The Guardian=Serial Fake News Outlet on China. Another case study on how MSM mass manufacture fake new on China

Guardian again is using material from notorious liar Adrian Zenz in the service of ASPI/Pentagon. His lies have been repeatedly debunked.…
2/ Why does Guardian continue to consider Adrian Zenz a reliable source? Why no question is asked, not even the slightest discernment?

The art of lying of this article remains in being vague. No specific names, locations and documents provided, thus nobody can pinpoint their
3/ inaccuracies and expose their lies.

What are these "cache" of official documents of the local government Adrian Zenz got hold of? Why isn't there a link or at least a screenshot?
Now MSM no longer dare to provide referred documents. Every time they do so, it's immediately
4/ debunked. NYT published supposedly official documents proving the existence of concentration camps but which turned out to be using English grammar... So much for official Chinese documents of Xinjiang local government.

No specific names places are cited, except for
5/ Yarkand in Kashgar. But exactly where in Yarkand? All are vague summary accusations. Statistics are thrown around with frivolity and grow bigger and bigger as one reads on. Even flagrant inconsistency within the course of reading of the article is employed to
6/ trick audience first and then blow up the propaganda thousands folds...

Thousands of children become hundreds of thousands, further become millions... They reproduce fast...

The article pretentiously cites awkward weird wording making people believe it's translated
7/from opaque coded Chinese official language, evidence of crime.
One or both parents being locked up are referred to as "single or double hardship".

What are the corresponding Chinese characters for these please ?
8/ Or at least can Guardian give the phonetic Pinyin? Nobody has heard of such language. No specific precise information means no targeted debunking is possible.

Such fake by being vague goes on.. What are these state orphanages? It's obvious that Guardian intends to exploit
9/ the readily available propaganda value of widely reported Romanian state orphanages hoping to project the misery onto the non existent Uighur orphanages. More what are these high security boarding schools? Guardian is hinting at prisons here, but does the journal
10/ care to give names and places? Nope.

Guardian is not in the line of business of journalism but rather propaganda. Propaganda doesn't care about details. Its purpose is to brainwash and mislead.

The article mentioned the disastrous social consequences of locking 1m
11/ people in "detention camps" (note the name keeps changing in MSM, concentration camps, detention camps, reeducation camps.. ), and several million children being orphaned. Does Guardian care to explore further on this? Why isn't there any investigation of the so-called
12/ social consequences? The concentration camps are like a huge black hole. Nothing would be normal in Xinjiang if this were true. How come everything is normal, business is as usual and the economy is booming in Xinjiang?

Whole villages and towns should be vacant.
13/ Does Guardian care to give the names of a few villages and towns that are vacated? How come the housing price hasn't crashed? How come the housing price in Kashgar ("where 1000s of children are orphaned") is equivalent to sparsely populated areas in the US and in France?
14/ All the housing prices are available on the Internet. The price range is 500US$-1000US$/m2. It costs about US$90k to buy a apartment of 100m2/1000 square feet in Kashgar. One can buy a big sprawling farm house in France with that money. That's not the real estate
15/ price for a gulag ghost town! Why no journalists bother to look housing prices up on Internet?

In the past holiday week, 50m domestic tourists swarmed into the Uighur regions and were provided hospitality by local Uighurs. Does Guardian care to explain the phenomenon
16/ of mass tourism in "ghost gulag towns" where all people have been "disappeared" into detention camps? Last year 200m domestic tourists visited Xinjiang bringing the region 50bn US$ in revenue.

So in the predominantly Uighur region of Kashgar where 80% of the
17/ population are Uighurs who are supposedly locked up in "detention camps", the town is pretty and modern and looks like this. Moreover the economy is robust and has been steadily growing with a double digital growth rate in the past ten years. GDP of Kashgar prefecture ranks
18/the 6th in Xinjiang, but its GDP is the total of the two neighboring countries, ie, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Ethnically these people are close, but the fact that Uighurs live in China makes a huge difference. GDP of Uighur region Ili Hazak ranked the 4th in Xinjiang
19/but is the equivalent of Afghanistan a country liberated by US.

The income per capita in Xinjiang is US$8000/yr. However if you count the land owned by inhabitants and the infrastructure, it's US$50,000/yr. The living standard of Xinjiang Uighur people keeps rising.
20/ 2.5 million people have been raised out of poverty and joined the ranks of moderate prosperity. Nobody in China buys the propaganda shit on Xinjiang from the Western media who delight in making up monstrous lies on China everyday. Shame on the corrupt
21/ Western media who now don't even dare to back up their lies with details.

I propose the punishment for these dishonest journalist to be the virtual hell they made up for Uighurs in their imagination. They should live in them.
22/ I guess after the publishing of my thread, a new lie will arise, ie, the "Chinese government put my family in concentration camps and seized our house which it sold a good price." Notice such lies didn't exist before. They liars haven't thought of the empty houses... 😂😂

• • •

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China's chip market is hundreds of billions US$ business. Despite US sanction, I don't think the vacuum will be left unfilled for long. Such a lucrative market will definitely
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Scenario of mass cover up and total lack of transparency of US swine flu in 2009 is reproduced in Covid19

AP is like ASPI, ie, both of them are controlled by Pentagon. It doesn't do journalism. It produces war propaganda multiplied by all western media.
2/ As to China's alleged Covid19 cover up, how about doing a comparison between China and the level of transparency and the availability and rigor of the US data when the swine flu started in US in 2009?

There was hardly any data provided at all.
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Hoax of Uighur Mother disappeared/Uighur cemetery destroyed - exposed.

Corrupt MSM, ie, CNN BBC broadcast fake testimonies without the least investigation!

Aziz Isa Elkum a Uighur separatist pseudo poet
2/threatens people who expose his lies that they would be arrested by CIA (and be disappeared? ) So much for someone fighting for Uighur freedom.

After his fake testimonies alleging the disappearance of his mother (into the concentration camps), his indignant Mother went
3/ onto China's public TV to denounce his lies along with his sister whom Aziz conveniently disappeared in his testimonies! He says he's the only child and doesn't have a sister.

The demolition of Uighur cemetery is another huge hoax. Before, the Uighur poor buried
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Why is there less talk of "Free Tibet" now?
Why have the riots in Tibet disappeared?

Once in a decade you find a positive article on China. China has focused on the development of economy, building infrastructure, boosting the tourism and raising people's standards of
2/ living in Tibet. Contrary to what the author alleges, there's freedom of religion and speech in China. The part which is censored is to use religion and freedom of speech for separatist terrorist movements or for color revolutions to overthrow the central government.
3/All religious groups are urged to be patriotic. All religions are urged not to involve in treasonous activities, ie, degenerate into Trojan horses of the West to destabilize China. Isn't it legitimate enough?

The fact that Uighur and Tibetan separatists/terrorists are
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Tibet and India
Mother Teresa and the CPC, their respective approach to the poor

A banal scene out of Tibet today. A Tibetan family having picnic, being filmed by a tourist, having a fun time. They have come here from afar in a car on their way to watch a horse race.
2/ They're drinking a special Tibetan tea with cream butter from which the bullet coffee is inspired. This gives a glimpse of how Tibetans live now. They live in serenity and quiet confidence.

A far cry from their life as slaves in the 1950s. Before the 1950s, Tibet was
3/ ruled by slave owners and clergy. 90% Tibetans were slaves/cattle who could be killed raped and their noses ears feet hands cut off by their masters at will. The clergy and slave masters owned everything, many of whom fled to India after the CPC took power.
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