If Nigeria finally become exactly that Nation we crave for, it will reject even those asking for it. I live in a country, you can’t evade tax, it is considered an economic sabotage, with a jail term of 10yrs. No judge will grant you bail. Many Nigerians are impatient people, they
can’t survive without cutting conners. If the Police, the Media and the Judiciary agree to work in synergy and support Anti Corruption War in Nigeria, many businesses will close down. Many churches will close down, many schools will close down, many young people including
some celebrities will explain the source of their income. I think this is what we are asking for, but believe me these sets of youths don’t even know that. Go round the world, their prisons are filled with Nigerians, Buhari didn’t send them to jail in those Countries, but an
,organized and working system. If the Nigerian Police and the Judiciary are doing their job well, many will be cooling their ass in jail.
I hear the youths say, they want a chance to rule, and I asked, with which character? You that doesn’t have the character to respect your
elders? You that does even fear God? King Solomon was a
Young king with fear of God in him. Joseph was a young prime minister, but before then, he built trust and feared God. Despite King David Short coming, He feared God, and wasn’t vengeful. Can we get this kind of youths in
our society today? You want revolution because it happened In Arab Countries like Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, have you gone to those countries after the uprising and see things yourselves. Is their country working now?
Are they better now or worse off. Listen you don’t force a
king out power when God hadn’t destined it. You can’t be exhibiting act of rebellion
and lawlessness and you call it Revolution. I wish this senseless generation will put a thinking cap and think twice, before some political opportunist make their case worse.

• • •

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10 Oct
Now that the youth's are clamouring for a new Nigeria Police. Why can't they also agree that, they too are part of the mess. Why can't we all agree that, henceforth going forward, all the batches of NYSC should be conscripted into the Nigerian Police, since we say most of these
ones are not educated. Why can't we go home, and speak to our brothers who are Yahoo Yahoo to stop. If we all cover crimes, we will all bear the full consequences, but when we collectively expose and reject crime and all forms of criminality, when the consequences come, only the
culprits suffers the consequences. Go to our University campuses, it have been converted to hub for Yahoo Yahoo, these same youth's shouting #EndSarsNow give up their learning space to Yahoo Yahoo boys to operate from. Why can there be holistic change of attitude. These SARS are
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19 Mar
Most Nigerians is especially those of my generation love talkatives. IBB was in govt for 9yrs, all he achieved was institutionalizing corruption in Nigeria, he was as able to achieve that by sweet talking to Nigerians, dribbled them all through, and that earned him Maradona.
PDP came into power, used the same tactics of sweet talking and sweet coating, lied all through 16yrs without any tangible achievements, except moral decaying and brainwashing many Nigerians. PMB right from his Military era wasn’t the talking type, he loves delegating Authorites.
If those saddles with the responsibilities of doing their jobs are doing them well, what is the need of National Broadcast. You want him to face the cameras all the time and start talking to Nigerians, he is not the information minister or DG National Orientation Commission,
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12 Mar
Oliver D Coque was supposed to use his God given talent to promote decent living in Igboland, but guess what, he misused it by becoming a sycophant and a praise singer to dubious characters. Eto Dike Na Nke Emelu, Ya Eme Ozo, Ogiliga Owuwa, Otimkpu etc. That was how 419, and drug
Peddling was institutionalized in Ignoland. Now if you don’t belong to the cartel and doing extremely dubiously well, you are considered as no body. All round, these characters have successfully hijacked political positions in Igboland, they are governors, Senators, MHOR,
Traditional rulers and even Pastor’s. It has become a way of life for our people. This is one reason you dare not speak the truth or you are terribly hated, banished, and isolated. The decent ones in characters are helpless and powerless because they are in the
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27 Jan
Why are Nigerians this dubious and greedy. I went to this supermarket at Abule Egba to do some shopping. After picking my items, I went to the counter to pay, the cashier did the tabulation and calculations, and I gave her my Atm card, the deduction was made, but when I saw alert
my eyes opened wide, these little things, that rose my curiosity, and I decided to browse through the receipt. Ladies and Gentlemen, behold my smart girl typed all items I bought double, and some 3 instead of 1 items. I screamed and her supervisor was alerted. They started
pleading that it was an error, that 2 made some customers to start checking their own receipts, na their wahala burst. But to their greatest surprise, their oga is my long time friend, i placed a call to him, Bia nwoke ndia ala la ghi na iyi. When he finally arrived, it happened
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2 Nov 19
Who remembered the prophecy of the Malaysian Pastor on PMB election victory, Popular Malaysian pastor, Dr Jonathan David, has revealed winner of the 2019 presidential election. The cleric, who made the revelation in a viral video, prophesied victory for the candidate of the All
Progressives Congress, APC, President Muhammadu Buhari. According to him, God told him that Nigeria is on the path of righteousness and will not return to corruption. Pastor David also predicted that the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, will serve for four or five more
terms, by which time, Nigeria would have been a force to reckon with globally. He said, “With what God is doing in Nigeria, it will become the food basket to provide resources, it is going to replenish the land and their money will change nations, their money will rebuild cities,
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7 Sep 19
I was in Ghana few years ago, and around Nkruma Circle, I took a cab, going to Airport, as soon as the cab driver noticed I was a Nigerian, he inserted that Edris Abdulkareem song, Nigeria Jaga Jaga, and he was so excited about it, but i was very angry that I ejected the cd, and
fling out 4m car, the cab driver was angry, and started quarelling, he said I must pay for his cb, and I told he should go to hell, and burn like dodo. After our quarell, he told me that I was an exceptional Nigerian, that other Nigerians he has been picking, don't give a dam if
He is playing the cb, i said he can see that not all Nigerians are stupid, that we still have very reasonable, and exceptional Nigerians all over the world, I told not to judge Nigerians with the attitude of few foolish and unpatriotic ones. I told Nigerians that generally are
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