #TheGreatHack
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I knew it. Brittany Kaiser met Julian Assange through John Jones QC (RIP). Washington Post interviews Kaiser for #TheGreatHack…
Confirms @annmarlowe from January 2017!…
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Data rights for voters! @SenFeinstein introduces the #VoterPrivacyAct to prevent the voter surveillance and data abuse illustrated in #TheGreatHack
#VoterPrivacyAct would grant 5 basic rights that do not yet exist in the USA:
1. Right to Know
2. Right to Own
3. Right to Review
4. Right to Remove
5. Right to Refuse
#DataRightsAreHumanRights #CambridgeAnalytica #TheGreatHackNetflix…
Here’s how the #VoterPrivacyAct expresses these new rights (i was paraphrasing)…
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A thread of lies and deceptions…#TheGreatHack

— Kogan(Chancellor)/Nix(Bannon) got caught by FTC lying to the original personality quiz takers that their data would not be attached to their names. It was. FTC complaint proves it.…
— Facebook misled reporters when harvesting was discovered. Reporter (@carolecadwalla) had to find whistleblower to find truth being withheld. SEC penalty notes the deceptions.…
— Nix misled DCMS Parliament committee about Facebook data. Had to be recalled to clarify, a trainwreck of more lies. Brittany Kaiser’s hard drive evidences use of Facebook data after falsely certified deletion and concerns over data protection law violations for LeaveEU work.
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I watched "The Great Hack" today, then browsed news articles about it and was more than a little startled. Did nobody except @WIRED… understand that the "hack" was a social/psychological one that forces examination of our current definition of "private"?
@WIRED Brittany Kaiser said their platform fell within the UK's definition of information warfare. Let that sink in. Cambridge Analytica ran a bunch of #psyops in Africa & some in Asia tweeking their targeting before setting it loose on the UK and USA. #TheGreatHack
@WIRED CA's psych warfare & RU's voting platform hacks need to be front and center in #DemDebates but you know they won't be.… #TheGreatHack
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We always said that the data use was unlawful if it was happening in the UK. Looks like we weren’t alone with those concerns. Shame we never got a chance to test it in court. #TheGreatHack #5000DataPoints
My story shows how all American voters had their data rights abused by CA/SCL in the UK. @RaviNa1k would’ve won our case if the company hadn’t raced into insolvency. Brittany’s latest files show how LeaveEU seemed to admit that its proposal was unlawful. So where did the data go?
In response to new emails from Brittany Kaiser, DCMS MP calls for reopening of electoral commission investigations while the Chair notes their concerns over data protection act violations. And then there’s Nix’s “We don’t talk about that” in #TheGreatHack…
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NEW: Explosive new emails detail work Cambridge Analytica did for LeaveEU/UKIP. Brittany Kaiser, woman at centre of Netflix's #TheGreatHack has handed over a whole bunch of new emails to DCMS committee. Oh dear, Arron Banks. Looks like it's all coming home to roost...
🔥 🔥 🔥
There is a lot in here. This for eg is very interesting. It's a discussion of legality of what they're planning to do with data with Matthew Richardson. He's a key player who connects Nigel Farage to the US far right. Ex-general secretary of UKIP & close to Robert Mercer
Arron Banks & Alexander Nix both told parliament that Cambridge Analytica did no work for LeaveEU. But this confirm @observerUK story from last year. We revealed CA invoiced UKIP £41,500 for work. & Arron Banks paid UKIP. UKIP just never handed £ over…
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Watched #TheGreatHack this weekend? Mindblown and/or outraged? California resident? Read about industry efforts to water down the landmark California Consumer Privacy Act #CCPA which is the first law in the USA to grant a Right to Know. Defend California law from loophole lobby!
Watched #TheGreatHack this weekend? Mindblown and/or outraged? New Yorker? Read about the bill in Albany that’s even bolder than California’s law. Then join me in writing to my local reps asking them to watch the film and pass the strongest bill possible.…
The next great hack is around #MoscowMitch who will surely block a landmark national privacy law. We must pass privacy laws in the statehouses first so that the industry pressures McConnell for preemption but voters will gain federalist leverage over the inevitable concessions.
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Just watched "#TheGreatHack" the #CambridgeAnalytica Netflix documentary featuring @carolecadwalla and Brittany Kaiser. It lays it all out there in a very compelling way, reminded me of #CitizenFour.… /1
@carolecadwalla As I watched it, it took me back to what turned out to be a prophetic story published by @NafeezAhmed back at the end of 2017, before @chrisinsilico went public, before the @Facebook day of infamy on capitol hill, and before anyone knew about SCL. /3
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I just remembered something from the Cambridge Analytica doc, "The Great Hack" #TheGreatHack . Not just did CA create pro-Trump/anti-Hillary ads and groups, they also created Anti-Trump/pro-Hillary ads and groups. They made the anti-T/pro-H ads and groups to scare those ...
... on the right-leaning side of the fence by making their ads and groups overtly anti-white and more "socialist" leaning. For instance, even the largest Black Lives Matter page (since deleted) on Facebook was run by CA operatives, which they used to post ...
... crazy memes and messages, in the hopes of further radicalizing legit BLM groups, which would both play into CA's schemes and scare white people.

What reminded me of this is that I'm currently seeing a lot of exceptionally mean and hateful anti-Trump/pro-Dem profiles ...
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Yesterday @SRuhle had on L2 Inc founder @profgalloway in segment re:Netflix docu #TheGreatHack after chat w/director @JehaneNoujaim & prod @Karim_Amer33

~11:00, Ruhle asks Galloway about L2 link to Cambridge Analytica

[THREAD] to correct record..…
.@SRuhle asks @profgalloway for comment on fact that Cambridge Analytica has listed L2 “ a company they’ve worked with..or involved in their data sources..”

His response was complete denial.

Nothing shady about this answer -- Ruhle was talking to the wrong L2..
@SRuhle @profgalloway This is the L2 @profgalloway founded & sold to Gartner in 2017:

A digital intelligence tool.
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I got blocked on YouTube for haring this piece of #TheGreatHack
This miserable pesos Britany Kaiser lying. Did you know She worked for Obama? #FalseClaims being made by her. ANONS have proof.
@realDonaldTrump #GreatAwakening
Video chopped up
Britany Kaiser from #CA making false claims GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, AMAZON, TESLA HELPED @realDonaldTrump won 2016 election 😂😂😂
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FTC suing #CambridgeAnalytica for deceptive practices and violating #PrivacyShield international data security framework. #TheGreatHack…
Corporate structure cheat sheet:

Cambridge Analytica Holdings LLC > Emerdata Ltd > SCL Group Ltd* > SCL Elections Ltd** > Cambridge Analytica LLC***

* acquired by Emerdata and SCL Insights Ltd
** liquidated in UK
*** abandoned bankruptcy in US
SCL didn’t bother renewing its UK govt export controls. Too much paperwork said Nigel Oakes* per Brittany Kaiser. Didn’t renew PrivacyShield either demolishing Cambridge Analytica’s prior claims it honored all applicable data protection laws & treaties.
*Now owns SCL Insights Ltd
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#TheGreatHack on #MorningJoe this morning with @Karim_Amer33 and Brittany Kaiser talking Mueller, taming the big tech beast, preparing for 2020 election, and the key realization of the film that we have no data rights in the USA. #5000datapoints…
Key moment when @Karim_Amer33 articulated how the Mueller-indicted Russian intelligence information warfare social media op and Cambridge Analytica information warfare op are similar and just two influence operations that simply used Facebook as it wants to be used. #TheGreatHack
Ooops. That comment was referencing the longer interview in the afternoon.
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I'm watching #TheGreatHack on Netflix.

15 minutes in so far and my initial reaction is "oh come on, can we just not with the Cambridge Analytica villain-hagiography?" (1/probably a lot)
Minute 12: the film credits Cambridge Analytica for Ted Cruz's victory in the Iowa caucuses, showing a clip of CA's CEO bragging about the win. IIRC, the Cruz campaign fired CA soon after, because they found the data and modeling to be basically garbage.
Minute 15: Another clip of Alexander Nix, giving a staged sales pitch about how powerful his product is.

...Folks, just because the sales guy tells you his beans are magic doesn't mean you have to believe him.
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Rather than listen to Facebook earnings at 5pm or further document the incriminating details in their SEC settlement, I’m headed in for a screening of #TheGreatHack. I bring with me new info and more questions. Keep you posted.
#TheGreatHack Glad I finally had a chance to see it. Really well done, accessible to broader public. Some oddities and observations from me. Will post after the panel.
My big question since I missed it. Did a single analyst ask Facebook about the SEC complaint settlement that stated they spent multiple years covering up rather than disclosing a major privacy data violation that materially impacted their share value? Curious.
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Thanks so much for hosting this tonight, John. A very special occasion and opening of a new conversational thread, and critical for it to be situated within the NYC tech industry community like this.
It’s actually possible that NY State could pass a new data protection law even stronger than California’s. #TheGreatHack helps ignite interest in voters to demand data rights from Albany. NYC would birth a new data rights driven internet… by @issielapowsky
Getting bills in Statehouses squeezes the data industry by the balls so then they squeeze Mitch McConnell’s to even put preemption up for discussion. Gives voters some federalist leverage to extract concessions from the industry lobby in exchange for preemption. #TheGreatHack
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#TheGreatHack out the same day as Mueller’s testimony. Film has some Mueller stuff in it. I’m worried that Barr probably killed the active CA/SCL investigations by DOJ that were still live as recently as March 2019. My insolvency lawsuit in the UK verified those active threads.
We know CA/SCL’s administrators/liquidators spent time liaising with US attorneys. It’s in their public reports. During my UK lawsuit in March 2019 we weren’t allowed to ask about certain topics because of active investigations in USA. Then Barr came along and “landed the plane.”
I want to be proven wrong. Badly.
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Here’s @carolecadwalla’s take on #TheGreatHack and the story of how it all came together from the start.…
Key point by @Karim_Amer33 — it’s too easy to blame Cambridge Analytica. We let our democracies get industrialized by big data profiteers. And nothing has really changed for election 2020 in the US. We still have no data rights and voter surveillance is the default setting.
Importantly, @shoshanazuboff is quoted here. I share this exasperation with the skeptics, especially those in academia, who made up their minds about Cambridge Analytica with almost no forensic evidence. Just a gut feeling it must be doubted because only @ICOnews has the data.
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NEW: Arron Banks loses his shit. He’s now making legal threats at @Netflix over Cambridge Analytica doc #TheGreatHack. Even though *he hasn’t actually seen the movie*....…
.@_EmmaGH reveals in @ObserverUK that the man who bankrolled Brexit & has ties to both Trump & Russia is now going after Netflix in move director calls ‘ridiculous’.
To remind you, the film that Arron Banks doesn’t want you to see is streaming globally on Netflix from July 24

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