@Conch_Out @JoshuaVanDuyn @glennkirschner2 For over five decades Rs have put money, power, and white patriarchy ABOVE country, citizens and the notion of WE, the people. I am sick of people acting the pos potus, as stupid, obnoxious and nasty he is, started this: HE is the result of DECADES of republicans racism, sexism,
@Conch_Out @JoshuaVanDuyn @glennkirschner2 greed and STEALING ELECTIONS. Going back to Nixon, the Powell Court, ALEC, the libertarian greedy racist R party went on steroids under Reagan. From Iran Contra to WMDs lying us into war, the cast was the same. Stone started with Nixon, worked for Reagan/Bush with the likes of
@Conch_Out @JoshuaVanDuyn @glennkirschner2 Manafort, Ailes, Cheney, Bill Barr...and many more. And historians have ignored it all, Ds gave the criminal behavior a pass and created the monster R party. They went after a BJ by a D president while HIDING the treasonous felonies occuring in their own ranks; from
@Conch_Out @JoshuaVanDuyn @glennkirschner2 sanctimonious hypocrites like Newt, Hastert and their lot screaming at the immorality of Bill and Hillary; to the AWOL W acting like some military hero, to Karl Rove jailing a D governor, and Cheney outing a CIA operative, how the f*** does the press STILL get duped into the
@Conch_Out @JoshuaVanDuyn @glennkirschner2 "patriotic Rs vs the rebellious unruly Ds". Seriously my entire voting life, Rs have been putting greed, power and oil ahead of country, yet the press corps had done nothing but worship the Bush guys and Reagan, yet every chance they got, ragged on and trashed the Clintons,
@Conch_Out @JoshuaVanDuyn @glennkirschner2 Al Gore and "so called " far left while ignoring how easily right wing militias get away with everything because the R power brokers use them from the Bundys to white shooters/killers...who unlike black and brown criminals are labeled "mentally ill."🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
@Conch_Out @JoshuaVanDuyn @glennkirschner2 And the effing Rs are pushing "packing the court" as if they have not done so under the evil nasty greedy McConnell. THESE evil Rs are aided and abetted in allowing Americans to starve and die by a corporate media that is so greedy, or journalists so cowardly they let them get
@Conch_Out @JoshuaVanDuyn @glennkirschner2 away with it. Every time some talking head or some white historian insists Roberts cares about he court's standing in history, I LAUGH and then see RED. He knows. Historians basically overlook the damage the Powell court, the Renquist Court and the Scalia court have done to
@Conch_Out @JoshuaVanDuyn @glennkirschner2 the republic. It is sickening that even now the media, the historian class and the journalists are STILL covering for rich, white and powerful men who paved the way for Trump.

• • •

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