To search for something, I opened Nilakantha Sastri's Further Sources of Vijayanagara History and I came across a few good poems. Let me post a few over Krishna Raya.
Siege of Bidar - a Chatuvu by Allasani Peddanna
Another one on the siege of Bidar. This is a good one.
Siege of Gulbarga
This is a very famous one on Kalinga Campaign
This is interesting. Krishna Raya didn't want a war from which there is no turn back. When Virabhadra Gajapati wasn't executed, Krisna Raya gave a confidence to the Gajapati that there is a middle ground. #TeluguPoetry
So, Timmarasa was a nobody wo climbed with sheer grit and hardwork?
Even after a hundred helped him, Bodducherla Timmana defeated Krishna Raya in chess
And who should be a king?
And what shouldn't a king do?
A good king.
This is another good one. Here, Krishna Raya says, entrust all your forts to Brahmins. In effect, he is saying, they won't betray you.
And then he says,
Don't lavish gifts on Babas and Sadhus. They will forget about austerity and lead a luxurious life. Devotion towards them is enough.
The Royal Paradox.
On the concept of sin for a king

• • •

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17 Oct
Uff...this Anumakonda Kaifiyat is throwing many surprises. Just look at the number of temples in Warangal.
Mahadeva had leprosy
and his elder brother Rudradeva was destined to kill his father.
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15 Oct
Just look at the comments. Same like India. Hatred for Trump is drowning the whole discussion - can Facebook or Twitter censor American Government? People have already thrown that question away.
And if this is really that email, both Twitter and Facebook made a mess of themselves. Just look at the English. Chaireman and such spellings. Obviously fake.
So, allowing leaked(not exactly leaked, but stolen and photoshopped) Rafale documents is fine?
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15 Oct
Many would have read this by now. But, still.
What you desire is contrary to dharma. If you stick to
Hinduism and Fatima follows Islam it will be like putting two swords in one sheath; or you both may lose your faith. And then what should be your children’s faith?
Whose influence are they to grow under? It is not dharma, but, only adharma if Fatima agrees to conversion just for marrying you. Faith is not a thing like a garment which can be changed to suit our convenience.
For the sake of dharma a person shall forgo matrimony, forsake his home, why, even lay down his life; but for nothing may faith be given up. May not Fatima have meat at her father’s? If she does not, she has as good as changed her religion.
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6 Oct
You compare San Fransisco and India like this.
You don't compare San Fransisco and Mumbai like this. Why?
So, what's the trigger?
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5 Oct
“Chamatta, tu yahan biryani bekega. Haath jod”
Epidemic yes, but I have two questions.
1. What part of this is because of reservations?
2. How deep was this caste divide 50 years ago?…
Why 50 years? Because that's when caste politics got mainstreamed and Naxalite movement erupted. For example, take Ranveer Sena. Why was it formed and what has it become?
Can we do a sincere dissection of this problem called caste atrocity and do a comparative study of this across religion and geography? Not just a comparative study. We need to understand how brutal it was as compared to the contemporary world and what were the seeds of discord.
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2 Oct
Let me present you a situation. There is an ancient kingdom of which we know nothing. This kingdom was invaded and subjugated. Now, the one who conquered it changed it's religion completely and wrote it's history in a way that the new religion existed always.
We land in a situation where archeology gives us only ruins, all old literature and all old references wiped out(sometimes violently) and the new country hates it's old culture. I am not talking about Christian Europe or Islamic Arabia. I am talking about Tibet.
One image is enough to tell you the extent to which Tibet divorced itself from it's past. This is Goddess Srin Mo, who is a personification of Tibet. When she resisted introduction of Buddhism into Tibet, she was pinned to the ground with Buddhist temples.
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