Joe Biden - and all of us - SHOULD be furious that media outlets are spreading what is very likely Russian propaganda.

1/ I’ve seen the intel. The mainstreaming of misinformation is Russia’s 2020 goal. Here’s what we know, and why we can’t take it lying down.
2/ Russia knew it had to play a different game than 2016. So it built an operation to cull virulently pro-Trump Americans as pseudo-assets, so blind in their allegiance to Trump that they’ll willingly launder Kremlin constructed anti-Biden propaganda.

Guiliani was a key target.
3/ Andriy Derkach was a top Russian agent. He was unmasked by the Treasury Dept this summer. Derkach and his team recruited Guiliani and have been feeding him info all year. The White House knew this.…
4/ Whether he knows it or not, Giuliani is effectively a Russian asset now. It’s almost certain that any anti-Biden info he has is fed to him by Derkach and Russian intel.

This should be patently obvious to any reporter worth his or her salt.…
5/ And you don’t have to believe me. Believe the Department or Justice - Trump’s own FBI is investigating the “leaked” Hunter Biden emails as Russian spycraft.…
6/ Further, media don’t need a Pulitzer to see the whole story as super fishy.

A pro-Trump computer repairman mysteriously comes across Hunter Biden’s laptop, copies the files, and guess who gets them? Russia’s top American asset - Rudy! Coincidence!!…
7/ Why is it important for media to not simply pick this story up and amplify it? Why should we be offended that the VP is being asked about it?

Because this is Russia’s bet - that America, and its media, is so hungry for salacious stories that no one will vet their lies.
8/ And American media do have major credibility, for good reason. They do amazing work, and get most stories 100% right.

Russia wants to use this credibility to their advantage. And that’s why we all have to be vigilant. Democracy depends on it.

• • •

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12 Oct
1/ Republicans are suddenly trying to pretend that their rush to confirm Amy Coney Barrett isn't about ACA repeal.

They are lying.

I've put together in one thread the story of their 10 year plan to get rid of the ACA. It all leads to this moment.

Please read the whole thing.
2/ From the start, Republicans were obsessed - I mean OBSESSED - with getting rid of the ACA. Nothing mattered more.

From 2010-2017, they tried to repeal all or part of the ACA 70 times. Their most high profile failure was, of course, in summer 2017.…
3/ At first, Republicans' chanted "repeal and replace" - but they NEVER had a plan to replace it.

In 2017, with much fanfare, Paul Ryan unveiled the most serious replacement bill Republicans had ever offered. It ended health care for 23 million Americans.…
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8 Oct
1/ In light of Amy Coney Barrett's dangerous views on choice and the ACA, her views on guns haven't gotten much attention.

But she's a radical - a blinking red outlier - on how she interprets the 2nd Amendment. Like, she wants felons to buy guns.

And you need to know. A THREAD:
2/ Like Gorsuch/Kavanaugh/Alito/Thomas, she is an "orginalist" on guns. It's total BS - just a way to legislate from the court and invalidate modern gun laws.

But basically, she believes that if the regulation didn't exist in 1787 then it's unconstitutional.
3/ So, for instance, that makes it easy for her to rule against bans on weapons that didn't exist in the 1700s (like semi-automatic weapons), or restrictions on guns in places that didn't exist (like airplanes), or background checks for felonies that post-date 1787.
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1 Oct
This hasn't gotten enough attention, but you need to know. Everybody needs to know.

1/ It's about the massive coverup campaign underway to disguise the octopus-like Russian election interference operation being run on Trump's behalf.

Please read this whole thing.
2/ Earlier this year, reports start coming into Congress about a giant, multi-layer Russian effort to help Trump in 2020. Bigger than what they did in 2016. Looks like Russians are trying to get U.S. persons - especially those close to Trump - to help.
3/ On July 13, Dem leadership writes a letter to FBI Director Wray, asking for an all-Congress briefing, especially because the reports we're reading suggest Russian agents are trying to find Members of Congress to assist their interference operation.…
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30 Sep
1/ Let's be clear - Trump had a goal last night to get his right wing, white supremacists to organize an election day intimidation effort. He succeeded. Recruitment by Proud Boys and others is underway. Here's why this is especially worrying this year - and what you can do.
2/ In 2018 a federal judge ended a three decade long court order on the Republican National Committee that placed restrictions on the RNC's "ballot security" measures and Election Day activities at the polls. Why were these restrictions in place?
3/ In 1982, Republicans used illegal harassment and voter intimidation to discourage Black Americans from voting. They sent targeted mailings warning about the consequences of voter fraud & posted armed guards at polls in minority neighborhoods. Thus, the court intervened.
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29 Sep
1/ If Amy Coney Barrett gets to the Supreme Court, the ACA is gone, and in Connecticut, 260,000 will lose their insurance.

That's the equivalent combined population of these CT towns:

Old Lyme

(not done...see rest of thread)

New Hartford
Beacon Falls

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North Stonington
East Granby
Deep River

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24 Sep
1/ A THREAD on the death of honor in the Senate and why we can't just let it go and brush it off as "Republicans doing Republican things".
2/ Democracy is predicated on the exercise of restraint and fair play. Our Constitution has enormous amounts of wiggle room in it - enough so that a democracy could be converted to a one party system without a technical violation of our founding document.
3/ For instance, the founding fathers didn't require a Senate vote on a President's nominee for the Supreme Court bc they assumed fair play. They never envisioned a situation like 2016 where the Senate's majority party refused to vote on the president's pick.
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