Dem Party hacks (and many of their media allies) genuinely believe it’s immoral to report on or even discuss stories that reflect poorly on Biden.

In reality, it’s the responsibility of journalists to ignore their vapid whining and ask about newsworthy stories, even about Biden.
Not even Hunter or the Biden campaign claims the emails are forgeries - which they’d obviously do if they were. And of course it’s relevant whether Biden’s son tried or in fact succeeded in getting his dad to do his dirty work in Ukraine for cash. Not cataclysmic, but newsworthy.
A journalist’s credibility does not depend on how popular they are among Democratic partisans. Craving that popularity is almost certain to lead journalism into corrupted realms. Enduring and dismissing partisan Twitter attacks is a necessary part of being a good journalist.
And if you are one of those journalists who believes it’s unethical to criticize or raise questions about Biden - because you want Trump to lose or fear getting the Maggie Haberman treatment - then don’t whine about why people turn to Fake News or don’t trust the news media.

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18 Oct
Leaving all the corruption questions to the side, why was Biden — elected to serve the Americans as Vice President — so active in trying to dictate the internal affairs of Ukraine, to the point of demanding the firing of the chief prosecutor? Why does the US try to rule everyone?
Spare me the bullshit of how Biden (and the EU) wanted the prosecutor fired because he wasn’t vigilant enough about fighting corruption. The US & EU don’t care if their puppet regimes tolerate domestic corruption. Why is the US VP dictating who the Ukrainian prosecutor should be?
For those who believe Biden's motive in demanding the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor -- and withholding $1b in aid to force it to happen -- was Biden was just deeply worried about Good Governance in Kiev, the prosecutor who replaced him was a joke:…
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15 Oct
Look carefully at what Twitter is saying to justify censoring the Biden story. If applied consistently, it’d mean that some of history’s most consequential journalism — the Pentagon Papers, WikiLeaks’ war logs, Snowden docs, Panama Papers, our Brazil Archive — would be banned.
So much of the important journalism you read is based on a source providing to journalists “content obtained without authorization.”

Beyond the above examples, why doesn’t Twitter ban links to the NYT’s stories based on Trump’s tax returns, “obtained without authorization?”
Please don’t be deceived. The authoritarian mindset expressed below — celebrating mass censorship of journalism they dislike — is absolutely a significant strain in current US liberalism, which is why so many of them cheered the stunning censorship yesterday:
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14 Oct
You're seeing the immense, unchallengeable, unaccountable power of Silicon Valley giants over the flow of information. Imagine if Google joins in.

What's so amazing is that they never wanted this role. It was foisted on them by people, led by journalists, demanding they censor:
The NY Post story was a minor, largely redundant report even if the docs are real.

The extreme act of censorship by tech giants to suppress it, cheered on by journalists, is a major story of historic proportions.

They always had this undemocratic power; today they used it.
Releasing the private pictures of Hunter Biden is disgusting. That serves no legitimate purpose. But the Burisma emails are of obvious public interest. Has anyone even alleged that those emails are anything other than authentic?

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14 Oct
If foreign hackers working for, say, Iran or Venezuela or China hacked into the Trump Organization and obtained authentic & incriminating docs and gave them to media outlets with the explicit goal of defeating Trump, does anyone think media outlets would hesitate to report them?
Journalists have one core function: to provide the public with true information about powerful people and entities that pertains to the public interest.

The minute they start promulgating guidelines to allow them to abstain or refrain from doing that, journalism is corrupted.
It’s appropriate for partisan bloggers or operatives to use Twitter to try to bully, coerce, shame journalists out of reporting negative information on their candidate. That’s their role.

Just like it’s the role of journalists not to let Twitter popularity shape their reporting.
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13 Oct
"Ro Khanna, that’s nice" -- the extremely wealthy Nancy Pelosi, mocking her own colleague for urging that economic relief be passed to provide economic suffering in a pandemic to people who are suffering:
Here's the video of the above exchange. On top of everything, it's kind of hilarious that Pelosi claims that CNN -- **CNN** -- serve as apologists and propagandists for the Republicans.

This is simply unbelievable. Watch until the end. Not sure I've ever seen a performance quite like this, especially given what's at stake:

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11 Oct
This is a spectacularly good event from April, 2002 — just 7 months after the 9/11 attack — with Gore Vidal, where he speaks about the US, war, terrorism, civil liberties. Highly recommended: reminder of what public intellectuals did before social media:

Speaking of Vidal: not sure why some historically ignorant journalists suddenly decided to pretend they were experts in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, but Vidal was the journalist who best knew McVeigh. This iconic Vanity Fair essay is amazing:…
That essay by Vidal — a lifelong leftist, but a critically minded & informed one — goes way beyond Oklahoma City/McVeigh to Waco, Ruby Ridge, CIA/FBI lies, & the civil liberties erosions of the 90s in the name of “domestic terrorism.” Vidal would never survive Twitter. Read that.
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