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Some people who participated in looting of items during the recent vandalisation of warehouses and other public and private properties under the guise of looking for palliatives have returned the items in their possession, asking for forgiveness from @PLSGov.
The repentant persons were led to the new Government House Rayfield Jos led by popular evangelist of the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) Rev. Ezekiel Dachomo who explained
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So someone made a video thread of hoodlums looting from malls on the island yesterday in Lagos. Drone shot!
#EndSarsNow #EndSARS
Again, Technology >>
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It's a sad thing that the police, army and civilian have the same enemy, the government.
@PoliceNG, @HQNigerianArmy, The government puts you on the streets, risk your life to kill your sons, daughters, brothers and sisters.
They pinned you against the people you swore to protect(your families), while you kill another colleague's sons and daughters, your colleague is also onto yours and if not your colleagues then the mob.
It may seem to u that u are following orders but orders are not valid when it's against code of conduct, orders are not valid when it turns u against ur families, orders are not valid when it turns u against ur country and let me remind u, ur obligation is to d ppl and not d govt
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My Crazy Thoughts On #Lekki

When the #EndSARS protests began, no one mentioned President @MBuhari

But, just like aides of Governor @senatorbenayade often find a way to make others opinions seem like direct attacks on their principal, apologists and handlers of the @NGRPresident did same.
Minister Lai Mohammed succeeded in selling the narrative to the press that protests were hijacked and it was bought hook, line and sinker! What a spin! That was to justify what will happen next especially as the seemingly facelessness of the protests made negotiations difficult!
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 Before 1999, Tinubu had none of these of which 70% belongs to the government and the masses.
1. Oriental Hotel
2. Falomo Shopping Complex
3. First Nation Airline
4. Lekki Concession Company
5. Apapa Amusement Park
6. Maiyegun Land Project
7. The Nation Newspaper
8. Renaissance Hotel
9. Tejuoso Market (Joint ownership)
10. Ikeja Shopping Mall
11. TV Continental
12. Converted Lagos Poly land for TVC
13. Owned NNPC Office building in Lagos
14. Radio Continental
#LekkiMassacre #LekkiGenocide
15. Owned School of Nursing building in Lagos
16. Tax Collector of Lagos State (owns Alpha Beta, a company Prof. Osinbajo is a
17. Wife is a member of the National Assembly
18. Son-in-law is a member of the National Assembly
#LekkiMassacre #LekkiGenocide #Lekkitollgate
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The government of Nigeria has declared war on its own citizens. The African Union and ECOWAS must call on President Buhari to stop the killing immediately.
Nigerian siblings, I'm grieving and raging with you today. They will not silence you with bullets. So much love✊🏾💚
This is a deeply disappointing response from ECOWAS, that reads as if it was drafted by the Buhari administration. ECOWAS blames peaceful, unarmed protestors for the bullets that Nigerian military are firing at them. #EndSARS
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Dear Southern Youths,

You got it twisted when you assume an average Northern youth is supporting Buhari's gross incompetence. Some of us started criticizing PMB's administration as far back as late 2015. As I write, Buhari is under heavy attack in most of our local... #EndSARS stations in North. Radio is the most widely use means of communication in North.

Most of us believe in one Nigeria and we believe that this old generation doesn't have what it takes to actualize Nigeria of our dream. United we stand, divided we fall...#EndSARS
Hate will only take us back. We are not on street because we believe the government respons to five main demands of #EndSarsNow are appropriate. We gave them benefit of doubt.

On the issue of most appointment to Northerners, I can assure you that majority of the appointees...
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Was just thinking about the #EndsSARS #EndSWAT #EndPoliceBrutality #EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA and a question seem to be coming up in my mind.

If the #SARSMustGo guys are now retrenched, what would be their lot in relation to living...In the bid of
In the bid of solving a problem we create another. Come to think of it most of the officers in #SARS have being living large on stolen my vicinity they go about with their own PoS to extort their victims no need to follow you reach ATM
They have upgraded heavily...Now a lot of them live on over #500k a month...and we all know with this kind of lifestyle and affluence cum their qualification and all, there is virtually no job they can do to keep up with this level of lifestyle (income).
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Finally summoned courage to share my SARS story: One day back in 2010, SARS picked me up in front of Luth while I was waiting for a cab.
I just graduated from Uni and it was a few days to induction(graduation). I came to LUTH to sort out my induction gown.
We lived off ogunlana drive back then. My dad called me that he wanted to come pick me up cos he was feeling a certain kind of way about my safety
and I was like “daddy luth to ogunlana is a stone throw, I’m a big girl now, let me take a cab .. see you soon, love you!” As soon as we hung up, my phone battery died.....
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FLASH: Governor of Lagos State, Mr @jidesanwoolu today announced the names of 4 Police officers involved in the harassment of Protesters at the Area C Command have been apprehended:

- Bagou Michael
- Ekpoudom Etop
- Nnamdi Madura
- Akinyemi Benson

Once again ... Governor of Lagos State, Mr @jidesanwoolu strongly condemns the attacks on protesters this morning in Alausa, Mr Governor states that the Government knows nothing about it ... explains the “BRT Bus” involvement as FALSE.

Governor @jidesanwoolu says one of the requests of the youths is to release all #EndSARS protesters, which has now been fulfilled, Mr Governor says that IF there is any other protester that is in custody .. Please let us know so we can get them out immediately.
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1. A friend of mine had a brother who told his parents he wasn't going to school. My friend went ahead and studied law in uni. But His brother chose to join motor parks boys, and became 'Yes' boys for politicians
#EndSWAT @henryshield
2. He boasted to their parents that he was going to be more successful than the one who went to school. He gave many examples of people who went to school and have no jobs. He said the only way to make it here is the path he chose...@segalink
#AlausaProtest #BetterTogether
3. He continued to grow and Political Seasons were seasons of mega monies. He was part of those who gave him monies to get into law school. He had become richer. He got a lady pregnant, he became an husband...and he was living the #Naija dream
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1. Over the past one week, I have quietly listened to the voice of the younger generation. It has become clear to everyone that the Youths in Nigeria have found their voice and activated their energy for massive social reforms in Nigeria.
2. Their bravery, commitment and the leadership they have shown with a high degree of accountability shows these are serious minded and a very intelligent group of people.
3. Let me start with my personal experience with the SARs group also. Sometime last year I got a call from my wife that she had been arrested and taken to the Police station.
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I call it the #BBNaijaExperiment

When Nigerians came together and supported #Laycon, every other thing became a mere distraction

The experiment was conducted inside the Big Brother house, as much as it was done on the bloody streets of social media
Here, Twitter remains D GOAT, D champion - D ultimate leveler where duels were fought & trybes formed out of virtual bloodlines

#BBNaija's decentralized voting allowed online, via mobile apps & SMS votes & collated by Deloitte giving confidence that pples VOTES COUNTED!
After #Laycon won with an unprecedented 60% landslide, A MONUMENTAL CHANGE OCCURRED

It was D realization:

That there's no gladiator without a crowd

That silence is sometimes not a virtue

That 60% of a population below 25 is a formidable firepower more potent than

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Some of the reasons the youths are risking their lives to protest:👇
''*IFEOMA ABUGU, 20, a young lady who had just graduated and was in NYSC, was arrested in place of her fiancee at his residence in Lokogoma, Abuja. Ifeoma was sexually assaulted and later died in SARS custody
a day after she was arrested. Justice has not prevailed.
*GODGIFT FERGUSON EKERETE ,24 ,TONY ORUAMA ,21, HARRY ATARIA, 26, were arrested during a raid and then killed in detention that same day on 3 July 2008. They were falsely accused of being armed robbers and cultists.
The police officers responsible are still freely roaming.
*KOLADE JOHNSON, was killed on the 31st March 2019 by a SARS officer, for ‘looking like a fraudster’. He left his home to watch a Liverpool vs Tottenham Spurs match and never returned. The officer responsible still roams
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Ok. Let's put this in simple English. So that they can understand us.

It is a thread. 👇👇
Let us start with why we do not accept the President's and IGP's assurances.
1. You have made at least 6 promises over the last 4 years on the subject. Not a single action was ever taken. These guys come back stronger and worse.
#EndSarsNow #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria
2. The recommendations of the 2018 Presidential Panel on Police Reforms have not been implemented. You set up the panel, empowered them, accepted their report, promised to implement all the recommendations, but failed to implement.
#EndSarsNow #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria
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🇳🇬 Le groupe féministe nigérian @feminist_co a vu ses comptes bancaires gelés par le gouvernement, en raison de son aide active aux manifestants #EndSarsNow, un mouvement dénonçant les violences policières

En réponse, une adresse #bitcoin a été créée en quelques minutes 🤟
.@feminist_co se charge de collecter des fonds pour payer les frais de santé, les aides juridiques et d'autres soutiens nécessaires pour les personnes qui protestent contre la brutalité policière
Le mouvement #EndSarsNow a débuté la semaine dernière sur les réseaux sociaux, mais la contestation est plus ancienne

La Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) est une unité spéciale de la police impliquée dans divers affaires de violences (meurtres, kidnapping, etc.)
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I don’t know why it’s difficult for Black folks in the U.S. to confront the fact that we have little to no idea about what is happening on the continent and most of the world. I don’t get the defensive when it’s objectively true.
Also, most of the critique is directed towards diaspora Nigerians from folks in Nigeria. It is objectively true that we have very little information and are very inactive when it comes to demonstrating international support. There’s been several uprisings in Africa this year
Nigerian Twitter is huge. That’s really the only reason we receiving this information and see people reacting. Nigeria has over 200 million people so the hyper-visibility is realz
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Back when the Europeans owned black people as slaves in the Americas, especially North America, these slaves were split into "House Negroes" & "Field Negroes."

The Field Negro worked in the cotton fields. Conditions were harsh & brutal. Horrific weather conditions, whippings...
...& hunger was the order of the day. Life was brutal for the Field Negro & (s)he constantly looked for avenues to escape. It was brutal. Life was horrible for the Field Negro.

Then you had the House Negro. (S)he worked inside the house with the Master. Conditions were good...
...Matter of fact; conditions were great! Whippings were minimal, scraps from the Master's table, leftovers from the Master's plate, cool air away from the sun; life was great! So they got thrashed a couple of times or got raped. It was a small price to pay for the "comfort."...
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FLASH: Governor of Lagos, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu (@jidesanwoolu) arrives at the Lagos Assembly, State House Gate to Once Again address #EndSARS protesters.


@gbenga_omo @gboyegaakosile @gboyegaakosile
Governor @jidesanwoolu says last week Sunday, he was the first person that posted on his Social Media page in full support of #EndSARS movement. Mr Governor says he agrees that more should be done and it will be done.


Governor @jidesanwoolu once again says he fully identifies with the struggle and he knows that many youths have been battered and he feels the pain of the youths on this.


@segunfafore @gboyegaakosile @gbenga_omo @PoliceNG
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1. Airports is a National Strategic Security Asset.
2. We have a reason why we have a Airport Commandant in the airports.
3. Airforce base in on that same route, the family of officers have a right to move freely.
4. Your video is not conclusive.
The #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria protesters have been largely peaceful, all of you staying behind your gadgets and encouraging them to storm the Airports and strategic assets. You are plotting serious escalations, sadly innocent people are dying on both sides.
We all agree @MBuhari and @PoliceNG made a mess of this protest and they should be held accountable but protest organisers also have the responsibility and duty of care to people who join them, keep safe and don't give this mad dogs any excuse.
Learn from other protests.
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I’ve been looking for a thread to share with some context to the #EndSarsNow protests for my followers but I haven’t seen one yet – so I’ll do one. Feel free to quote tweet threads in the replies.
The Special Anti-Robbery Squad was established in 1992 to combat a sharp increase in armed robberies and kidnappings. Initially, the 15 officers assigned to this unit operated undercover and didn’t wear uniforms.
As Nigeria transitioned to a broadly cashless society, it became less common for the wealthy to store significant amounts of cash at home, coupled with some of SARS’ initial successes, this led to a decline in armed robberies.
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SARS became what it is today because the federal government of Nigeria decided to take ex-convicts and criminals who have failed in their various endeavors in life and incorporate them into an arm of the police.
#EndSARS #EndSarsNow #EndPoliceBrutality
And these retarded people (SARS) got into the streets, they became jealous of the younger ones who are striving to live through the rotten system in which they failed. Because members of SARS are criminals, they see young people doing well as criminals too.
The criminals who constitute SARS were once young people who were failed by the Nigerian government and resorted into various crimes like armed robbery, kidnapping and whatnot. They increase with each generation and the govt grants them false amnesty by recruiting them in SARS.
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#My personal encounter with SARs.
I Was on my way to Ibadan for a ministration this faithful Sunday morning (a few months ago) and out of the blues, this SARs operational vehicle just pulled out of it's lane and started driving at breakneck speed against traffic and before I Image
could swerve, they ran into the side of my car and broke the side mirror and drove off. I stopped in the middle of the road trying to process how law enforcement agents could be so unruly, inconsiderate and foolish. (Note, they were not in pursuit of any offender. They pulled
out because traffic wasn't moving at their pace.)

Now, backbl to my encounter...Before, I could finish processing what just happened, I saw them right in front of my car with guns corked. Two of them alighted from their vehicle racing towards my car and, suddenly slowed down
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